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A New Loudspeaker Design by Roger Russell



After a lifetime devoted to designing loudspeakers, crossover networks and cabinets, this engineer, author and artist has arrived at the simplest and yet most effective of all of his creations. Compared to the complexity of many systems made over the years by a host of different manufacturers, straightforwardness can still be found to be the best of all worlds.


The IDS-25 is a single column of identical wide-range drivers that cover the entire frequency range. That's right, the entire frequency range radiates from the same line source. There are no crossovers, woofers, mids or tweeters. The concept is an extension of two of his patents. Patent number 4,267,405 Stereo Speaker System for Creating Stereo Images is for drivers arranged in a long column. Patent number 3,715,501 Loudspeaker System is for the use of equalization to compensate for the natural low frequency rolloff of a loudspeaker system.

The new IDS 25 system is specifically designed to recreate all of the stereo information as it was recorded. It brings to the listener accurate details of the performance and artist's work, whether is a recording of a traditional symphony orchestra or the exciting sounds of new age and smooth jazz that have no concert hall counterpart. The perceptual information contained in a stereo recording cannot be revealed with just any pair of loudspeaker systems.

If you are a true lover of music and you prefer a system that has greater accuracy and brings out all of the imaging, depth, spaciousness and coherence in the music, then you will appreciate what the IDS-25 can do for you. It is definitely a connoisseur system intended to be like fine wine or fine art to be savored for what it can reveal.


There are many people who still want honest-to-goodness stereo sound of the finest quality. Listening is also most enjoyable when you can have a dynamic range that matches a live classical music performance, big band sound, smooth jazz or your favorite vocalist. The sound from the IDS-25 remains completely faithful from the softest to the loudest passages.






Advantages of IDS Technology


       Single wide range line source


       High power handling through the whole frequency range


       Ten dB of acoustic gain over much of the range


       More uniform sound level in a room


       Eliminates floor and ceiling reflections


       Distributed low frequency radiation


       Less attenuation with distance


       Superior imaging, depth and spaciousness


       Startling coherence


       Response stays the same at any listening height


       Wide dispersion


       Lower harmonic and intermodulation distortion


       Excellent transient response


       Latest driver technology


       Magnetic shielding


       Small footprint


       No right and left hand versions


       No woofers


       No mid-ranges


       No tweeters


       No crossovers


       No image distortion


       No subwoofer needed


       No bi-amping or tri-amping


       No bi-wiring or tri-wiring



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