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Audio magazine History

The first issue of Audio Engineering was in May 1947. It featured Norman Pickering on the cover. Early issues were devoted entirely to the audio and broadcast engineer, but with the emergence of the audio enthusiast, the magazine began to publish some hobbyist-related articles as well.

After the founding of the Audio Engineering Society in 1948 and publication of the AES journal that started in 1952, Audio Engineering became even more devoted to the audio hobbyist. In the October issue the magazine offered a life subscription. For $25.00 you could subscribe for the rest of your natural life.  At that time the magazine was selling for 35 cents per copy. January 1954 was the last issue with the title Audio Engineering on the cover. After that it was just plain Audio. In 1966, the magazine had moved to 134 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. More information about the magazine's history can be found in the May anniversary issues for 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992 and 1997.

Audio Auricles

In the June 1984 issue a new category was added under the Equipment Profiles called "Auricle" and does not include measurements. The editor states: "This is the first appearance of both a new column and a new reviewer, Anthony H. Cordesman. Though breaking our tradition of listening backed by careful measurements, we are adding the column in an attempt to discuss more of the truly worthwhile gear available, with less delay than a full-scale review might take. Mr. Cordesman intends to concentrate principally on "high end" gear; other reviewers will probably also contribute to "Auricle." We must emphasize that we still believe in the ultimate worth of measurements; however, we have long felt the need in these pages for something in between a "New Products" mention and a complete "Equipment Profile." We invite your commentary on this column. E.P." [The Auricles reviews follow after the word Auricles in the listing].

“Sineward” Distortion  in High Fidelity Amplifiers

This is an interesting article by John W. Campbell, Jr. published in Audio magazine, November 1961. The ear hears music as wave forms rather than sine waves according to this author, a science fiction editor. Whether science or science fiction, the argument is thought provoking. John was the author of the story Who Goes There? Published in August 1938 in Astounding Science Fiction. That story was later made into a movie titled The Thing from Outer Space (1951) and was later remade as The Thing (1982) directed by John Carpenter.


Beware of the Lirpa (April spelled backwards) and Elekt-O-Fonie reviews. These appear in some April (fools) issues and are really humorous--nothing you would want to believe, though.

There was a cover error for the May 1969 issue. It says May 1968, but inside it is May 1969.

The December 1993 issue was published as volume 11 but should have been volume 12. The November issue is correctly numbered volume 11.

The July-August 1999 Volume 83 No. 7 issue is combined.

The February-March 2000 Volume 84 No. 2 issue is combined and was the last publication of Audio.

Picking Capacitors by Jung and Marsh. Part 1 Audio February 1980. Part 2 March 1980. [16 pages total]

Audio 1980 Volume 64 Number 1-12

January 1980
Mitsubishi Micros M-F01 tuner and
Mitsubishi M-P01 preamp and
Mitsubishi M-A01 amplifier
Pioneer PL-630 turntable
DB Systems DB-6 amplifier
Sherwood S-32CP am/fm tuner

February 1980
Audio Technica Lifesaver record care
BIC T-4M cassette deck
ADC Sound Shaper Two Mark II equalizer
Apt Holman control preamp

March 1980
Sony PCM-1 audio unit
Sansui BA-F1 amplifier
Dennesen geometric Soundtraktor & gauge
White 4220 passive equalizer
B&O MMC 20CL cartridge

April 1980
Lirpa 5 kg tonearm and cartridge
Fisher CR-4029 cassette deck
Alpine 7307 car stereo and 3002 amplifier
Luxman K-12 cassette deck
Technics ST-C01 tuner

May 1980
Crown FM-1 tuner
Dual CS 731Q automatic turntable
RG Dynamics RG D-3 preamp

June 1980
NAD 7020 receiver
Optonica RT-6905 cassette deck
Fisher MT-6250 turntable
Sansui CA-F1 preamp
Fried Products Q speaker

July 1980
JVC A-X9 amplifier
Dynavector DV/Karat cartridge and
Dynavector DV-6A transformer
Connoisseur BD2A turntable

August 1980
Mitsubishi DA-R20 receiver
Shure SM-81 microphone

September 1980
Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck
Nakamichi High-Com II noise reduction
Dual C-820 cassette deck
Denon DL-103D cartridge and
Denon DA-307 tonearm and AU-320 trans

October 1980
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1980
Carver M-400 amplifier
Phase Linear 8000 Series II turntable
Soundcraftsmen SP 4001 preamp/equalizer

December 1980
Threshold Stasis 3 amplifier
NAD 6040 cassette deck
Astatic MF-100 cartridge
Fulton Nuance speaker
Vector Research VCX-600 cassette deck

Audio 1979 Volume 63 Number 1-12

January 1979
Jensen R-430 am/fm car receiver/cassette
Phase Linear 3000 Series II preamp
Yamaha NS-1000 speaker
ADC LMF-2 tonearm and ZLM cartridge
Sony ECM-56F electret microphone
Burwen TNE7000 transient noise eliminator

February 1979
Shure V15 Type IV cartridge
Sansui 838 cassette deck
Onkyo 2500 Mk II receiver
P.S. Audio PS-II preamp
Technics RS-616 cassette deck
Sanyo RD5350 cassette deck

March 1979
Tandberg TD 20A reel to reel recorder
Infinity Black Widow tonearm
SAE 2922 integrated amplifier
Crown DL-2 control center
DB systems DBP-6 phono equalizer kit
Berkshire Match-Maker phono load box
Berkshire CCM capacitance meter
Cotter MK-2 transformer
TDK HD-1 demagnetizer

April 1979
Lirpa 1 Showermike
Professional Systems Studio One preamp and
Professional Systems Studio Two amplifier
Empire Disco Film record cleaner
Sencore PR 50 audio prescaler
Quad 405 amplifier

May 1979
Stanton Permostat record treatment
Nikko Gamma 1 tuner
Nagatronics HV9100 cartridge
Audio technology 510 display
Advent 500 SoundSpace control
Visonik DD-8200 turntable

