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Audio magazine History

The first issue of Audio Engineering was in May 1947. It featured Norman Pickering on the cover. Early issues were devoted entirely to the audio and broadcast engineer, but with the emergence of the audio enthusiast, the magazine began to publish some hobbyist-related articles as well.

After the founding of the Audio Engineering Society in 1948 and publication of the AES journal that started in 1952, Audio Engineering became even more devoted to the audio hobbyist. January 1954 was the last issue with the title Audio Engineering on the cover. After that it was just plain Audio. In 1966, the magazine had moved to 134 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. More information about the magazine's history can be found in the May anniversary issues for 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992 and 1997.

Audio Auricles

In the June 1984 issue a new category was added under the Equipment Profiles called "Auricle" and does not include measurements. The editor states: "This is the first appearance of both a new column and a new reviewer, Anthony H. Cordesman. Though breaking our tradition of listening backed by careful measurements, we are adding the column in an attempt to discuss more of the truly worthwhile gear available, with less delay than a full-scale review might take. Mr. Cordesman intends to concentrate principally on "high end" gear; other reviewers will probably also contribute to "Auricle." We must emphasize that we still believe in the ultimate worth of measurements; however, we have long felt the need in these pages for something in between a "New Products" mention and a complete "Equipment Profile." We invite your commentary on this column. E.P."

*The Auricles reviews follow after the word Auricles in the listing.


Beware of the Lirpa (April spelled backwards) and Elekt-O-Fonie reviews. These appear in some April (fools) issues and are really humorous--nothing you would want to believe, though.

There was a cover error for the May 1969 issue. It says May 1968, but inside it is May 1969.

The December 1993 issue was published as volume 11 but should have been volume 12. The November issue is correctly numbered volume 11.

The July-August 1999 Volume 83 No. 7 issue is combined.

The February-March 2000 Volume 84 No. 2 issue is combined and was the last publication of Audio.

Picking Capacitors by Jung and Marsh. Part 1 Audio February 1980. Part 2 March 1980. [16 pages total]

Audio Interview: Sheffieldís Doug Sax and Lincoln Mayorga. January 1984

Audio 2000 Volume 84 Number 1-2

January 2000
Klipsch Reference Series home theater speakers
HHB CDR-850 CD-R/RW recorder
McIntosh MC7205 5-channel amplifier
Tact Audio RCS 2.2 digital room correction system
Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 6 speaker
Hewlett Packard CD-writer music CD-R/RW burner
Parasound HCA-2205A 5-channel amplifier and AVC-2500 A/V tuner/preamp
Yamaha RP-U100 PC receiver

February-March 2000
Rotel RMB-1095 5-channel amplifier
Monitor Audio Silver Cinema Series speakers
Pass Labs XO preamp
B&K Reference7250 5-channel amplifier
Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE speaker
Citation 5.0 A/V preamp
B&W LM-1 speaker
Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 5-channel amplifier

Audio magazine has gone out of business.

Audio 1999 Volume 83 Number 1-12

January 1999
Marantz DR700 CD recorder
Bag End MM-8H satellites and Infrasub-18 powered subwoofer
E.A.R. V20 integrated tube amplifier
Krell KPS 25s CD player/preamp*
Musical Fidelity X-A200 mono amplifier*
Cinepro Professional Powerpro 20 line conditioner*

February 1999
B&W Nautilus 802 speaker
Kenwood VR-2090 A/V receiver
Quicksilver Audio Silver 60 mono amplifier
MSB Technology Link D/A converter*
Creek 4330SE integrated amplifier*

March 1999
Sony TA-E9000ES A/V preamp
Jmlab Cobalt 820 speaker
Meridian 557 amplifier
Tannoy Churchill speaker*
Adcom GCD-750 CD player*
Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-V speaker*

April 1999
Philips DVD855AT DVD player
Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp
Arcam Alpha 9 CD player
Proceed AVP A/V preamp and Amp 5 5-channel amplifier*
Polk Audio RT5000 multi-channel speaker*

May 1999
Yamaha RX-V2095 A/V receiver
Platinum Audio Studio 2 speaker
Blaupunkt Alaska car CD receiver
Theta Digital Jade CD transport*
Tannoy R1 speaker*

June 1999
Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player
Snell Acoustics XA 90ps speaker
Audiocontrol C-101SE equalizer/analyzer
Tact Audio Millenium digital amplifier
Bryston 9B-ST 5-channel amplifier*
Conrad Johnson Premier 12 mono amplifier and Premier 16LS preamp*
Mark Levinson No.360S D/A converter*
Myriad T-40 integrated amplifier*

July-August 1999
NAD S200 amplifier and S100 preamp
Mission 774 speaker
ADA Cinema Reference A/V preamp
Coincident triumph Signature speaker
Mirage OM-8 speaker*
Pass Labs X600 mono amplifier*
Westlake Audio Surround speaker*
Arcam Alpha 9C preamp*
Hales Transcendence Eight speaker*

September 1999
Acurus DIA 150 integrated amplifier
B&W DM605 S2 speaker
Toshiba SD-9000 DVD player
Vandersteen 2Ce Signature speaker
Lexicon MC-1 A/V preamp
Krell KAV-300R receiver
Meridian M33 active speakers and M1500 active subwoofer
Marantz PM-17 integrated amplifier
Mackie HR824 powered near field monitor
Rotel RSX-965 A/V receiver
Anthem MCA-5 5-channel amplifier
Whise Profounder 320 subwoofer

October 1999
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1999
Meridian 561 surround preamp
HSU Research VTF-2 powered subwoofer
Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD player
Denon AVR-3300 A/V receiver
Grado Reference RA-1 headphone amplifier
Thule Spirit CD100 CD player
NHTPro A-20 speaker
Theta Digital DaViD DVD transport and Voyager DVD/laserdisc transport
Mirage MRM-1 speaker
Ruark Log-Rhythm powered subwoofer

December 1999
Theta Digital Casa Nova Surround preamp
Polk Audio RMDS-1 home theater speaker
Linn Genki CD player
PSB Stratus Silveri speaker
Vienna Acoustics Mahler speaker
NAD C340 integrated amplifier
Lexicon DC-2 A/V preamp
Castle Severn 2 speaker

Audio 1998 Volume 82 Number 1-12

January 1998
Pioneer PDR-04 CD recorder
Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amplifier
PSB Stratus Goldi speaker
Jolida SJ-801A integrated amplifier
Sennheiser HD 600 earphones
Cinepro 3k6SE 6-channel amplifier*
Martin Logan reQuest speaker*

