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Model 85. This clock is similar to Golden Visionette and may have been made to compete with the Jefferson Golden Helm. The face is angled back about 10 degrees. There are numbers at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock and small rectangles at the other hours. These, and the waves, seagulls and sailboat are deep etched into the glass and filled with gold paint. There are 7 spokes that are 7/8" long that screw into the ring and give the appearance of a ship's wheel.

The synchronous motor is located in the base. The glass remains stationary and the motor drives a large gear in the outer ring of the clock. A short wire from the minute hand presses against serrations in the large outer gear. This drives the minute hand, which then drives the hour hand through gears at the center of the dial.

The clock ring is 6-1/4" in diameter at the outside. Height is 7-1/2". The base is 5-1/4" wide and 4-1/4" deep. The base plate is cardboard and is pressed out in the corners to act as feet. The center is pressed out for the motor to clear. The clock is UL approved. This clock does not have a light. The motor output gear has 12 teeth and turns at 1 rpm. Weight is 822 grams or 1.8 lbs.

This clock is dated December 1955. Power requirements are 110V AC 60CY Only 3 Watts. It has UL approval. The address is: Haddon Products Inc., Chicago 8, Ill. Patents Pending

The clock and picture at the left was advertised in a 1956 Keystone catalog as follows:

"The Commodore Model #85. A clock of originality and style. It's unique crystal "See-Thru" glass is deeply etched in a 3rd dimensional gold filled nautical scene. Individually machine turned spokes, pressure cast base and rim in 24k gold plate, etched gold filled Arabic numerals and harmonizing hands that seem to float in space, complete this beautiful clock.....offering the ultimate in craftsmanship and good looks. Most appropriate for any home or office. Dimensions: 7-1/2" high, 8" wide (Dia. with spokes) 4-1/4" deep. Shipping weight 3 lbs. Gift packaged.

C6749 Keystone 2274.....Retail $18.95"


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