June 1979
Yamaha CR-2040 receiver
Technics RS-M85 cassette deck
Revox B790 turntable
Realistic SCT-30 cassette deck
ADS 10 digital time delay
Akai GX 267D reel to reel tape deck

July 1979
Kenwood KR-7050 reeceiver
Sonus Gold Series II blue label cartridge
Soundcraftsmen RP-2215 equalizer

August 1979
Scott 390R receiver
Decca London tonearm and
Decca London Mk VI gold cartridge
Nakamichi 582 cassette deck

September 1979
Rotel RT-2100 fm tuner
Warp Out record weight
Empire EDR.9 cartridge
McKay Dymek DR-33 all-wave receiver

October 1979
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1979
Pioneer TX-9800 am/fm tuner
AR AR90 speaker
Ortofon MC-30 moving coil cartridge
Bauman Research Pro-400 preamp
Crown RTA-2 real time analyzer

December 1979
Teac C-1 cassette deck
TDK test tapes
ADC 1700DD semi-automatic turntable
KEF 104ab speaker

Audio 1978 Volume 62 Number 1-12

January 1978
Onkyo A-7 integrated amplifier
Burwen DNF-1201A dynamic noise filter
Neumann fet-80 series microphone

February 1978
Marantz 2500 receiver
B&W DM-6 speaker
Toshiba PC-3060 cassette deck
Spectro-Acoustics 217 preamp
Beyer M500N (C) microphone

March 1978
Armstrong 625 fm receiver

April 1978
Lirpa "VDRS" vehicular disc system
Project/One Mark IVB receiver
Ace Audio 3100 preamp
Garrard GT-35 turntable
Dual 939 auto-reverse cassette deck

May 1978
B&O Beovox M70 speaker
Kenwood KX-1030 cassette deck
Cerwin Vega Metron PR-1 preamp

June 1978
Audio General 511 preamp
Janis Audio W-1 subwoofer
Tandberg TR-2040 receiver
Technics RS-9900US cassette deck
Acutex M320III STR cartridge

July 1978
Sony PS-X6 turntable
Shure SR-107 equalizer
Shure M615AS analyzer

August 1978
Lux R-1120 receiver
Sony TC-K711 cassette deck
Scott CD-87R cassette deck

September 1978
Pioneer SX-1980 receiver
McIntosh C-27 preamp
Studer Revox B-77 reel to reel recorder
Nakamichi CM-700 microphone

October 1978
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1978
Hitachi SR-2004 am/fm receiver
JVC KD-85 cassette deck
Stanton 881S cartridge
Pioneer TVX-9500 TV tuner
Bib tape head maintenance kit
Yamaha CR-420 am/fm receiver
Realistic sound level meter
Lenco C2003 cassette deck
White 4100 stereo equalizer
Nakamichi T-100 audio analyzer

December 1978
Nakamichi 730 receiver
Marantz 5030B cassette deck
JVC QL-7 turntable
AKG P8ES cartridge
Aiwa AD-6550 cassette deck
Satin M-18BX cartridge
Optonica ST-3636 tuner

Audio 1977 Volume 61 Number 1-12

January 1977
Nikko 9095 recveiver
Celestion UL-10 speaker
Rabco ST-7 turntable

February 1977
McIntosh MR-78 tuner
Dual 1249 automatic turntable

March 1977
Radio Shack STA-2000 receiver
Sony TAE5450 preamp
Marantz 510M amplifier

April 1977
Lirpa 1 receiver
Dynaco SE-10 equalizer
Sonus Blue cartridge
Garrard GT55 turntable
Aiwa AD-1800 cassette deck
Shure 516EQ microphone

May 1977
Pioneer TX-9500-II am/fm tuner
DB Systems DB-1 preamp and
DB Systems DB-4 moving coil preamp
Technics RS-1500US reel to reel recorder

June 1977
Scott R-376 receiver
Hartley Zodiac 76 speaker
Technics SL-1350 turntable
SAE 5000 impulse reduction system
Yamaha CR-2020 receiver
Pickering XSV/3000 cartridge
Advent 300 receiver

July 1977
Jensen 530 loudspeaker
Fosgate Electronics PR-7000 car amplifier
J.I.L. 615 cbB/am/fm/mpx/cassette car unit
Clarion PE-666A cassette am/fm car unit

August 1977
Sony STR-6800SD am/fm receiver
Tandberg TCD-330 cassette deck
AKG C451E condenser microphone
Pioneer 510A turntable
Optonica RT-3535 cassette deck

September 1977
Pioneer RT-2022 reel to reel recorder
McIntosh MC-2205 amplifier
Nakamichi 630 tuner/preamp

October 1977
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1977
Philips AH-572 preamp
Sherwood Micro/CPU 100 FM tuner
Lux MB-3045 amplifier
Soundcraftsmen TG-2209-600 equalizer
BGW Systems 203 preamp
Sansui BA-5000 amplifier
dbx 128 dynamic range enhancer
Russound FMP SP-1 switching center

December 1977
McIntosh C-32 preamp
Thorens TD-126C turntable
Tannoy Berkley speaker
Empire 698 turntable
Mitsubishi DA-F10 am/fm tuner

Audio 1976 Volume 60 Number 1-12

January 1976
Lux T310 tuner
Dual 601 Turntable
Advent 400 table radio
Micro Acoustics QDC-1e cartridge

February 1976
GTE Sylvania RS4744 receiver
Quintessence Equalizer 1
SAE Mk VII tuner
Dynaco PAT-5 preamp
Pioneer PL-71 turntable

March 1976
Tandberg TR-2075 am/fm receiver
Marantz 1150D control amplifier
Information Terminals M-300 cassette gauge
Thorens TD-145C turntable
Electro Voice Interface A speaker

April 1976
Otari MX-5050-2SH reel to reel recorder
Sound Guard record preservative
Mark Levinson JC-2 preamp
Allison One speaker

May 1976
Technics SA-5550 am/fm receiver
Dual auto-reverse cassette deck
Sansui SR-717 direct drive turntable
Pioneer RG-1 dynamic processor