February 1998
Meridian 508.24 CD player
Infinity Compositions Overture 3 speaker
Quicksilver Audio V4 mono amplifier
B&K AVP1030 A/V tuner preamp
TDL RTL 1 speaker
Philips DVX8000 multimedia home theater controller*
Genesis 300 speaker*

March 1998
JVC XV-D2000BK DVD player
ATI AT1505 5-chammel amplifier
Bryston B-60 integrated amplifier
Marantz MA-700 mono amplifier
Audio research VT-200 amplifier and REF 1 preamp*
Musical Fidelity X-Tone tone control*

April 1998
Klipsch KSF 10.5 speaker
Philips CDR 870 CD-R/RW recorder
Z-Systems RDP-1 digital preamp
Paradigm Reference Servo-15 powered subwoofer
Theta Digital Miles CD player*
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven MK. II and Mozart and Maestro speakers*

May 1998
Panasonic DVD-A310 DVD player
Pioneer Elite VSX-09TX A/V receiver
Lamm Audio Lab M2.1 mono amplifier
Adcom The Ball remote-controlled home theater system*
Polk RT-2000p speaker*
VPI Aries turntable and Audioquest PT-6 tonearm*

June 1998
Velodyne HGS-12 powered subwoofer
Sony DVP-S500D DVD player
Wharfdale Modus Monitor MFM-5 speaker
Lexicon DC-1 5.1 channel A/V preamp/pros*
Basis Audio 2000 turntable*

July 1998
Yamaha DSP-A1 A/V amplifier
Sonic Frontiers Processor 3 D/A converter
Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-III speaker
dCS Elgar 96-kHz/24-bit D/A converter*
Krell KAV-500 multi-channel amplifier*
Unison Research Power 35 amplifier and feather One preamp*
Rocktron HTD1 circle surround 5.2.5 decoder*

August 1998
Pioneer Elite DV-09 DVD player
HSU Research TN 1220 HO subwoofer
Classe Audio CAP-80 integrated amplifier and CDP.3 CD player
Mission 750 Mini-Monitor speaker
Audio Research VT50 amplifier*
Legacy Audio Classic speaker*
VMPS Super Tower III ribbon speaker*

September 1998
Snell E.5 speaker
Yamaha DVD-S700 DVD player
Sony MDR-F1 earphones
Energy Take 5 Home theater speaker*
Martin Logan CLS IIz speaker*
Jadis DPL 2 preamp*

October 1998
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1998
M&K MX-700 powered subwoofer
Bel Canto Design Set 40 tube amplifier
EAD Theatermaster Encore and Ovation A/V preamps
Kora Triode 100 SB mono amplifier and Eclipse preamp
JBL HLS610 speaker*
Meridian 861 digital surround preamp*
Graafiti VT5.35 5-channel amplifier*

December 1998
Denon DMD-1000 minidisc recorder
Sherbourn Technologies 5/1500 5-channel amplifier
Onkyo DV-S501 DVD player
Thiel CS7.2 speaker*
Ergo AMT headphones*
Linn Classik CD player/integrated amplifier*

Audio 1997 Volume 81 Number 1-12

January 1997
Sunfire Cinema Grand 5-channel amplifier
Boston Acoustics VR2000 powered subwoofer
Sony DTC-ZA5ES DAT recorder
Manley Labs Reference D/A converter
Cambridge Soundworks Tower speaker*
Audio Alchemy DDS-Pro CD transport and DDE v3.0 D/A converter*

February 1997
Kenwood KC-Z1 A/V tuner preamp
M&K Sound MX-150THX powered subwoofer
Marantz CD-17 CD player
Liberty Audiosuite 2.0 computerized measurement system
Genesis V speaker*
NAD 512 CD player and 314 integrated amp*
Coincident Digital Master speaker*

March 1997
Denon AVR-5600 A/V receiver
BIC America Venturi V-604 speaker
California Audio Labs CL-5 CD changer
Velodyne F-1800RII powered subwoofer
Polyfusion Audio 960 amplifier
RCA RC5200P DVD player*
VMPS FF-3 speaker*

April 1997
Panasonic DVD-A300 DVD player
Pioneer Elite DVL-90 DVD/laserdisc player
Plok Audio RT7 speaker and PSW300 powered subwoofer
Anthem PRE-1 preamp
Digital,Phase AP-2.1 speaker (addendum)
Theta Digital Casablanca surround preamp*
REL Stentor II powered subwoofer*
Apogee Acoustics Slant 6 speaker*
Wadia 27 D/A converter*

May 1997
Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player
Jamo Concert 8 and Concert Center speakers
Carver A-760x amplifier
Mark Levinson No. 31.5 CD transport*

June 1997
Proceed CDP CD player
N.E.A.R. 15M speaker
Musical Fidelity X-DAC D/A converter
MB Quart Domain D55 speaker
Marantz 7 preamp and 9 mono amplifier*

July 1997
Sony SDP-EP9ES Dolby digital processor
Joseph Audio RM7si speaker
Toshiba SD-3006 DVD player
Classe Audio CDP-.5 CD player and CAP-100 integrated amplifier
Audiosource AMP Three amplifier
AKG K501 earphones
VLS Auri headphone surround processor*
Pass Laboratories Aleph 1.2 mono amplifier*

August 1997
Rotel RSP-980 A/V preamp/processor and RDA-980 Dolby digital decoder
Celestion A3 speaker
Houston GSP-02 amplifier
NAD 118 digital preamp
Thiel CS6 speaker*
Genesis Technologies digital lens anti-jitter device*

September 1997
Yamaha RX-V2092 A/V receiver
KEF RDM One speaker
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp
Paradigm Reference Active/20 powered spkr*

October 1997
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1997
Sunfire True Subwoofer Mark II powered sub
Marantz SR-880 A/V receiver
Threshold T800D amplifier
Denon DVD-2000 DVD player
Snell Acousics RCS 1000 room correction system*

December 1997
Nakamichi IA-1z A/V integrated amplifier
JBL SVA 1600 speaker
Ayre Acoustics K-1 preamp
Adcom GFA-5802 amplifier and GFP-750 preamp*
NHT 2.9 speaker*
Krell Audio + Video Standard preamp/surround processor*

Audio 1996 Volume 80 Number 1-12

January 1996
McIntosh MCD7009 CD player
Mission 735 speaker
Marantz SM-5 amplifier and SC-5 preamp
JBL HT series THX speakers
AMC AV8 1HT preamp/surround processor*
Martin Logan SL3 speaker*
Muse Electronics Model Two D/A converter*
VPI TNT III turntable with flywheel*

