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High Fidelity History

High Fidelity magazine began in 1950 and ran until 1988 when it closed down. In 1959, High Fidelity incorporated Audiocraft magazine that had gone out of business. In 1960 it also acquired Hi-Fi Music At Home.

HF reports policy May 1959

"Equipment reports appearing in this section are of two types: Audiolab Test Reports and Tested in the Home Reports. Audiolab Test Reports are prepared for us by Hirsch-Houck Laboratories, a completely independent organization whose staff is responsible for the original Audio League Reports. Audiolab Reports are published exactly as they are received. Neither we nor the manufacturers of the equipment tested are permitted to delete information from or add to the reports, to amend them in any way, or withhold them from publication; manufacturers may add a short comment, however, if they wish to do so. Audiolab Reports are made on all-electronic equipment (tuners, preamplifiers, amplifiers, etc.). Tested in the Home Reports are prepared by members of our own staff on equipment that demands more subjective appraisals (speakers, pickups, etc.). The policy concerning report publication and amendment by the manufacturer is the same as that for Audiolab reports."

HF 1974 Volume 24 Numbers 1 to 12 complete

January 1974
Lafayette LR-4000 receiver
B&O Beogram 3000 turntable
Acoustic Research AR-8 speaker
Sony STR07965 receiver
Wollensak 4765 cassette deck

February 1974
Electro Voice Interface A speaker
BGW 500R power amplifier
Technics RS-279US cassette deck
Russound Multi-Play MP-2 control unit
Rotel RX-600A receiver

March 1974
Microtower MT-2 speaker
Radford SPA-60 MK II power amplifier
Kenvood KR-8340 quadraphonic receiver
Superex PEP-79 headphones
Hitachi TRQ-2040D cassette deck
Dual 701 turntable
Rectilinear X1a speaker
Concord R-250 receiver
Shure SFG-2 tracking force gauge
Ace Audio Zero distortion preamp

April 1974
Sony TC152D portable cassette deck
Radford SC-242 preamp control unit
Magitran Poly-Planar DS-60 speaker
Technics RS-858US tape cartridge deck
Shure VN-78E stylus

May 1974
Harman Kardon 800+ receiver
Magnavox MAX-15 SE-2510 speaker
SAE MK XXXIB power amplifier
Scintrex Supra headset
Pickering PST-1 stylus timing gauge

June 1974
Dynaco AF-6 AM/FM tuner kit
McKay Dymec DA-3 AM antenna
Elac Miracord 760 changer
Superscope A-260 amplifier
Yamaha R-1000 FM receiver

July 1974
Pioneer RT-1020L open reel deck
Sherwood Evolution One speaker
Koss HV-1LC stereo headphones
|JVC 4VR-5456 quadraphonic receiver
Microstatic MS-1 accessory tweeter

August 1974
Tandberg TCD-310 cassette deck
Avid 100 speaker
Ear cleaning methods
Marantz 4240 receiver
Bozak B-401 speaker

September 1974
Akai GX-600D open reel tape deck
Wollensak 8075 tape cartridge deck
Dual 701 turntable revisited
Five tape head demagnetizers

October 1974
Scott R-77S stereo FM/AM receiver
Sony PS-2251LA turntable
Teac 2300S open reel tape deck
Pioneer SE-700 headphones
Teledapter TE-200 TV sound adapter unit

November 1974
Ferrograph 7504HDAW open reel tape deck
Technics T-400 speaker
Philips GA-209 turntable
Sony TC-177SD cassette deck
Infinity Monitor 1A remonitorized

December 1974
Audio Technica AT-15S cartridge
B&O MMC-6000 cartridge
Empire 4000D III cartridge
JVC 4MD-20X cartridge
Stanton 780-4DQ cartridge