June 1976
Akai AA 1050 receiver
BIC 960 turntable
McIntosh MAC1900 receiver

July 1976
E88 Eclipse 2240 electronic crossover
Garrard 86SB turntable
Pioneer KP-500 car stereo
Panasonic CQ-840EU car stereo
Motorola TC877AX

August 1976
McKay Dymek AM-5 tuner and DA-5 ant
Duntech DL-15 speaker

September 1976
JVC S-300 am/fm receiver
Phase Linear 2000 preamp
Audioanalyst A-100X speaker
Nakamichi 600 cassette deck

October 1976
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1976
|Sonab C-500 cassette deck
Spectro Acoustics 210 equalizer
McIntosh C28 preamp
Yamaha HP-1 headphones
Heath AA-1640 amplifier
Dynaco A-25XL speaker
White 140 analyzer
Crown M-600 amplifier

December 1976
Onkyo TX-4500 receiver
JVC CD-1970 cassette deck
Kenwood KA-3500
BSR FEW-3 graphic equalizer
Technics RS-630US cassette deck
Harman Kardon Citation 16 amplifier

Audio 1975 Volume 59 Number 1-12

January 1975
Yamaha CR-1000 receiver
Fisher ST-425 speaker
SAE Mk. IIICM amplifier
Sharp RT-480U cassette recorder addendum

February 1975
Marantz 125 tuner
Akai GX-400D-SS reel to reel tape deck
Shure M64 preamp

March 1975
Technics SA-8500X 4-channel receiver
Soundcraftsmen PE2217 equalizer
Ferrograph Super Seven R-to-R tape deck
Hitachi HS-300 speaker
Kensonic C-200 preamp and P-300 amp

April 1975
Elekt-O-Fonie FU-100 receiver
Sansui 881 receiver
Ace Audio ZDP preamp
Kenwood KX-710 cassette deck
Philips RH-532 speaker

May 1975
Scott R77S receiver
Polk 9 speaker
Technics RS-676 cassette deck
Dynaco Stereo 400 amplifier

June 1975
Heath AR-2020 receiver
Yamaha YP-701 automatic turntable
C/M laboratories RR805 receiver

July 1975
Sherwood 7210 receiver
ADS 2001 car speaker
Becker Mexico car stereo
Graig 3139 car stereo
J.I.L.605 car stereo
Panasonic CQ-999 car stereo
Pioneer KP-301 car stereo

August 1975
JVC 4VR-542X receiver
Wollensak 8080 cassette deck
Yamaha B-1 amplifier and UC-1 control unit
Elac 760 automatic turntable
Sylvania AS-210A speaker
B&O BE-220 cassette deck
SAE MK-IIICM amplifier addendum

September 1975
G.A.S Ampzilla Basic amplifier
Supex SD-900/E cartridge
Avid 102 speaker
Kenwood KP-5022 turntable
Sony TC-755 R-to-R tape deck

October 1975
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1975
Phase Linear 4000 preamp
Nakamichi 500 cassette deck
EPI One amplifier
Pickering XUV/4500Q cartridge
Pioneer CT-F7171 cassette deck

December 1975
Radio Shack STA-225 receiver
Technics T-400 speaker
Yamaha CT-7000 fm tuner
Koss HV/1A stereo phones
Nakamichi Reference Monitor speaker
BGW 500D amplifier

Audio 1974 Volume 58 Number 1, 3-7, 9-12

 January 1974
JVC 4VR-5446 4-channel receiver
Audioanalyst A-200 speaker
Bose 1891 amplifier

March 1974
Pilot 366 4-channel receiver
Nakamichi Tri-Tracer 1000 cassette deck
Frazier Concerto F-10W-37 speaker

April 1974
Pioneer QX-949 4-channel receiver
Technics RS-279US cassette recorder
Sherwood Evolution One speaker
Thorens TD-125 AB Mk, II addenda

May 1974
Harman kardon 900+ am/fm 4-channel rcvr
Magnavox Max 12 speaker
Akai 4000DS R-to-R tape deck
ESS preamp and 200 amplifier

June 1974
Fisher 4060 2/4-channel receiver
Sansui AU-9500 integrated amplifier
Hitachi TRQ-2040 cassette deck
Applied Physics Lab APL-101 speaker

July 1974
Tandberg TR-1055 am/fm receiver
Technics SL-1200 player system
Frankman Integrated speaker

September 1974
Marantz 4400 2/4-channel receiver
Dynaco AF-6 am/fm tuner
Yamaha CA-1000 integrated amplifier

October 1974
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1974
Technics SA-8000X 2/4-channel receiver
Sharp 480U cassette deck
Crown DC-300A amplifier
Fairfax FX-350 speaker
Scott 451C sound level meter

December 1974
McKay Dymec AM3 am tuner and DA3 ant
Superscope CD-302 cassette deck
Shure M64 preamp

Audio 1973 Volume 57 Number 1-12

January 1973
ESS Mk. VII speaker
Teac AS-100 integrated amplifier
EPI 601 speaker
Onkyo 20 speaker

February 1973
Tandberg TR-1020 receiver
Phase Linear 400 amplifier
AR AR-7 speaker
Pioneer CSR-300 speaker

March 1973
JVC CD-1667 cassette deck
Teac 3340 R-to-R recorder
Fisher PL6 sound panel speaker
Magnavox 8898 receiver

April 1973
Design Acoustics D-12 speaker
Infinity 1001 speaker
Shure M-91E cartridge

May 1973
Marantz 1120 integrated amplifier
SAE Mk. XII speaker
Sherwood S-7200 am/fm receiver
Leader oscilloscope

June 1973
Lafayette LR-4000 4-channel SQ receiver
Teac AT-100 fm tuner
Dynaco A-35 speaker
Microstatic Full Range speaker
Rogersound Labs RSL 28 speaker

July 1973
Realistic QTA-790 4-channel receiver
Bozak Sonora speaker
Technics RS-740US R-to-R tape deck
Microstatic MS-1 speaker

August 1973
KLH 52 am/fm receiver
Pioneer TX-9100 am/fm tuner
Rectilinear XIa speaker