February 1996
Pioneer Elite PDR-99 CD recorder
Bryston 4B ST amplifier
Wilson Audio Watt V/Puppy V speaker
Dynaco CDV-1 CD player
Eggelstonworks Andra speaker*
Angstrom 200 A/V preamp and processor*
Pass laboratories Aleph 1 mono amplifier*

March 1996
EAD Theatermaster Dolby AC-3 surround processor
Infinity Compositions P-FR speaker
Sony CDP-XA7ES CD player
Jolida SJ 302A integrated amplifier
Conrad Johnson MF2300A amplifier*

April 1996
Harman Kardon Citation 7.0 A/V preamp and processor
Hafler Trans-Nova 9505 amplifier
NSM 10S speaker
Yamaha RX-V2090 A/V receiver and DDP-1 AC-3 decoder
Theta Digital Data III CD transport and DS Pro Generation V-a D/A converter*
NuReality Vivid 3D theater SRS processor*

May 1996
Lexicon DC-1/THX A/V preamp/processor
Parasound P/LD-2000 preamp
Platinum Audio Duo speaker
Technics SE-A1000 amp and SU-C1000 pre
Classe Audio CP-60 preamp*
VAC Renaissance Seventy/Seventy amplifier and CPA MK II preamp*

June 1996
Aragon 8008ST amplifier
KEF reference Series Four speaker
Sennheiser HD 580 precision earphones
PS Audio Lambda Two CD transport and SL Three D/A converter*
Spatializer HTMS-2510 image processor
VPI JMW Memorial tonearm*

July 1996
Paradigm Reference Studio/100 speaker
Yamaha DSP-A3090 A/V integrated amp
Jamo SW 505E powered subwoofer
Spectron 1KW switching amplifier
Audio Alchemy DTI-Pro 32 digital interface*

August 1996
Marantz SR-96 A/V receiver
Continuum 4-3-2 4-channel amplifier
Philips Key Modules IS 5021 DSP
Sonic frontiers Power-3 mono amplifier
NHT Super One speaker*
Soundwave VR-3.5 speaker*

September 1996
Carver AV-705X 5-channel amplifier
Mirage MBS-2 satellites, BPSS-210 subwoofer and LFX-2 crossover
Sonance DL1200 powered subwoofer
Polk Audio Signature Reference speaker*
Meridean 565 DSP*

October 1996
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1996
Parasound HCA-2003 3-channel amplifier
Digital Phase AP-2.1 speaker
Marantz DP870 Dolby digital surround decoder
Pass Laboratories Aleph-P preamp
Eosone Millennium home theater speaker*
Paradigm Micro/SB-90 home theater spkr*

December 1996
Technics SA-TX50 THX receiver
Mesa Engineering Baron amplifier
AR 312 HO speaker
Lexicon 412 4-channel amplifier
Atlantic Technology 250.1 HT speakers*
Hales Design Group Concept Five speaker*

Audio 1995 Volume 79 Number 1-12

January 1995
Soundwave Point Source 3.0 speaker
Technics SA-GX770 A/V receiver
Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 D/A converter
Kenwood DP-M7750 CD changer
Luxman M-383 amp & C-383 preamp
Audio Research D300 amplifier and LS2B Mark II preamp*
Spica TC-60 speaker*
Headroom Supreme headphone amp and image processor*
McIntosh MC500 amp and C40 preamp*
Sony DTC-2000ES DAT recorder*
ESX, Sheffield & Stereophile test CD's*

February 1995
Acurus 200X3 3-channel amplifier
Dana Audio 1 speaker
Stax SR-Omega earspeakers and SRM-T1S drive amplifier
Audio Alchemy DTI-Pro jiter reducer and resolution enhancer
Bag End D10E ELF subwoofer and ELF-M integrator
Krell Reference KPE MC phono stage*
Theta Digital DS PRO Generation V D/A converter*

March 1995
Marantz SR-92 Mk II A/V receiver
parasound D/AC-1000 D/A converter and C/DP-1000 CD player/transport
JVC XM-D1BK minidisc recorder
KLH V-01 rear channel speaker
Mark Levinson No. 30.5 D/A converter and No. 31 CD transport*
cambridge Soundworks by Kloss speaker*

April 1995
Jensen DF511 car stereo
Legasy High-Current amplifier
Optimus Pro LX5 speaker
PS Audio Ultralink Two D/A converter*
Infinity IRS Epsilon speaker*
Snell Type A music reference speaker*

May 1995
Denon DCT-950R car stereo
Kenwood KDC-PS900 car stereo
Phase Tech PC 10.5 speaker
Sennheiser IS 850 digital infrared earphones
Audio Research VT150SE mono amplifier, LS5 MKII preamp and BL2 interface*
Quicksilver GLA amplifier*
Gold Line DSP-30 portable RTA*

June 1995
Nakamichi 1000 car stereo
Yamaha KX-580 cassette deck
Totem Acoustic Rokk speaker
Audio Research CDT1 CD transport and DAC3 D/A converter*
Vandersteen 3A speaker*
B&K Components AVP1000 A/V tuner/preamp*

July 1995
Pioneer DEH-P815 car stereo
Cary Audio Design CAD-805 mono amplifier
Klipsch CF 3 speaker
Carver Research Lightstar reference amplifier
Polk Audio M5, CS250S, M311, and PSW200 A/V speakers*
Linaeum LFX speaker*
Roomttune deluxe room-treatment panels*

August 1995
Alpine CDA-7939 car stereo
Threshold T400 amplifier
Paradigm Eclipse/BP speaker
Grado Labs SR125 earphones
VAC PA160 mono amplifier
Thiel CS7 speaker*
Sonic Frontiers Ultrajitterbug jitter reducer*
Mondo Audio TDL Studio 1m speaker*

September 1995
Boulder 102 amp and L5 preamp
Boston Acoustics CR7 speaker
Aiwa AD-F850 cassette deck
B&W matrix 805 speaker and 800ASW powered subwoofer
Krell KPS-20i CD player*

October 1995
No reviews

November 1885
Nakamichi Dragon CD changer and Dragon DAC D/A converter
JMLab Spectral 913.1 speaker
Museatex Bidat D/A converter
Assemblage DAC-1 D/A converter kit
AR 338 speaker*
My Disc Sheffield/A2TB test disc*

December 1995
Counterpoint NPS-400A amplifier
Denon AVC-2800 A/V integrated amplifier
Sennheiser HDC451 noise canceling earphones
Sony ES MDS-JA3ES minidisc recorder
Classe Audio CA-400 amplifier*
Direct Acoustics Silent speaker*
Sumiko Sho reference phono cartridge*
Audiocontrol Rialto equalizer*