HF 1973 Volume 23 Numbers 1 to 12 complete

January 1973
Fisher 504 2/4 channel FM/AM receiver
Scott 477 FM/AM receiver
Heath AJ-1510 digital FM tuner kit
JVC VR-5541 FM/AM receiver
Magnavox 8896 FM/AM receiver
london Decca MK 5 stereo cartridge
Kenwood KX-700 Dolby cassette deck
Sony 5520 turntable and arm
Wollensak 8054 2/4 channel 8 track playback deck
Linear Design LDL-749 speaker

February 1973
Norelco 2100 DNL stereo cassette deck
LencoL-85 turntable assembly
B&O Beomaster 3000-2 stereo FM receiver
Fisher ST-550 speaker

March 1973
Harman Kardon KR-7200 stereo FM/AM receiver
Onkyo 20 speaker system
Sony TC-55 portable mono cassette recorder

April 1973
Dokorder 9100 recorder
Ortofon M15E Super cartridge
Pioneer CS-R700 speaker
Dual 1229 automatic changer
Superscope R-250 receiver

May 1973
Advent 100A stereo Dolby B unit
Philips GA 212 turntable/arm ensemble
Onkyo TX-666 stereo FM/AM receiver
Sony Superscope TC-161SD cassette deck
Tracs Plus tape cassette
Sony CRO tape cassette

June 1973
Infinity Monitor speaker
Design Acoustics D-6 speaker
ESS Heil air motion transformer speaker
Celestion Ditton 44 speaker
Leslie 450 (Plus 2)

July 1973
Sony STC-7000 tuner
Shure V-15 type III cartridge
Audioanalyst A-100 speaker
Yamaha TB-700 cassette deck
Sherwood S-8900A receiver
Thorens TD-125 Mk. II turntable
Dynaco A-10 speaker
Pioneer SA-9100 amplifier
Robins R47002 enhancer
Scotch extended range cassette tape
TDK Krom-O2 cassette tape

August 1973
Nakamichi 1000 cassette deck
Acoustic Research AR-7 speaker
Five cassette tapes: BASF chromdioxid, Memorex ferric oxide, Norelco 300, Sony UHF, TDK Extra dynamic
Sylvania CR-2743A stereo FM/AM receiver

September 1973
Teac 450 cassette deck
Techniques SL-1100A turntable
Heath AS-104 speaker kit
KLH Fifty-five receiver

October 1973
Tandberg 9000X recorder
Jensen 5 speaker
Pioneer PL-61 turntable
Sansui PL-61 turntable
Wollensak 8060 cartridge deck

November 1973
Pilot 254 receiver
Bose 1801 power amplifier
Pickering XV-15 1200E cartridge
Akai GXC-46D cassette deck
Lafayette bird call module

December 1973
Panasonic SA-6800X receiver
Pioneer TX-9100 tuner
Perpetuum-Ebner PE-3060 changer
Nikko 5010 receiver

HF 1972 Volume 22 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1972
Acoustic research AR-LST speaker
Advent Dolby 201 cassette deck
Pioneer SX-2500 receiver
Dynaco Quadaptor kit
Teac 3300-10 recorder
Dual 1215 record changer
Lafayette LT-725A tuner
Toyo CH 702 4 channel cartridge player
Audiotex test tapes
Audio Import record storage unit kit

February 1972
Akai GX-220D tape deck
Heath AR-19 receiver
Harman-Kardon Citation Thirteen speaker
Lafayette LA-125B integrated amplifier

March 1972
Ampex AX 300 tape deck
Sony STR-6045 receiver
ADC 303B speaker
Teac AN-89 & AN-50 Dolby units
Crown D-150 power amplifier

April 1972
Marantz 2270 receiver
Harman-Kardon CAD-5 cassette deck
Sherwood SEL-300 tuner
Heathkit Thomas TO-101 organ
Advent the smaller speaker

May 1972
Sony Superscope 854-4S tape deck
Lafayette LR-440 SQ receiver
BSR 810 turntable
Phase Linear 700 amplifier
Teac 350 cassette deck