September 1973
Product Review Directory No reviews

October 1973
Onkyo TX-555 receiver
BGW 500R amplifier
Hegeman H-1 speaker

November 1973
Sony STR-7065 receiver
Akai GXC-46Dcassette deck
RTR 280DR speaker

December 1973
Kenwood KR-6340 receiver
ESS amt-1 speaker
Teac 450 cassette recorder

Audio 1972 Volume 56 Number 1-12

January 1972
Crown IC-150 console
Crown D-150 amplifier
Telex 2+2 quad tape deck
Dual 1218 automatic turntable
AR AR-6 speaker

February 1972
BIC Lux 71/3R am/fm receiver
Sony 1130 integrated amplifier
Wollensak 6364 2/4 channel recorder

March 1972
Teac AS-201 integrated amplifier
Beyer DT-480 headphones
Ercona RDF-224 headphones
Sharpe 770 headphones
Telex Studio I headphones
Wharfdale W70E speaker

April 1972
Teac A-24 cassette deck
Marantz Imperial VI speaker
Telex 8-track cartridge player

May 1972
Pioneer SX-727 am/fm receiver
Miracord 50H II automatic turntable
Harman Kardon Citation 13 speaker
Heath AJ-1510 digital fm tuner

June 1972
Harman Kardon 930 am/fm receiver
BSR 810 automatic turntable
Marantz 250 amplifier
Rectilinear III Lowboy speaker

July 1972
Fisher 801 am/fm quadraphonic receiver
Dynaco SCA-80Q 4-D amplifier
Lenco L-75 turntable
Audio Dynamics XLM cartridge

August 1972
Sony Superscope TC-277-4 quad tape deck
Pioneer CS-E400 speaker
B&W 70-CA speaker
Panasonic SA-5800 am/fm receiver

September 1972
Annual Stereo Directory
Heath IB-101 frequency counter
14 speakers tested: ADC 404B, BSR SS-2, Dynaco A-10, EPI 50, EV 8A, Frazier Super Midget, Jensen 1, Lafayette Criterion 25, Martin 110, Maximus 1, Quadraflex 11, Radio Shack MC-500, Video-Tone 132E, Video-Tone DP202E

October 1972
Panasonic 736US tape deck
Scott 477 am/fm receiver
Dynaco FM-5 fm tuner
Eastman Martin Crecendo 430 speaker

November 1972
Revox A-77 R-to-R tape deck
Sony TA-2000F preamp
Empire 7500M speaker
Fairfax FX-300 speaker
Russound/FMP SQB-2 multi-play switch

December 1972
Harman Kardon Citation 14 Dolby fm tuner
AR LST speaker
Radio Shack Realistic STA-120B receiver
Advent Smaller speaker
Audio Dynamics 10E Mk IV cartridge
Heathkit GD-29 microwave oven

Audio 1971 Volume 55 Number 1-12

January 1971
Sansui 2000A am/fm receiver
Harman Kardon Citation Eleven preamp/eq
Advent 100 noise reduction

February 1971
VM 1555 Synchro-Matic turntable
Teac A-7030U tape deck
Sherwood S-7100 am/fm receiver

March 1971
Marantz Nineteen fm receiver
Tandberg 3000X tape deck
SAE Mark Seven frequency equalizer

April 1971
KLH 41 tape deck
Pioneer TX-900 am/fm tuner
Metrotec frequency equalizer

May 1971
Bogen BR-360 am/fm receiver
AR AR-2ax speaker
Sharpe headphone control units
Annis Magnetometer

June 1971
Fisher 201 am/fm receiver
Metrotec frequency equalizer addenda
Phase Linear 700 watt amplifier
Stanton Mark III Isophase headphones
Sonic Research Sonex 100A compensator

July 1971
Nikko TRM-1200 amplifier
Garrard Zero 100 automatic turntable
AR fm tuner
Realistic sound level meter

August 1971
Teac 7030SL tape deck
Pioneer SX-9000 am/fm receiver
Panasonic SP-10 turntable
13 cassette recorders reviewed: Advent 201, Concord MK 1X, Graig 2708, Harman Kardon CAD-4A, JVC 1660-2, Kenwood KX-7010A, Lafayette RK-760A, Norelco 2401, Panasonic RS-275US, Pilot PTD-100, Sony TC-165, Teac A-24

September 1971
Annual Product Directory
Eico 902 IM/HD distortion meter
Logiclock electronic digital clock
Heath IO-102 oscilloscope

October 1971
Scott 387 am/fm receiver
EPI 50 speaker
Tannoy Orbitus 1 speaker

November 1971
Panasonic SA-6500 am/fm receiver
Sherwood SEL-300 fm tuner
Rabco ST-4 Straight Line turntable

December 1971
Soundcraftsmen 20-12 equalizer
Heath AR-1500 am/fm receiver
Rotel RT-320 am/fm tuner

Audio 1970 Volume 54 Number 1-12

January 1970
Pioneer SX-990 am/fm receiver
AR AR-5 speaker
Pickering XV15/750E cartridge
ADC 303AX speaker
Elpa PE-2018 automatic turntable
Fisher HP-100 headphones

February 1970
Roberts 420XD recorder
Dynaco Stereo 80 amplifier
Harman Kardon Eight Twenty fm receiver
Jensen TF-25 speaker
Pioneer SE-50 headphones
Sansui addendum

March 1970
Nikko STA-501S fm receiver
Garrard SL-95B automatic turntable
Shure V-15 Mark II Improved cartridge
Pioneer T-600 autoreverse tape deck

April 1970
Teac AS-200U integrated amplifier
Sony DR-6A headphones
Marantz Twenty-two am/fm receiver
University Project "M" speaker
Ampex Micro 52 cassette deck

May 1970
Epicure EPI-100 speaker
AR receiver
Harman Kardon Citation Twelve amplifier
Advent frequency balance control

June 1970
Ferrograph Series Seven recorder
Elektra-Amplidyne SE-III speaker equalizer
Decca Mk. 1 cartridge
Pioneer SR-202 reverb amplifier

July 1970
Tandberg 6000 series tape deck
Sherwood SEL-200 am/fm receiver
Advent speaker