Audio 1994 Volume 78 Number 1-12

January 1994
Near 50Me speaker
Fosgate Audionics Four surround processor
JVC XL-G3900 car receiver and CD player
Theta Digital Cobalt 307 D/A converter*
Rotel RHB-10 amplifier and RHA-10 preamp*
Cambridge Soundworks EXO-1 crossover*
Denon Professional test CD's*

February 1994
McIntosh MC 1000 mono amplifier
Panasonic RQ-DP7 portable DCC player
NHT 3.3 speaker
Polk Audio LS 90 speaker*
Martin Logan Aerius speaker*
BIB CD restorer polish*
Classe Audio Thirty preamp*

March 1994
Quad 67 CD player
Scientific Fidelity Crown Joule speaker
Lexicon CP-3 surround processor
Audio Alchemy DTI, XDP and Power Station Two D/A converter system*

April 1994
Accuphase DP-90 CD Transport and DC-91 D/A converter
Optimus STAV-3400 A/V receiver
Crown SASS-P MKII stereo PZM mike

May 1994
Beyerdynamics IRS 790 earphones*

June 1994
Sony TCD-D7 portable DAT recorder
M&K S-5000THX satellite and MX-5000THX powered subwoofer
Audiosource AMP One amplifier
VMPS FF-1 speaker*
Topbox speaker enclosure program*
PS Audio Reference Link LS digital preamp*

July 1994
Bryston BP20 preamp
Signet SL280ex speaker
Panasonic CQ-DC1 Car tuner/DCC player
Apogee Acoustics Studio Grand speaker*
Sentec DiANA D/A converter*
B&W THX home cinema system*

August 1994
AR Limited model 2 preamp
EPOS ES11 speaker
AudioControl C-101 Series III EQ/analyzer
Sonance 2120 amplifier*
Alpha-Core Goertz MI 1 and MI 2 speaker cables*
Terk Leapfrog remote-control extender*

September 1994
Ayre Acoustics V-3 amplifier
Energy Veritas v1.8 speaker
NCT Noisebuster NB-DX earphones
BIC America V-12 subwoofer and SWA-100 amplifier
ASC NA-4 Shadow Caster acoustic panels*
Pass Laboratories Aleph 0 amplifier*

October 1994
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1994
Sony MDS-501 minidisc deck
Sony MZ-E2 portable minidisc player
Alpine 7982 car CD changer and tuner
Soundstream DA-2 amplifier
Stax DAC-Talent BD D/A converter
Adcom GFA-5800 amplifier*
Thiel CS1.5 speaker*

December 1994
Harman Kardon AVR30 A/V receiver
KEF Q70 speaker
Conrad Johnson Premier Twelve mono amp
Electro Voice N/D 857B microphone
Altec Lansing AC10 computer audio control*
Mark Levinson No. 38S preamp*

Audio 1993 Volume 77 Number 1-12

January 1993
Mark Levinson No. 30 digital processor
Maston Audio Deluxe speaker
Optimus DCT-2000 recorder
JVC HA-D990 earphones
Beyer DT 911 earphones
Cambridge Soundworks surround system

February 1993
Sony MZ-1 portable minidisc recorder
Legacy Convergence speaker
Alpine 7980 car CD changer and tuner
Atlantic Technology System 150T surround speakers
Linn Karik CD transport and numerik D/A converter

March 1993
Marantz DD-92 DCC recorder
Celestion 300 speaker
Coda Technologies FET preamp 01 and amplifier 100
Audio Research LS3 B line preamp
Beyerdynamic DT 770 earphones

April 1993
Technics RS-DC10 DCC recorder
Paradigm Studio Monitor speaker
Denon TU-680NAB Superradio
Soundstream DAC-1 D/A converter*
Lirpa inflatable audio reviewer*

May 1993
Sony MDX-U1 car minidisc player and tuner

June 1993

Metaxas Solitaire amplifier
Dahlquist DQ-30i speaker
Cello Palette preamp*
Camelot Technology Arthur D/A converter*
Panamax Max 1000 surge protector and line conditioner|*
Video Acoustics home theater speaker*

July 1993
Aiwa XK-59000 cassette deck
Counterpoint Clearfield Metropolitan speaker
Philips DCC-900 DCC recorder
LF Engineering M-601 AM antenna
Acurus 100 integrated amplifier

August 1993
Parasound HCA-2200 II amplifier
PS Audio Ultralink D/A converter
McCormack Audio DNA-1 amplifier and ALD-1 preamp
Van Alstine Super Pas 4i preamp kit
Advent Audio Focus and Mini-Advent spkrs

September 1993
Yamaha DSP-A2070 digital sound field processing amplifier
Genesis Genre I speaker
Pioneer DEH-M990DSP car CD player
Harman Kardon HK6950R integrated amp

October 1993
Krell KRC preamp

November 1993
DGX Audio DDL-1 speaker and DDA-1 digital processing amplifier
Sota Vanguard II CD player
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 line preamp and SFS-40 amplifier
Neumann KM 100 mike system
Audioquest 7000nsx MC cartridge*

December 1993
Quicksilver Audio M135 mono amplifier
Digital Phase AP-1 speaker
Etymotic Research ER-4 earphones
Sigtech AEC 1000 acoustic environment correction system
Sonance AGI-1 and RGFI-1 isolators and LA-1 line amplifier*
Caig Pro Gold contact conditioner*

Audio 1992 Volume 76 Number 1-12

January 1992
Nakamichi 1000mb CD transport and 1000p digital processor
AR M1 speaker
Well Tempered record player and Van Den Hul MM-1 cartridge
First Sound Reference II passive preamp
AKG K280 earphones*

February 1992
McIntosh MC2600 amplifier
Quart 490MCS speaker
Harman Kardon HD7600II CD player

March 1992
Philips LHH500 CD player
Hughes AK-100 sound retrieval system
B&K Components Pro-10MC preamp
Oracle Premiere MK IV turntable and Oracle SME 345 tonearm
Beyer Dynamic DT990 earphones*

April 1992
Philips LHH500 CD player
Hughes AK-100 sound retrieval system
B & K Components  PRO-10MC preamp
Oracle Premiere MK IV turntable and Oracle SME 345 tonearm
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro earphones*

May 1992
Panasonic CQ-ID60 car stereo with ID logic

June 1992
Crown Macro Reference amplifier
Arcam Delta 110 digital preamp
Vandersteen 2Ci speaker
Conrad Johnson Premier Seven-A preamp and Evolution 2000 amplifier
Sennheiser HD-540 reference II earphones