June 1972
Trans-Static I speaker
Wharfdale W60E speaker
Fisher WS-80 speaker
Marantz Imperial 7 speaker
Empire 7500M speaker
Beovox 5700 speaker

July 1972
ADC XLM cartridge
Rotel RA-610 amplifier
JVC 1660-2 cassette deck
Pioneer PL-12AC turntable

August 1972
BIC Lux 71-3R receiver
Wollensak 4760 Dolby cassette deck
Dual 1218 record changer

September 1972
Panasonic SA-5800 receiver
Heathkit AD-110 cassette deck
Dyna FM-5 tuner kit
Advent 201 cassette deck addendum

October 1972
Pioneer SX-626 receiver
JVC CD-1667 ANRS cassette deck
Infinity 1001 speaker
Shure M91ED cartridge
Teac AT-201 tuner and AZ-201 oscilloscope unit|

November 1972
Miracord 50H Mark II automatic turntable
DBX-117 compressor expander
Fisher 801 receiver
Revox A-77 Dolby tape deck

December 1972
Harman-Kardon Citation Fourteen FM tuner
Concord mark IX Dolby cassette deck
Russound TMS-1, SWB-2 selector boxes
Magnasonics Erasette 200B cassette degausser
Advocate storage album and crolyn cassettes

HF 1971 Volume 21 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1971
Garrard SL 95B automatic turntable
Advent 100 and Advocate 101 Dolby units
Marantz models 32 and 16 power amplifier
Ampex Micro 52 cassete recorder
Klipsch La Scala speaker

February 1971
Dual 1209 automatic turntable
Wollensak 6154 four channel tape deck
Altec Lansing 714A receiver
Barzilay cabinet kit

March 1971
Dynaco SCA-80 integrated amplifier
Altec Lansing 729A Acousta-Voicette equalizer
Electro-voice Landmark 100 compact system
Harman-Kardon Citation Eleven preamp
Acoustic Research AR-6 speaker
Miracord 770H turntable
Empire 1000 ZE/X cartridge
Ampex 220 cassette accessory

April 1971
Fisher 202 FM/AM receiver
Teac A-1230 recorder
ADC 450 speaker
Rabco ST-4 turntable
Sansui 2000A FM/AM receiver

May 1971
Norelco 202 turntable
Koss PRO-4AA headphones
Dynaco A-50 speaker
Sharpe SC-3 stereo control unit
Kenwood KR-4140 receiver

June 1971
Sherwood S-7100 receiver
Wharfdale W 80A speaker
Bib indexa record filing system
AR tuner

July 1971
Elpa PE 2040 automatic turntable
Nikko STA-1101 receiver
Ortofon SL-15 MP235 cartridge
Tannoy Orbitus-1 speaker
Altec lansing 911A stereo compact

August 1971
Sony TC-440 tape deck
Empire Troubador model 598 turntable
JBL Century L-100 speaker
Vekvettouch record cleaner

September 1971
Fisher 701 4 channel receiver
Electro-Voice EVX-4 decoder
Garrard Zero 100 turntable
Teac A-24 cassette deck
Bose 501 speaker

October 1971
Scott 433 digital tuner
Telex 811-R 8-track cartridge recorder
Lenco B 75 turntable
B&O SP-12 cartridge

November 1971
Pioneer T-3300 cassette deck
Philips GP 412 cartridge
Sansui 350A receiver
Garrard SL72B changer

December 1971
Pickering V-15 Phase IV/ATE cartridge
Crown IC-150 preamp
Panasonic RS-736 tape deck
V-M 1521 receiver
Lafayette LT-725A tuner


HF 1970 Volume 20 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1970
Ferrograph 724 recorder
EPI 100 speaker
Harman-Kardon CAD-4 cassette recorder
Dual 1219 automatic turntable

February 1970
Fisher RC-70 cassette recorder
Electro-Voice Aries speaker
Scott 342-C receiver
Sony HP 465 compact stereo system