August 1970
Heathkit AR-29 am/fm receiver
Dynaco SCA-80 integrated amplifier
Sony TC-366 tape deck

September 1970
Annual Product Directory no reviews

October 1970
Marantz Thirty console amplifier
Teac A-1200U tape deck
Dual 1209 automatic turntable
B&O SP-12 cartridge
Sony TC366 tape deck addenda

November 1970
Sony TA-3200F amplifier
Electro Voice Landmark 100 music system
Empire 1000 ZE cartridge

December 1970
KLH 33 speaker
Empire 598 Troubador turntable
PE 2040 turntable
VM TF-10 fm receiver

Audio 1969 Volume 53 Number 1-12

January 1969
Lafayette LR-1500T am/fm receiver
Knight Kit KG-687 sweep/marker generator
Elac STS-444E cartridge
Klipsch Cornwall II speaker

February 1969
Sony TC-666D recorder
C/M Laboratories 35D amplifier
C/M Laboratories CC-2 preamp
Koss ESP-6 electrostatic headphones

March 1969
NordMende 8001/ST fm multiband receiver
Tandberg 1241X tape recorder
Dual 1212 automatic turntable
Sennheiser HD 414 headphones

April 1969
Fisher 500-TX fm receiver
Ampex 1461 tape recorder
Empire 999VE cartridge
Shure 548/Unidyne IV cardioid microphone

May 1969 (Cover error-says 1968)
Sony TC-770-2 portable tape deck
Scott LR-88 am/fm receiver kit
Rabco SL-8 straight line tonearm
Fairfax FX-100 speaker

June 1969
Eico Cortina 3200 fm tuner
Eico 3150 integrated amplifier
Thorens TD-125 turntable
NordMende 8001/T tape recorder
Harman Kardon HK-50 speaker

July 1969
Sony PS-1800 turntable
Heathkit AS-48 speaker
ADC 25 cartridge

August 1969
Marantz Imperial I speaker
Shure M91E cartridge
Allied TD-1070 tape recorder
Superex ST-PRO-B headphones
Altec M50 condenser microphone

September 1969
Annual Product directory-no reviews

October 1969
Sony STR-6040 am/fm receiver
Electro Voice Aries console speaker
Crown DC-300
Dynaco A-25 speaker
Telex 811-R 8-track cartridge recorder/player

November 1969
Jensen Stereo-1 single cabinet speaker
Concord Mark III tape deck
Kenwood Supreme 1 multi-channel amplifier
Scott Q-100 Quadrant speaker

December 1969
Marantz Twenty fm tuner
Astrocom Marlux 407 tape deck
Dual 1219 automatic turntable
Pioneer CS-66 speaker
Sansui 4000 am/fm receiver
JBL C-60 Sovereign I speaker

Audio 1968 Volume 52 Number 1-12

January 1968
University Studio Pro 120 receiver
Hammond M-100 condenser microphone

February 1968
Shure M75E cartridge
Telex Amplitwin headphone/amplifiers
Telex Serenata II headphones
Switchcraft 307TR portable mixer

March 1968
Scott 2504 and 2505 compact music system
Ampex Micro 85 cassette recorder/player
Electro Voice RE-15 cardioid microphone

April 1968
Crown CX822 professional tape recorder
AR integrated amplifier
Garrard SL-95 automatic turntable

May 1968
Harman Kardon Five-Twenty fm receiver
Sony Superscope 230 tape recorder
Elpa PE-2020 automatic turntable

June 1968
Marantz Eighteen fm receiver
BSR McDonald 600/M44-E auto turntable
Jensen TF-3B speaker

July 1968
Fisher 200-T fm receiver
KLH Twelve speaker
AKG K-60 headphones
Heathkit TOA-67-1 organ "bandbox"

August 1968
Annual Product Preview-no reviews

September 1968
Altec 711B fm receiver
Electro Voice Five-A speaker
Panasonic RS-761S tape recorder
Dual 1015 automatic turntable
Shure SM-60 microphone
Shure 330 ribbon cardioid microphone

October 1968
Revox 77A tape recorder
Sansui 2000 am/fm receiver
AR AR-3a speaker
Benjamin 1050 compact music system

November 1968
Erath I and VI speakers
Pioneer SX-1500T am/fm receiver
Telex Viking 433 tape deck
Scott LT112B-1 fm tuner kit

December 1968
Sony STR-6060FW am/fm receiver
Sony TA-2000 preamp
Teac A-4010S tape recorder
Stanton 681EE cartridge
JBL SE400S Energizer amplifier

Audio 1967 Volume 51 Number 1, 2, 4-12

January 1967
Marantz 15 amplifier
Altec A7-500W speaker
Eico 342 multiplex generator

February 1967
Knight KG 895 integrated amplifier kit and
Knight KG 790 stereo tuner
Shure V-15 II cartridge
IMC Boxer fan

April 1967
Dynaco PAS-3X preamp and
Dynaco Stereo 120 amplifier
Beyer 48s headphones

May 1967
Heathkit AR-15 receiver
University Ultra-D speaker
Superex ST-PRO headphones

June 1967
Pioneer SX-1000TA receiver
Pioneer PL-41 integrated turntable
Norelco 150 Carry-Corder
Leak Mini-Sandwich speaker
Shure M68 microphone mixer

July 1967
Heathkit Magnecord AD-16 recorder
Sharpe PRO-660 headphones
Fisher XP55 speaker

August 1967
Annual Product Preview-no reviews

September 1967
Ortofon SL-15 cartridge
Miracord PW-50H automatic turntable
Concertone 770 AC/battery recorder

October 1967
Sherwood S-7600-FET am/fm receiver
Electro Voice 635A, 667A, 636 microphones

November 1967
Kenwood TK-55 stereo receiver
Knight KG-2100 oscilloscope kit
Elac STS-322 cartridge

December 1967
Dynaco PAT-4 preamp
AKG D-202E microphone

Audio 1966 Volume 50 Number 1-12

January 1966
UTC Maximus 7 speaker
Knight Superba KG-415 recorder
Sonotone RM-1K speaker kit
Harman Kardon SC-440 compact stereo