July 1992
Technics SA-GX910 A/V receiver
Maplenoll Signature Ariadne turntable & arm
Bright Star Altair speaker
PS Audio Digital Link II D/A converter
Auricle: Soundaid mod kit for Realistic Minimus 7 speaker
Win Research SM-10 speaker*

August 1992
Bryston 4B NRB amplifier
Ford JBL car audio system
Tannoy 615 speaker
Thiel CS2.2 speaker*
Theta DSPro Prime D/A converter*

September 1992
Acurus L10 line preamp
Onkyo Integra TA-207 cassette deck
Dymek DR333 receiver
Snell Type B speakers
Dynaco QD-1 Series II processor*

October 1992
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1992
Grado Labs SR200 & Joseph Grado Signature HP-2 headphones and HP-1ADC headphone amplifier
Koss ESP/950 headphones
Sitting Duck listening room speaker-placement program
AKG K340 headphones

December 1992
Nobis Cantabile amplifier
Yamaha CDC-835 CD changer
Audix SCX-ONE studio mike system
JBL L7 speaker
Pioneer Elite PD-65 CD player
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Ultramp preamp and amplifier

Audio 1991 Volume 75 Number 1-12

January 1991
Sony TCD-D3 DAT Walkman recorder
Boston Acoustics T1030 speaker
Alpine 7909 car tuner/CD player
Threshold SA/4e amplifier

February 1991
Carver Silver Seven mono amplifier
Thiel CS5 speaker
Harman Kardon TD4800 cassette deck

March 1991
Lexicon CP-2 digital surround processor
Meridian D600B speaker
SSI System 4000 II Dolby surround decoder

April 1991
Meridian 208 CD player/oreamp
Proton SD-1000 surround decoder
Altec Lansing 511 speaker
Stax Kogyo SR-Lambda Pro earspeakers
Proceed PCD CD player and PDP D/A converter

May 1991
Car Stereo Directory-no reviews

June 1991
Yamaha DSP-A1000 DSP amplifier
KEF 105/3 speaker
Sony TA-E1000ESD digital process preamp
Air Tight ATM-1 amplifier
Cambridge Eleven portable system
Krell MD-1 CD transport and SBP-64X digital signal processor

July 1991
Monitor Audio Studio 10 speaker
Blaupunkt New York car tuner/CD player
Cary Audio CAD-50 and CAD-50sl amps

August 1991
JVC AX-V1050 audio/video amplifier
Wharfdale Diamond IV speaker
Mission Cyrus One integrated amplifier

September 1991
Esoteric P-2 CD transport and D-2 D/A conv
Martin Logan Monolith IIIx speaker
Delco/Bose Gold Series car audio system
Spica Angelus speaker

October 1991
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews

November 1991
PSB Stratus Gold speaker
Luxman F-114 surround sound process/amp
MAS DCC-1 digital control center
Forte Audio 4 amplifier

December 1991
David Berning EA-2101 amp & TF-12 pre
Westlake Audio BBSM-6F speaker
Pioneer Premier KEX-M900 car stereo
Audiosource SS Three surround decoder
Jeclin Float ESC headphones
Recoton FM200 indoor fm antenna

Audio 1990 Volume 74 Number 1-12

January 1990
McIntosh MC 7200 amplifier
Dolan PM1 preamp
Philips LHH1000 CD player
Vector Research VRX-5200R receiver
Bruel & Kjaer 4011 studio mike
Classe Audio DR-5 preamp

February 1990
Boulder 500AE amp and Ultimate preamp
Mitsubishi M-AV1 a/v receiver
Hafler Iris fm tuner
BBE Sound 1002 Sonic Maximizer

March 1990
Revox B226-S CD player
Heath AJ-2520 tuner
reference videodisc and standard

April 1990
Jeff Rowland Coherence One Series II preamp and 7 mono amplifier
Sansui AU-X911DG D/A amplifier
Proton CR-560 car stereo
Lirpa Labs VCDRS CD player

May 1990
Nakamichi car components:
TD-560 tuner/cassette
CDC-101 CD changer
DAC-101 D/A converter
CA 101 control amplifier

June 1990
Sony CDP-X77ES CD player
Rockford Fosgate RF200 preamp
Rockford Fosgate RF2000 amplifier
Pioneer TZ-9 speaker
Onkyo Integra T-4700 tuner

July 1990
Counterpoint SA-220 amplifier
NHT II speaker

August 1990
Goldmund ST4 turntable and Gold cartridge
Fisher RS-Z1 receiver
VTL Compact 100 mono amp & preamp
Dahlquist M907i speaker

September 1990
Sota Cosmos turntable
SME 309 tonearm & Signet OC9 cartridge
Lazarus H-1A amplifier
Precise Monitor 10 speaker

October 1990
Annual Equipment Directory-No reviews
Tree Dimensions CD550 CD cabinet
Adcom GFP-565 preamp
Adcom GFA-565 mono amplifier

November 1990
Sony DTC-75ES DAT recorder
B&W 801 Matrix Series II speaker
Denon DCC-8970 car tuner & CD player
Terk Technologies Pi2 antenna
Memorex CD repair & Maint. kit

December 1990
Carver CT-17 tuner preamp
Dynaudio Special One speaker
Marantz CD3577 CD player
Vendetta research SCP-2B pre-preamp
Shure SM89 shotgun condenser mike

Audio 1989 Volume 73 Number 1-12

January 1989
Philips CD880 CD player
Audio Control Ten Plus equalizer
YBA dual mono amplifier
Harman Kardon HD800 CD player
Yamaha CX-10000 preamp

February 1989
Hafler XL600 amplifier
Sony PCM-2500 DAT recorder
Terk 9600 Pi fm antenna
Audio Dynamics T-2000E tuner
Eminent technology LFT-III speaker

March 1989
Onkyo DX-G10 CD payer
a/d/s CC4 tuner preamp
a/d/s PA4 amplifier
Fosgate DSM-3610 surround processor
Harman Kardon Citation Twenty Five preamp

April 1989
Accuphase G-18 third octave equalizer
Linn LK1 preamp
Linn LK280 amplifier
Revolver turntable, Standard arm, Bullet cart

May 1989
Harman Kardon CR151 car stereo
Mitsubishi DT-10 car DAT player

June 1989
Denon DCD-3520 CD player
Harris XD-001UH DAT recorder
Fuselier 3.8D speaker
VMPS Super Tower/R and Tower II speakers
Phantom Acoustics Shadow Acoustics controller