March 1970
BSR McDonald 300T turntable
ADC 303AX speaker
Quad 33 preamp and 303 power amplifier
Wollensak 4700 cassette recorder

April 1970
EMI 205 speaker
Advent frequency balance control
Grado F series cartridge
Teac A-601OU tape recorder

May 1970
Harman-Kardon 820 receiver
Shure V-15 type II improved cartridge
Astrocom Marlux recorder
Advent speaker
Rabco AR adapter

June 1970
Radio Shack Minimus 0.5 speaker
Lafayette Criterion 200A speaker
IMF TLS monitor MKII speaker
Infinity Systems servo-static I

July 1970
Concord Mark III recorder
Crown D-40 power amplifier
Pioneer SA-900 integrated amplifier
Altec 650A microphone
Sherwood SEL-100 turntable

August 1970
Lesa PRF-6 turntable
Realistic STA-120 receiver
KLH 33 speaker
Dynaco stereo 80 amplifier

September 1970
Heathkit AR-29 receiver
Acoustic Research AR-2ax speaker
Harman-kardon Citation XII amplifier
Recoton 83TC cassette splicer
Sony ST-5100 AM/FM tuner

October 1970
Sherwood S-8900 receiver
Ampex 1467 recorder
Leak Mark III speaker

November 1970
Beatty stereo dimension control
Acoustic Research stereo FM receiver
Marantz Imperial III speaker
Pioneer TX-900 stereo FM/AM tuner

December 1970
Tandberg 6000X and 3000X recorders
Audio Dynamics ADC 220X cartridge
Frazier Mediterranean speaker
Sony TA-1144 stereo integrated amplifier
Robins TS-215 cassette splicing block 

HF 1969 Volume 19 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1969
Pioneer SC-100 preamp
Acoustic Research AR-5
Sansui 2000 receiver

February 1969
Allied 395 receiver
Sennheiser MD 421/N microphone
Bogen LS-10 speaker
Goldring G-800 mark II cartridge

March 1969
Crown DC-300 amplifier
Ercona PML F-67BS microphone
Teac A-1200 tape recorder
Sony TA-2000 preamp

April 1969
Harman-Kardon HK-50 speaker
Dual 1212 turntable
Sherwood S-8800a receiver
C/M Labs CC-2 preamp

May 1969
Heathkit AD-27 compact stereo system
KLH 27 AM/FM receiver
Ampex 1450 tape deck
Altec Lansing 893A speaker

June 1969
Pioneer SX-1500T receiver
Stanton 681EE cartridge
Revox A77 recorder
Heathkit AS-38, AS-48 speakers

July 1969
Scott LR-88 stereo receiver kit
Shure M91E cartridge
Panasonic RS-796US tape deck
Dynaco A-25 speaker

August 1969
Sony 6120 receiver
Uher 10,000 recorder
Empire 7000 speaker
Standard SR-606SU receiver

September 1969
Fisjer 500TX receiver
Koss ESP-6 electrostatic headphones
Thorens TD-125 turntable
Hartley Holton Jr. speaker
BASF hobby box of tape accessories
BIB tape head maintenance kit

October 1969
Bell & Howell 2295 recorder
Fairfax C-150 and FX-100 speakers
Kenwood TK-140X receiver

November 1969
Seeburg AP-1 automated player
Jensen 700-XLW speaker
Sony TC-124 CS cassette system
Parastat MK 4 record and stylus care kit
Elac STS 444-E cartridge

December 1969
Sansui 4000 receiver|
Audio Dynamics ADC-25 cartridge
Elpa PE-2018 automatic turntable
Fisher XP-7B speaker

HF 1968 Volume 18 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1968
Scott 2502 and 2503 modular stereo systems
Scott S-14 and S-10 speakers
Acoustic Research AR-3A speaker system
Sony TA-1080 integrated amplifier

February 1968
Acoustic Research amplifier
Allied TD-1030 tape recorder
Electro-voice 1255 tuner