February 1966
Heathkit IG-112 FM stereo generator
Revox G-36 recorder
Hartley 220MS Holton Sr. speaker

March 1966
ADC Six Hundred stereo receiver
Grado B cartridge
Heathkit AR-14 receiver

April 1966
Pilot R1100 stereo receiver
Empire Grenadier 8000P speaker
Uher 9000 tape deck

May 1966
Heath GR-25 color TV set
Dual 1019 automatic turntable
Sony 2010 videocorder and
Sony VCK-2000 video camera kit
Scott 342 receiver and S-8 speakers

June 1966
Marantz 7T amplifier
Syncron S-10 condenser microphone
Euphonics CK-15-LS cartridge system
Thorens TD150 integrated turntable
Thorens TD124 II turntable

July 1966
Viking 880 stereo recorder
Acoustech XI-P/M integrated amplifier
University Mediterranean speaker

August 1966
Annual Product Preview-no reviews

September 1966
Marantz SLT-12 integrated turntable
JBL SA 600 integrated amplifier
Heath IO-14 oscilloscope kit

October 1966
Fisher TFM-1000 stereo fm tuner
Ortofon S-15 cartridge
KLH Twenty modular system

November 1966
Sherwood S-8800 stereo receiver
Stanton 581EL cartridge
BSR McDonald 500 automatic turntable

December 1966
Sony Components TA-1120, TA-3120, TTS-300, PUA-237 and VC-8E
Pioneer ER-420 stereo receiver

Audio 1965 Volume 49 Number 1-12

January 1965
Perpetuum Ebner PE34 turntable
JBL SG520 preamp
Heath AJ-43 am/fm tuner
JFD LPL-FM10 antenna

February 1965
McIntosh MR 71 fm stereo tuner
McIntosh C 24 stereo preamp
Dual 1010 automatic turntable
Network spark injector
Acoustech III amplifier
Benjamin Stereo 200 playback system

March 1965
Garrard Lab 80 automatic turntable
Fisher 600T receiver
Concord R-2000 recorder
Knight KG-870 amplifier

April 1965
Marantz 10B fm stereo tuner

May 1965
Scott 260 amplifier
Bogen B-62 turntable
Eico 3566 fm receiver

June 1965
KLH 16 amplifier
KLH 18 fm tuner
Altec Lansing 604E speaker

July 1965
Kenwood KW-550 fm tuner
OKI 333 recorder
Rek-O-Kut R-34 turntable and arm
Grado A cartridge

August 1965
Annual Product Preview-no reviews

September 1965
Sherwood S-9900 amplifier
Neumann U-64 microphone
Shure Solo-Phone headphone amplifier

October 1965
Sony Superscope 250A recorder
Empire 888 PE cartridge
KSC KSC-3 speaker

November 1965
Viking Studio 96/RP 120 recorder system
Mattes SSP-200 amplifier
Whitecrest W-2 speaker
Shure M55E cartridge

December 1965
Scott 2300 phono and FM playback system
Eico 250 AC VTVM
Altec 844A speaker

Audio 1964 Volume 48 Number 1-12

January 1964
Stanton 800B turntable system
Scott 340-B fm stereo receiver
Cipher Denon 800 recorder

February 1964
McIntosh MR67 fm stereo tuner
Clark 100 headphones
Eico 902W IM-harmonic distortion meter

March 1964
Concord 884 recorder
Dynaco SCA 35 preamp
ADC Point Four cartridge
Fisher XP-10 speaker
PML EC61 condenser microphone
Furn-A-Kit 2600 cabinet kit

April 1964
Uher 400 portable recorder
Altec Lansing 360A amplifier
Electro Voice Six speaker
Empire 880-P cartridge

May 1964
Bell Imperial 1000 receiver
Thorens TD-224 automatic turntable
Shure V-15 cartridge

June 1964
JBL C-50 Olympus speaker
Dynaco B&O 200 ribbon microphone
Harman Kardon F-1000T tuner
Harman Kardon A1000T amplifier

July 1964
Scott 312 fm stereo tuner
B&W 210 audio oscillator
RCA SK-46 ribbon microphone

August 1964
Annual Product Preview-no reviews

September 1964
Ampex 2070 recorder
B&W 410 distortion and ac voltmeter
Heath IP-20 regulated power supply

October 1964
Harman Kardon SR-9000 receiver
Oki 555 recorder
Electro Voice 644 microphome

November 1964
Goodmans Maximus I speaker
Magnecord 1024HF recorder
ADC brentwood 303A speaker

December 1964
Bogen RT6000 receiver
AR AR-4 speaker
Weathers Townsend 82-2 turntable

Audio 1963 Volume 47 Volume 1-10, 12

January 1963
Leak Stereo 60 amplifier
Neat VS1000D cartridge
Neat GA-17 tonearm
AR needle force gauge

February 1963
Sony EM-1 Newscaster recorder
Norelco Continental 100 recorder

March 1963
Tandberg 64 recorder
Pickering U38-AT and U38-ATG cartridges

April 1963
Kenwood KW-40 am/fm receiver
Harman kardon Citation A preamp addendum
AR two speed turntable

May 1963
Knight KP70 tape recorder kit
Garrard A, AT6 and Autoslim/P turntables
Pilot 780 stereo fm tuner
Fisher XP4A speaker
Tandberg 64 recorder addendum

June 1963
Heath AA-21 transistor amplifier
ADC ADC-18 speaker
Weathers MT-66 tonearm
Shure M-99 Gard-A-Matic cartridge

July 1963
Scott 350B stereo tuner
Revere M-2 tape cartridge system
Benjamin Elac 322 cartridge

August 1963
Annual Product Issue-no reviews

September 1963
Fisher SA-1000 amplifier
Fisher K-1000 StrataKit amplifier
Scott 4310 monitor tuner
Tannoy Monitor speaker
Uher 8000 Royal recorder
Knight KG-2000 oscilloscope

October 1963
Heath GD-232 electronic organ
Empire 498 record playing system
Eico ST97 am/fm tuner
Eico ST70 integrated amplifier
Eico ST84 preamp
Sennheiser MKH-104 condenser microphone

