Haddon Golden Vision Model 70
Special Model 70S

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Golden Vision Model 70

The Model No. 70 has been found in two different versions. Both clocks are the same except for the different faces. The face at the left has four large triangles that indicate the hours of 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock and smaller rectangles that indicate the remaining hours. They are deep etched into back of the glass and filled with gold paint.

The face on the right has numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock and tapered rectangles to indicate the other hours. They are also deep etched into the back of the glass and filled with gold paint.

A synchronous motor is located in the base. The glass remains stationary and the motor drives a large gear in the outer ring of the clock. A short wire from the minute hand presses against serrations in the large outer gear. This drives the minute hand, which then drives the hour hand through gears at the center of the dial.



The base and ring are made of cast zinc with 24K gold plating. (See my page about the metal analysis). The base has 3 vertical lines on the left and right sides joining the dial ring. The face is 7-3/4" in diameter at the outside. The overall dimensions are 8-7/8" high, 7-3/4" wide and 5-1/8" deep including a switch handle. The clock is UL approved. Felt feet are under the base at the four corners. Power requirements are 110V 60 CY.A.C. 9 Watts. Patents pending. Weight is 2-1/2 lbs.

These clocks have several unusual features. The face is angled back by about 23 degrees. There is a light in the base and a switch for it at the back. There is an opening in the rear of the base 1-13/16" wide by 5/16" high for the light to shine out. There is a second opening in the maroon cardboard bottom cover that is 1-5/8" by 1/2" also for light or perhaps for ventilation. At night, the light can shine back towards a wall or below the clock if it's on a glass shelf. 

The clock is described in a 1956 Keystone catalog as follows: "Golden Vision Lighted Model #70. The amazing 'See-Thru' mystery dial is further enhanced by 'Reflective Light' from the sleek sturdy base. Base and rim pressure-cast of heavy 24k gold plated metal. 3rd dimensional time indicators etched on transparent crystal dial are gold filled. Reflective light makes clock readable in total darkness, or useable as a night light or to offset television glare. has a guaranteed accurate, self-starting electric motor movement. Dimensions: 8-3/4" high, 7-3/4" wide, 4-3/4" deep. A most desire and welcome gift for all occasions. Shipping weight 5 lbs. Handsomely packaged for gift giving.

C6748 Keystone 2754......Retail $22.95"

Golden Vision Special Model 70S

The synchronous motor is located in the base. The glass remains motionless and a gear in the rim drives the minute hand. The hour hand is timed by gears from the minute hand. The base has 11 vertical lines joining the dial ring. Electrical requirements: 110V. 60 CY. A.C. 3 watts. The clock is UL approved.

A Model 70S, shown at the left, has been found with a chrome base and outer face ring. The hands and markings on the glass dial are gold colored.

There is no light.



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