July 1989
Motif MC8 preamp and MS100 amplifier
Tandberg 3080A fm receiver
Shure HTS 5300 surround decoder
two test CD's: Auditory Demonstrations and Anechoic orch. recording

August 1989
NAD 7400 receiver
Sony SDP-777ES digital surround processor
Sumo Athena preamp
Mark Levinson No. 26 preamp

September 1989
Paradigm 7se speaker
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Power Ten amplifier
Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble speaker
JVC XP-A1010 digital acoustics processor
Theta DS pre-preamplifier

October 1989
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1989
Nakamichi 1000 DAT recording system
Lexicon CP-1 digital audio processor
Sony CDP-X7ESD CD player
Classic Audio CA260 amplifier

December 1989
Apogee Duetta Signature speaker
Goldmund Mimesis 7 preamp & 6 amplifier
Yamaha CDX-2020 CD player
Superphon C.D. Maxx preamp
VPI TNT turntable
Audioprism 7500 indoor fm antenna

Audio 1988 Volume 72 Number 1-12

January 1988
Klyne SK-5A preamp
Yamaha CDX-5000 CD player
Harman Kardon Citation Twenty Three tuner
Sansui CD-X901 CD player
Sennheiser MKH 40 microphone
Creek 3140 fm tuner
Infinity Kappa 9 speaker

February 1988
McIntosh C 31V A/V preamp
KEF 107 speaker
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Control Four preamp

March 1988
Tandberg 3001 A fm tuner
Luxman R-117 receiver
Parasound D/HX-600 cassette deck
NEC AVD-700E surround processor

April 1988
Sony CDP 707ESD CD player
Audiolab 8000A integrated amplifier
Kenwood KX-660HX cassette deck
Mark Levinson No. 23 amplifier

May 1988
Ford Continental car stereo
Blaupunkt Berlin TQR 07 car stereo
Clarion Audia 2000E car stereo

June 1988
Akai AD-93 DAT recorder
Ohm Walsh 5 speaker
Wheaton Tri-Planar II tonearm
Philips CD960 CD player
Philips DAC960 D/A converter

July 1988
Transparent Audio Well Tempered turntable, arm and MC-one cartridge
Onkyo T-909011 fm tuner

August 1988
Pioneer Elite F-91 tuner
Marantz CD-94 CD player and CDA-94 D/A converter
Nakamichi CR-4A cassette deck
Sumo Delilah crossover
Mod Squad Prism CD player

September 1988
Revox B260 fm tuner
Kenwood KDT-99R am/fm DAT car stereo
Yamaha CDX-1110U CD player
PS Audio 4.6 preamp

October 1988
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1988
Yamaha DSP-3000 digital processor
DBX TX1 tuner
Dual CS 5000 turntable & Ortofon X3-MC cartridge
Eclipse EST-240 car DAT player
Meitner PA-6i preamp
Audio Research M-300 amplifier

December 1988
MB Quart 280 speaker
Marantz PM-94 integrated amplifier
Akai AT-93 tuner
Ariston Forte turntable & Enigma tonearm
AR TSW 115P powered speaker

Audio 1987 Volume 71 Number 1-12

January 1987
Threshold SA/1 amplifier
Nakamichi SR-3A receiver
DBX Soundfield Ten speaker
Poineer SA-V70 amplifier
Azden GM-P5L cartridge
Nikko Gamma 30 tuner
VPI HW 19-MKII turntable*

February 1987
Shure HTS5000 surround audio processor
EPI Stat 450 speaker
Eminent Technology tonearm 2 and Talisman Virtuoso B cartridge
AR Acoustic Research Powered partners active speakers*

March 1987
Magnavox CDB650 CD player
JVC RX-9V a/v receiver
Thorens TD 320 turntable and
Thorens TP 16 MK III tonearm
Speiden SF-12 stereo microphone

April 1987
Tandberg TCA 3018A preamp and
Tandberg TPA 3026 amplifier
Shure D6000 CD player
Rane PE 15 mono equalizer
Monster Cable Alpha 2 cartridge

May 1987
Linn Axis turntable

June 1987
Yamaha DSP-1 digital sound processor
ADS CD4 CD player
A.V.A. Transcendence 250 Series Two amp
Akai CD-A70 CD player
Audix UD-200S microphone
Pioneer VSX-5000 A/V receiver
Grado cartridges*

July 1987
Sony CDP-705ESD CD player
SAE A202 amplifier
Technics CQ-H7500 car stereo

August 1987
Mark Levinson No. 20 mono amplifier
Mission PCM-7000 CD player

September 1987
Luxman LV-109 integrated amplifier
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Power Four amplifier
NAD 7220PE receiver
Kyocera DA-710CX CD player
CTI astatic MF-100MR cartridge
Onkyo P-308 preamp and M-508 amplifier*

October 1987
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1987
VelodyneULD-15 powered subwoofer
Sumo Polaris amplifier
Linn Basik LVX tonearm and K9 cartridge
Electroacompaniet EC-1 preamp
Hafler XL-280 amplifier
Audio Technica AT-9400 stereo microphone
Tandberg 3015A CD player*

December 1987
Onkyo DT-2001 DAT recorder
Forte Audio 1 amplifier
AR X-10 receiver
Technics SL-P1200 CD player
Audio Control Richter Scale III analyzer/eq
Accuphase DP-70 CD player*

Audio 1986 Volume 70 Number 1-12

January 1986
Tandberg 3008A preamp and
Tandberg 3009A amplifier
Technics EPC-205CMk4 cartridge
Terk 8403 FM antenna
Grace G-747 tonearm and
Grace F-9E Super cartridge
Uher CR 160 AV portable cassette recorder
Electrocompaniet MC-2 pre-preamp*
Monster Cable X-terninator speaker plugs*
One Listener's CD player survey*

February 1986
Robertson Sixty Ten amplifier
Fried Studio IV speaker
Alpine 5900 car stereo CD player
Pioneer PD-9010X CD player
A clutch of cartridges*

March 1986
B&O Beogram CD X CD player
Nakamichi TD-700 car stereo
Yamaha K-1020 cassette deck
Akai CD-M88 CD player

April 1986
Kenwood KRC-999 car stereo
Alpine 7374 car stereo
Denon DCR-7600 car stereo
Lirpa Distortex J-X33B rack system*
Infinity RS 4B speaker*

May 1986
Harman Kardon CH160 car stereo
Sherwood CRD-180 car stereo
Yamaha YGE-600 car stereo equalizer*

June 1986
SME V arm and Talisman DTi cartridge
Sota Star Saphire turntable
Magnum Dynalab FT-101 tuner
Denon DCD-1500 CD player
Shure SM91 microphone
Oracle Delphi II turntable*