December 1963
Heath IM-30 transistor tester
Korting 3000 tape recorder
Fisher 500-C fm stereo receiver
Sherwood fm stereo tuner
Shure M222 Studio Dynetic addendum

Audio 1962 Volume 46 Number 1-12

January 1962
Telefunken Magnetophon 97 recorder
Pilot 602M fm stereo receiver

February 1962
Harman Kardon Citation MA multiplex adapt
Rek-O-Kut Auto-Poise kit
Isotone Eroica speaker

March 1962
Fisher KX-200 integrated amplifier kit and
Fisher KM-60 stereo tuner kit
Heath IO-21 oscilloscope
Omega 1600 amplifier
HH Scott S-3 speaker

April 1962
HH Scott LK-48 amplifier kit
HH Scott LT-110 stereo tuner kit
Sherwood SR3 speaker
Mark-Q-Matic MQM-1 slide synchronizer
Transis-Tronics FM-15MX stereo fm tuner

May 1962
Audio Pioneers Issue-no reviews

June 1962
Leak Sandwich speaker
Pickering U38-AT cartridge
Knight 83YU608 AC VTVM kit

July 1962
Canby headphone reviews including:
[Koss SP-3
Permoflux B-DHS-28, B-DHS-17, HS-8
Pioneer SE-1
AKG K 50
Sharpe Live-Tone
Telex HPD 53A]
Eico RP-100 stereo tape deck
Harman Kardon TA-5000X tuner/amplifier

August 1962
Annual Product Issue-no reviews

September 1962
Thorens TD-135 turntable and arm
ADC Pritchard tonearm
EMI DLS-529 speaker
Knight KX-60 amplifier kit

October 1962
Harman Kardon Citation A preamp
Fisher FM-1000 stereo fm tuner
Weathers 66 turntable & pickup system
Electro Voice Sentry II speaker

November 1962
Heathkit AD-22 recorder
Shure 3009 Series 2 tonearm
Shure M33-5 cartridge

December 1962
Dual TG12SK recorder
Lafayette KT-174 VTVM kit

Audio 1961 Volume 45 Number 1-7, 9-12

January 1961
Harman Kardon Citation III fm tuner kit
Electro Voice Patrician 700

February 1961
Sargent Rayment SR-8000 tuner/preamp and
Sargent Rayment SR-202 reverberation unit
Shure Studio Dynetic arm and cartridge
Fairchild 440 turntable
HH Scott LT-10 fm tuner kit
Ercona Nordic speaker

March 1961
Paco ST-45PA am/fm stereo tuner kit
Neshaminy JAN-KIT 41 speaker kit
Lafayette RK-120 recorder

April 1961
Sherwood S-2200 am/fm tuner
Marantz 7 preamp
Weathers K-834 turntable and pickup
Altec Carmel 838 speaker
Altec 854A cabinet and 605A speaker

May 1961
Fisher FM-200 fm tuner
Garrard Type A turntable
Eico ST-40 amplifier
Goodmans Alpha speaker
Audio Dynamics ADC-1 cartridge

June 1961
Fisher XP-4 speaker
Lafayette KT-550 amplifier kit
Neumann DST cartridge
Neumann PA2a automatic turntable
Viking 76-Compact recorder
Crosby R80 receiver

July 1961
Dynatuner FM-1 tuner kit
Roberts 990 recorder
Jensen TF-3 speaker
Sony TFM-121 am/fm portable

September 1961
Miracord Studio H turntable record changer
Korting 158S recorder
Eico ST-96 tuner kit
Fisher X-1000 integrated amplifier
Astatic Cantata 45D cartridge

October 1961
Lafayette KT-650 fm tuner kit
Bogen RP-40A am/fm receiver
HH Scott S2 speaker
Sonotone 9T cartridge
Gray 208-S/16 tonearm
Dual 1006 Custom turntable changer

November 1961
Empire Troubador 398 turntable system
Norelco Continental 200 recorder
University Classic Mark II speaker
Fairchild 510 Compander

December 1961
Luxor Magnefon MP410A recorder
Realistic 210 amplifier kit
Thorens TD-124 turntable
Ortofon SMG-212 arm and
Ortofon SPU/GT cartridge
Schober Autotuner AT-1 organ tuner kit

Audio 1960 Volume 44 Number 1-6, 8-12

January 1960
Harman Kardon Citation II amplifier kit

February 1960
Harman Kardon Citation I preamp
Uher Stereo Record III recorder

March 1960
Scott 299 integrated amplifier

April 1960
Sherwood S-4400 stereo preamp/mono amp
Paco SA-40 integrated amplifier

May 1960
Sony wireless microphone
Altec Monterey & Monterey, Jr. speakers
Madison Fielding 440 stereo receiver

June 1960
Knight tuner and amplifier kits
EMI Stereoscope integrated amplifier
Pickering 380 cartridge

August 1960
Annual Product Issue-no reviews

September 1960
Eico HF-89 amplifier
Connoisseur transcription turntable
Homewood speaker cabinet kit

October 1960
Lafayette KT-250 integrated amplifier kit
Fisher FM-100 fm tuner
Viking Stereo compact recorder
Dynakit MK IV amplifier

November 1960
Tandberg 6 recorder
Shure M232 and M236 tonearms
Garrard SPG3 stylus force gauge

December 1960
Harman Kardon Citation IV and V kits
Sony Superscope CS-300 & 262D recorders
Tandberg 6 recorder (recheck)

Audio 1959 Volume 43 Number 1-12

January 1959
Sony am/fm portable radio
Fisher 400-C stereo preamp
Reslo microphones
Knight KN-120 am/fm tuner

February 1959
Dynakit Stereo Control DSC-1
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
Telectrosonic 900 tape deck

March 1959
Bell Carillon integrated stereo amplifier
Knight 83YX776 stereo preamp kit

April 1959
Harman Kardon Epic A250 integrated amp
Tandberg 5-2 recorder
Hartley 217 Duo-Stereo speaker
Arkay AM-5 am tuner kit