March 1968
Sherwood S-7800 receiver
Jensen 1200-XLC speaker system
ADC 10E-Mk II cartridge
Compass Triphonic 75 receiver and speaker

April 1968
Electro-Voice E-V 1244 amplifier
Beyer DT-48 headphones
Altec 711B receiver

May 1968
Tannoy Windsor GRF 15 speaker system
Allied 399 receiver
BSR TD-1020 tape deck
Pioneer SE 30 headphones

June 1968
Fisher 700T receiver
Rectilinear III speaker system
Eico 3200 tuner kit
Empire 999/VE cartridge

July 1968
Marantz model 18 receiver
Koss Pro-4A headphones
Garrard SL-95 automatic turntable
Grundig SV 80M integrated amplifier

August 1968
Scott Copley stereo console
Scott Copley S-12 speaker system
Elpa PE-2020 automatic turntable
Bose 901 speaker system

September 1968
Sony ST-5000F stereo tuner
\Harman-Kardon SC2520 tape, disc, FM
BSR McDonald 600 automatic turntable

October 1968
Lafayette LR-1500T receiver
Uher 7000D tape recorder
JBL model 88 speaker
Superex ST-PRO B headphones

November 1968
University PRO-120 receiver
Elac STS-344 cartridge
JB Lansing SE400S basic amplifier

December 1968
Rabco SL-8 tonearm
Goldring 800/E cartridge
Harman-Kardon 520 FM receiver
JansZen Z-960 speaker

HF 1967 Volume 17 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1967
HH Scott 382 stereo receiver
Viking 230 RMQ tape recorder
Bose 2201 speaker-amplifier system
Ortofon S-15T cartridge
Leak mini-sandwich speaker system

February 1967
Audio & Design M9BA tonearm
Uher 9000 tape recorder
Shure V-15 type II cartridge
Marantz 7T preamplifier
KLH twelve speaker system

March 1967
Scott 312C FM tuner
Empire 880E cartridge
Marantz model 15 amplifier
Kenwood TK-400 integrated amplifier
Altec Lansing 848A speaker system

April 1967
Sony TA-1120 & TA-3120 amplifiers
Dual 1009SK changer
Pickering V-15/AME-3 cartridge
Wharfdale W-20 speaker system

May 1967
Heathkit GR-295 color tv kit
Bogen TR-100X receiver
BSR McDonald 500 automatic turntable
JansZen Z-900 speaker system

June 1967
Mattes SSA/200 integrated amplifier
Uher Dia-Pilot slide synchronizer
Miracord PW-50H automatic turntable
Pioneer SX-1000TA receiver

July 1967
Fisher 95 Modular system
Jensen X-40 and X-45 speaker system
Knight KG-790 stereo FM/AM tuner kit
Sony TTS-3000 & PUA-237 tomearm & table

August 1967
Scott 348 receiver
Garrard 60 MKII automatic turntable
Empire 4000 speaker system
Sony VC-8E cartridge

September 1967
C/M laboratories CC-50S integrated amplifier
E-V RE-15 microphone
Tandberg 12 tape recorder
Fisher XP-55 speaker system

October 1967
Ampex 985 and 830 tape and speaker system
Kenwood TK-66 receiver
Klipsch H-700 speaker system
Grado BTR cartridge

November 1967
Ortofon SL 15T and RS 212 cartridge and arm
Fisher XP-15 speaker system
Norelco 450 cassette system
Eico 3070 amplifier kit

December 1967
Heathkit AR-15 receiver
Dual 1015 automatic turntable
Dynaco PAT-4 preamplifier
Scott S-11 speaker system

HF 1966 Volume 16 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1966
Dynaco Beocord 2000 tape recorder
Kenwood model TK-80 stereo receiver
Schober TR-2 basic amplifier kit
Shure model M55E cartridge
Emi model 901 speaker system

February 1966
Dual model 1019 automatic turntable
Mattes SSP/200 basic amplifier
ADC 10/E cartridge
AR-2aX and AR-4X speaker systems