July 1986
Classe Audio DR-3 amplifier
Proton D940 receiver
Marantz PMD430 portable cassette deck

August 1986
Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck
Conrad Johnson Premier Five amplifier
Technics EPC-305MC cartridge and
Technics SH-305MC transformer
Kinergetics KPA-1 preamp
Onkyo M-510 amplifier*

September 1986
Bryston .5B preamp & TF-1 transformer
Soundstream TC 308 car stereo
Audio Control Phase Coupled Activator
Audio Research SP-11 preamp*

October 1986
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1986
Klipschorn speaker
Hafler DH-330 FM tuner
DBX DX3 CD player
Technics SH-8066 equalizer
Discrete Technology LSI MK.II CD player
Azden WMS-10 wireless microphone

December 1986
McLaren 402 preamp and 702 amplifier
Michell Gyrodec turntable and Zeta tonearm and Goldbug Clement II cartridge
Revox B286 tuner-preamp
NEC CD-650E CD player
Audio Research D-250MKIIS amplifier*
Audiosource RTA-ONE Real-time analyzer*

Audio 1985 Volume 69 Number 1-12

January 1985
Streets Electronics 950 amplifier
Kenwood DP-1100B CD player
DBX 10/20 computerized equalizer/analyzer
Acoustic Research AR98LS speaker
Pioneer SX-V90 audio/video receiver
Acoustic Research SRC stereo remote control*
Stax SR-Lambda professional earspeaker*

February 1985
Pioneer CLD-900 CD/laser disc player
Technics SP-10MK3 turntablw
Signet TK10ML cartridge
Hitachi DA-600 CD player
Celestion SL-600 speaker

March 1985
Carver CD player
Crown PZM-180 microphone
Technics RS-B100 cassette deck
Sony D-5 portable CD player*

April 1985
McIntosh MC 2002 amplifier
Nakamichi Dragon-CT turntable
Nakamichi Dragon-CT tonearm/Shure V15 type V-MR cartridge
Sansui C-2301 preamp and B-2301 amp
Parasound DR40 receiver
Ultrx R100 receiver

May 1985
Onkyo T-9090 tuner
Audiovox/HI-Comp HCC-1250 car stereo
Pioneer FEX-95 car stereo

June 1985
Akai GX-R99 cassette deck
Meridian MCD CD player


July 1985
Revox B215 cassette deck
Sony CDP-650ESD CD player
Sony DAS-702ES D/A converter
Proton 440 tuner

August 1985
Mark Levinson ML-10A preamp and
Mark Levinson ML-9 amplifier
Nakamichi OMS-7 CD player
Amber 7 tuner and 50b amplifier
Technics SL-P3 CD player
Apt Holman Two preamp
Rotel RC-870 preamp
JBL Ti series speakers*

September 1985
Sony CDP-620ES CD player
Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 amplifier
NAD 7130 receiver
Sony PCM-501ES digital audio processor

October 1985
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1985
Pioneer F-99X tuner
Thiel CS3 speaker
Esoteric Sound re-equalizer
Bryston 4B amplifier
Bose Roommate speaker*

December 1985
Yamaha R-9 receiver
Mission DAD-7000R CD player
NEC T-6 tuner
Apogee Acoustics Scintilla speaker*
Krell PAM-3 preamp and KSA-50 power amp*
Intraclean S-711 head cleaner and C-911A cassette cleaner*

Audio 1984 Volume 68 Number 1-12

January 1984
Sansui PC-X1 PCM digital processor
ASC AS-6004/S open reel recorder
Yamaha M-70 amplifier
Monster Cable Alpha-1 cartridge
Pioneer F-90 tuner

February 1984
DBX 4BX dynamic range expander
Hafler DH-220 amplifier
NAD 5120 turntable
Boston Acoustics MC-1vdH cartridge
Marantz CD-73 CD player

March 1984
Harman Kardon CD491 cassette deck
Technics SH-8055 graphic eq/rta
Alpine 7347 car stereo
Micro Acoustics 630 cartridge
Linn ASAK cartridge and
Ittok LVII tonearm
Luxman KX-102 cassette deck

April 1984
Denon DN-3000F CD player
Lirpa Si-O2 CD player
Technics SL-P8 and SL-P7 CD players
Sears 564.97500350 CD player
Sanyo DAD 8 CD player

May 1984
Souther SLA-3 tonearm and
Shure V15 type V cartridge
Hitachi DA-800 CD player
Allsop 3 cassette deck cleaning system
Discwasher D'mag cassette deck demag
Teac Z-7000 cassette deck

June 1984
The Carver receiver
Sherwood S-2680CP receiver
Micro Seki CD-M1 CD player
Akai CD-D1 CD player
Audio Research SP-10 preamp and
Audio Research D-70 amplifier
Innovative techniques ITC-1 speaker*

July 1984
AR turntable
Van Den Hul Type 1 cartridge
Nakamichi RX-505 cassette deck
Alphasonik A-265 car stereo amplifier
Perreaux SM2 preamp
Spectrascan BPA-100B amplifier
Van Den Hul Type III cartridge*

August 1984
Accuphase C-280 preamp and
Accuphase P-600 amplifier
Soundcraftsmen PCR800 amplifier
Yamaha CD-X1 CD player
Conrad Johnson PV-5 preamp*

September 1984
Revox B225 CD player
Tandberg TCD 3014 cassette deck
Nakamichi TD-800 car stereo
Perreaux preamp
Audio Technica AT160ML cartridge
Yamaha NS-2000 speaker*

October 1984
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1984
Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck
Audible Illusions Modulus preamp
Luxman DX-103 CD player
Bruel & Kjaer 4003 and 4007 microphones
Sony CDP-610ES CD player
Heybrook TT2 turntable and tonearm
VPI HW-16 record cleaners*

December 1984
JVC R-X500B receiver
SAE R102 receiver
Acoustical Physics Labs Acoustic Image II sp
NAD 4155 tuner
Ortofon MC 2000 cartridge and
Ortofon T 2000 transformer
Dennesen polaris indoor FM antenna*
Proton 300 table radio and 301 speaker*

Audio 1983 Volume 67 Number 1-12

January 1983
Hitachi DA-1000 digital audio disc player
Audio Technica AT666EX disc stabilizer
Harman Kardon T60 turntable
Vector Research VCX-800 cassette deck
PS: Sony CDP-101 digital audio disc player
Parasound EQf210 graphic equalizer