May 1959
Lafayette KT-600 preamp

June 1959
Dual 1006 record changer
General Electric MS-4000 integrated amplifier
Connoisseur B transcription turntable
Microlift phono arm control
Kingdom Omega speaker

July 1959
Ampex 960 recorder and 880 microphone kit and 2010 amplifier/speaker and 881 headphones.
Precise Mark XXIV integrated amplifier
Lesa CD2/21 record changer

August 1959
Annual Product Issue-no reviews

September 1959
Pilot SP-216-A preamp (with meters)
University TMS-2 Trimensional speaker
Leak Point One preamp and Stereo 50 amp
Dynakit Stereo 70 amplifier kit

October 1959
Sargent Rayment SR-1000 tuner and SR-2000 preamplifier
Jensen Galaxy II speaker
Uher Universal recorder
Collaro Constellation record changer

November 1959
HH Scott 299 and 222 integrated amplifiers
Koss headphones
Fisher X-101A integrated amplifier

December 1959
Sony 555-A4 recorder
Madison Fielding 360 preamp
AR AR-3 speaker
Eico HF85 preamp

Audio 1958 Volume 42 Number 1-6, 8-12

January 1958
Pickering Isophase electroststic speaker
Heathkit W-6M amplifier
Shure 330 Unitron and 430 Commando mics

February 1958
International Scientific ISI A-10 speaker
Connoisseur magnetic cartridge
Sargent-Rayment 300-M70 tuner and 70 watt amplifier

March 1958
Ampex A-122 redorder and A-692P amplifier-speaker
Neshaminy Z-200 electrostatic speaker
Conrac Fletwood 800 remote control TV

April 1958
Glaser Steers GS-77 record changer
ESL C-60 moving coil cartridge

May 1958
KLH 6 speaker
H. H. Scott 135 stereo adapter

June 1958
Miracord XS-200 record changer
Bakers Ultra 12" speaker
Eico HFT-90 fm tuner kit
Pentron TM-4 tape deck and CA-11 preamp and CA-13 record-play preamp
Pilot Stereo amplifiers SP-215 and SM-244

August 1958
Annual Product Issue-no reviews

September 1958
Madison Fielding 330 tuner and 320 amp
Harman Kardon F-10 fm tuner

October 1958
Audio-Tech speaker
Telematic Minstrel speaker
Karg Tunematic fm tuner and multiplex units
Tannoy Belvedere speaker

November 1958
Harman Kardon A-224Trio integrated amp
United Speaker Systems X-100 speaker

December 1958
Acro Ultra-Linear II amplifier
Viking 85 tape deck and RP-61 amplifier
General Electric GC-5, GC-7, CL-7 cartridge
Fairchild 248 stereo preamp

Audio 1957 Volume 41 Number 1-4, 6-11

January 1957
No reviews

February 1957
Pickering Fluxvalve cartridge & Unipoise arm
Connoisseur turntable
Steel Slides for equipment cabinets

March 1957
Capps CM-2000 condenser microphone
Audax KT tonearm kit

April 1957
Sonotone HFA-150 integrated amplifier

June 1957
No reviews

July 1957
Tech-Master 19K amplifier kit
Bogen ST-10 stereo tape adapter-amplifier
Garrard model T Mark II record player


August 1957
No reviews

September 1957
Miracord record player, changer and cartridges MST-1 and MST-2
AR-2 speaker
Grado moving coil cartridge
Audette, Sr. speaker

October 1957
Garrard TPA-10 transcription arm
Stephens FR-80 speaker and 811 enclosure
Pilot AA-920 and AA-903B amplifiers
Metzner Starlight turntable
Electro-Sonic laboratories Dust Bug

November 1957
Norelco Continental 3-speed recorder
Wharfedale Warwick and Windsor speakers
Radio Craftsmen Xophonic reverb unit
ESL BJ phono arm update

Audio 1956 Volume 40 Number 11

November 1956
General Electric XA1-320 integrated amplifier
General Apparatus Van-Amp electronic crossover


Audio 1955 Volume 39 Number 1

January 1955
Harman Kardon Festival D-1000 receiver


Audio Engineering/Audio 1954 Volume 38 Number 1-7, 11, 12

January 1954
No reviews

February 1954
No reviews

March 1954
Pilot FM-607 fm tuner/preamp
Pilot AA-903 amplifier

April 1954
Radio crastsmen C-800 am-fm tuner/preamp
C-500 amplifier

May 1954
Acoustical Quad II amplifier and preamp
Freed Eismann P-717 am-fm receiver
Harman Kardon A-100 am-fm tuner
Fisher 50-F Hi-Lo filter

June 1954
General Electric cartridges
General Electric tonearm A1-500
General Electric preamp A1-200
General Electric amplifier A1-300
General Electric speaker A1-400
UTC MLF Linear standard power amplifier
Garrard RC-90 record changer

July 1954
Leak TL/10 amplifier
University Companion speaker
Ampex 600 portable recorder

November 1954
Shure 333 ultra cardioid microphone
R-J Wharfdale speaker
Brociner UL-1 amplifier
Brociner CA-2 control unit
Brociner A-100 preamp/equalizer
Rauland 1811 amplifier

December 1954
Craftsmen C350 preamp
V-M 700 Tape-O-Matic recorder
Ampex 620 amplifier/speaker
Ronette TO-284P cartridge

Audio Engineering 1953 Volume 37 Number 1-7, 9-11

January 1953
Sonocraft fm tuner

February 1953
Newcomb 25 amplifier and preamp

March 1953
Pilotuner AF-821A am-fm tuner

April 1953
Collaro3RC522 record changer

May 1953
UTC W-20 Williamson amplifier kit

June 1953
Leak TL-12 amplifier
Leak Vari-Slope preamp

July 1953
Concertone 1501-S recorder
Sargent-Rayment SR 68 am-fm tuner

September 1953
Bogen R714 am-fm tuner/preamp
Lorenz speaker

October 1953
Tapemaster 500 recorder
Rauland 1826 and Libretto preamp

November 1953
No reviews

Audio Engineering 1952 Volume 36 Number 10-12

October 1952
No reviews

November 1952
No reviews

December 1952
No reviews


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