March 1966
JBL SG520 graphic controller
JBL SE400 amplifier
Benjamin stereo 200 FM modular design
Fisher 440T stereo receiver
Ampex model 860 tape recorder

April 1966
Elpa Revox G36 tape recorder
Garrard type A70 automatic turntable
Electro-Voice E-V seven speaker system
Grado models BE and BR cartridges
Crown SA-20-20 amplifier

May 1966
Scott model LT-112 stereo tuner
Thorens model TD-150AB turntable
Knight model KG-415 tape recorder
Shure/SME model 3009 tonearm
McIntosh MAC-1500 stereo receiver
Benjamin Miracord PW-40A turntable

June 1966
Ampex PR-10-4 tape recorder
Dynaco PAS-3X preamplifier
ADC 404 speaker system
Heathkit AR-13A receiver

July 1966
Harman-Kardon SC4400 modular sustem
Harman-Kardon HK-40 speakers
Dynaco stereo 120 power amplifier
IMF Mark IV cartridge
Pilot R-1100 receiver
Thorens TD-124 series II turntable

August 1966
Magnecord 1020 tape recorder
Benjamin STS 240 cartridge
Heathkit AA-14 amplifier
Knight KN-376 stereo receiver
University Mediterranean speaker system

September 1966
Fisher R-200-B multiband tuner
JBL Lancer 101 speaker system
Miracord 40H automatic turntable
Acoustech X1-AS amplifier kit
C/M Laboratories CC-1 preamp control

October 1966
Marantz SLT-12 turntable
Lafayette KT-630 control amplifier
ADC model 600 stereo receiver
McIntosh MA 5100 control amplifier

November 1966
Sonotone Mark V cartridge
Sony/Superscope model 530 tape recorder
JBL SA600 integrated amplifier
Sherwood S-8800 stereo receiver
Utah Heritage III speaker system

December 1966
Knight model KG-895 amplifier kit
KLH twenty modular music system
Fisher model TFM-1000 stereo tuner

HF 1965 Volume 15 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1965
Ampex model 2070 tape recorder
Scope Castagna model A tonearm
Knight KN-999 integrated amplifier
Acoustic Research AR-4 speaker system

February 1965
Magnecord model 1024 tape recorder
Fisher model 600-t tuner/amplifier
UTC Goodmans Maximus speaker systems

March 1965
Pure Sonics model 402-C basic amplifier
ADC 325 and 303A speaker system
Dynaco Dynatuner FM-3
Thorens model TD-224 turntable and record changer

April 1965
Harvard Electronics Futterman H-3 amplifier
Harman-Kardon model SR-900 tuner/amplifier
Garrard Lab 80 automatic turntable
Heathkit model GD-983 electronic organ

May 1965
Sherwood model S-9000 integrated amplifier
Sonotone Mark IV cartridge
Bogen model B62 record player
James B. Lansing energiser reproducer

June 1965
HH Scott model 260 integrated stereo amplifier
Dual 1010 record changer
Pickering V-15/AME-1 stereo cartridge
Altec Lansing model 843A speaker system

July 1965
Crown model SS824 tape recorder
KLH-18 tuner
Empire model 9000 speaker system
Knight model KN-990A record changer

August 1965
KLH 17 speaker system
McIntosh MR-71 FM stereo tuner
AR-XA turntable and arm
C/M Laboratories model 35D power amplifier

September 1965
Roberts 1630 tape recorder
Empire 888P and 888PE cartridge
Lafayette LR-800 stereo receiver
KSC-3 speaker system
Elpa PE-34 turntable and arm

October 1965
HH Scott model 344 tuner/amplifier
Grado model A cartridge
Acoustech X reproducing system
Wollensak Model 1280 tape recorder

November 1965
KLH sixteen control amplifier
Benjamin stereo 200 modular system
Benjamin 208 speaker system
Marantz 10B FM stereo tuner
Garrard AT-60 automatic turntable
Dynaco B&O stereodyne III cartridge