February 1983
Technics SL-P10 digital audio disc player
Onkyo TX-61 tuner-amplifier
Telarc Omnidisc test record
Denon DRA-400 receiver
Soundcraftsmen DC2214 graphic equalizer

March 1983
Sharp DX-3 digital audio disc player
Crown PZM-30GP pressure zone mic
NAD 4150 tuner
Revox B710 MKII cassette deck
Acoustat Trans-Nova twin 200 amplifier
Technics RS-M275X cassette deck

April 1983
Sony PCM-701 digital audio processor
Crown Power Line Four amplifier
Sherwood S-6010CP tuner
Hafler DH-160 equalizer
Lirpa A11-1n-1sky

May 1983
Nakamichi Dragon Cassette deck
Phoenix Systems P-10-MM preamp
Koss CM/1030 speaker
Kyocera R-851 tuner/amp
Hitachi DA-1000 DAD (post script)

June 1983
Phase Linear 9500 CD player
Sota Saphire turntable
Magnavox FD1000SL CD player
Soundcraftsmen AE2000 analyzer-equalizer
Sanyo Pro-Ponent A/V system

July 1983
Boston Acoustics A40 speaker
ADS C2 cassette deck
SIE Publishing Audio Training Course
Grace F09E ruby cartridge
Realistic 33-1080 microphone

August 1983
Kyocera DA-01 CD player
B & O MMC 1 cartridge
Scott 438A amplifier
Mitsubishi DP-101 CD player
Audio Control Richter Scale bass eq & xover

September 1983
Sony CDP-701 ES CD player
Spectral DMC-10 preamp
Phase Linear DRS 900 amplifier
Genesis 210 speaker
Sumico MDC-800 tonearm and
Talisman S cartridge
Luxman RX-103 receiver

October 1983
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1983
NEC CD-803E CD player
Linn Sondek LP12 turntable
Audiosource EQ-One equalizer/analyzer
JVC R-X80 receiver
ESB 7/06 speaker
Tandberg TPT 3001A tuner and
Tandberg TIA 3012 amplifier

December 1983
Quad component system
Revox B261 tuner
MAS MK.1 turntable and MAS-282 tonearm
Toshiba XR-Z90 CD player
Sumo Nine amplifier
SAE E101 parametric equalizer

Audio 1982 Volume 66 Number 1-12

January 1982
Nakamichi 700 ZXL cassette deck
dbx 20/20 EQ/Analyzer
NAD 6050C cassette deck
Adcom Crosscoil XC/Van Den Hull cartridge
Ace Audio 3900 Ground Lliminator
Technics SH-50P1 stylus pressure guage

February 1982
Sansui AU-D11 amplifier
Goldring G-920 IGC cartridge
Amber series 70 amplifier
Stanton 980LZS cartridge
KEF 105 Series II speaker

March 1982
Sony PCM-F1 digital audio processor
Oracle turntable
Sonus Dimension 5 cartridge
Ace Audio 4100 filters
Denon DR-330 cassette deck
Teac X-20R reel-to-reel recorder

April 1982
Technics SV-P100 digital cassette recorder
Crown FM Two tuner
Mitsubishi DA-R35 receiver
Tandberg TCA 3002 preamp
M&K Satellite-1A & Volkswoofer-A spkr

May 1982
Technics SU-A8 preamp & SE-A7 amplifier
Nakamichi ZX-7 cassette deck
Hitachi FT-5500 tuner
Signet SK305 stylus cleaner
Shure SM85 microphone
KM Labs SP-100 preamp

June 1982
Hitachi PCM-V300 digital recorder
McIntosh MX-117 tuner/preamp
Empire 600 LAC cartridge
Kenwood KX-900 cassette deck
Mission 776 preamp
Gam Electronics Stereo One FM antenna

July 1982
B&O Beocord 9000 cassette deck
Dual C844 cassette deck
Dennesen ABLT-1 tonearm
Luxman PD-375 turntable

August 1982
Fostex 250 recorder/mixer
Black Knight speaker
Pioneer PL-7 turntable
Magnum 95FM Sleuth FM antenna amplifier
Audio Technica Safety Raiser
Nakamichi NR-100 Dolby C noise processor
AKG P25MD/24 cartridge

September 1982
ADC Sound Shaper SA-1 real time analyzer
Heathkit AA-1800 stereo amplifier
Yamaha P-850 turntable
Fulton RS-1 moving coil cartridge
Fulton MC-1 moving coil transformer
Audio Technica AT813 microphone

October 1982
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1982
Akai GX-F66RC cassette deck
Mission Electronics 777 amplifier
Shure V-15 type V cartridge
Cambridge Physics 310 speaker

December 1982
Carver TX-11 tuner
Audio Design One preamp
Thorens TD115 turntable and
Ortofon TPO-70 cartridge wand
Audio Interface CST-80 step-up transformers

Audio 1981 Volume 65 Number 1-12

January 1981
JVC R-S77 am/fm receiver
Symmetry ACS-1 stereo crossover

February 1981
Realistic STA-2200 am/fm receiver
SAE Two C4 cassette deck
Mordaunt Short Signifer speaker

March 1981
McIntosh MR80 tuner
APT Corp APT 1 amplifier
Electro Voice CO15P microphones

April 1981
Sony ST-J75 fm tuner
Audio Control C-101 RTA/equalizer
JVC HR-6700U color vcr

May 1981
JVC KD-A7 cassette deck
MTI 500 preamp
Shure V15 type IV cartridge and
SME 3009 III tonearm combination

June 1981
Nakamichi 1000 ZXL cassette deck
Shure MV30HE cartridge and
SME 3009 III tonearm combination
Mitsubishi LT-30 turntable

July 1981
Yamaha R-2000 receiver
Soundcraftsmen RA7502 amplifier
Jensen T-415 car tuner/cassette/amplifier

August 1981
Pioneer F-9 tuner
Onkyo CP-1150F turntable
Akai GX-F90 cassette deck
Technics SA-424 receiver
Technics SH-F101

September 1981
Technics RS-M95/US cassette deck
Wharfdale E-90 speaker

October 1981
Annual Equipment Directory No reviews

November 1981
Bryston 1-B preamp
SAE A-501 amplifier
Sony TC-K81 cassette deck
Technics SL-QL1 turntable
Technics P22S cartridge
MXR 139 Linear preamp
Marovskis MIT-1 cartridge

December 1981
Pioneer A-9 amplifier
Audio Technica AT-32 cartridge and
Audio Technica AT-650 transformer
Sony PS-X800 turntable
Phase Linear 1100 Series Two equalizer
Koss K/4DS digital delay system


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