December 1965
Fisher TX 200 amplifier
McIntosh MI-3 maximum performance indicator
Euphonics cartridge system
Bozak B-4000 speaker system
Concord R-2000 tape recorder

HF 1964 Volume 14 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1964
United Audio Dual TG 12 SK tape recorder
Sherwood model S-7700 tuner/amplifier
Dynakit stereo-35 basic amplifier
Jensen TF-4 and X-11 speaker systems

February 1964
Leak Point-One control center
Leak Point One stereo-60 basic amplifier
Ampex model F-4460 tape recorder
Fisher model 500-C tuner/amplifier

March 1964
HH Scott model 299D stereo control amplifier
JansZen model Z-600 speaker system
Korting model TR-3000 tape recorder
Paco model ST-55 FM stereo tuner

April 1964
Sony model 500 tape recorder
Fairchild model F-7 cartridge system
Electro-Voice models two and six speaker systems
Electro-Voice model 15TRX speaker
Harman-Kardon FA30XK tuner/amplifier kit

May 1964
Rek-O-Kut model R-34H turntable
Rek-O-Kut S-340 tonearm
Roberts cross field 770 tape recorder
Dynakit model SCA-35 stereo integrated amplifier
KSC-1 speaker system

June 1964
Viking 88 stereo-compact tape recorder
Fisher model K-1000 power amplifier kit
Kenwood model KW-70 tuner/amplifier

July 1964
Bogen model RT-1000 tuner/amplifier
London Summation integrated arm and cartridge
University Tri-Planar speaker system
Tandberg model 74 tape recorder

August 1964
Uher royal stereo 8000 tape recorder
Fisher model R-200 AM/FM stereo tuner
Shure model M44-5 and V-15 stereo cartridges

September 1964
HH Scott model 4312 FM stereo tuner
Empire 880p stereo cartridge
Heath model AA-22 integrated amplifier kit
Sony model 600 tape recorder

October 1964
Altec three sixty integrated amplifier
ADC Point four and Point fourE cartridges
Stanton 800B stereotable system
Fisher XP-10 and XP-5 speaker systems

November 1964
Harman-Kardon Citation B power amplifier kit
Shure M-100 portative stereo system
Acoustech IV preamplifier kit

December 1964
McIntosh MA230 integrated amplifier
Orthophase speaker systems
Bell model 1000 tuner/amplifier
Ortofon model SPE/T magnetic cartridge

HF 1963 Volume 13 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1963
Zenith Micro-Touch record changer
Fisher FM-1000 FM stereo (multiplex) tuner
Sherwood Ravina SR3 speaker system
Knight model KS-10A FM stereo (multiplex) adapter

February 1963
Eico ST-70 integrated amplifier
Rek-O-Kut auto-poise AP-320 tone arm
HH Scott model LC-21 preamplifier
Fisher XP4A speaker system

March 1963
Acoustic Research turntable and arm
Harman-Kardon Citation A stereo preamplifier control
HH Scott model LT-110 FM stereo (MPX) tuner kit

April 1963
Pilot model 654MA tuner/amplifier
Pickering Stanton 481A cartridge
Eico RP-100 series tape recorder
Audio Dynamics model ADC-18 speaker system

May 1963
Wollensak model 1580 stereo tape recorder
Knight model KB-85 stereo power amplifier kit
Shure SME 3009 (series 2) tone arm
Heathkit model GR-22 television set

June 1963
Marantz model 8B stereo power amplifier
Roberts model 1057 tape recorder
JBL Ranger Paragon stereo speaker system
Sherwood model S-2100 AM/FM/FM stereo tuner

July 1963
Pilot model 248B control amplifier
Wharfdale W-90 Achromatic speaker system
Fisher model KM-60 Stratakit FM stereo tuner kit

August 1963
Acoustech 1 power amplifier
Ferrograph model 424A tape recorder
Audio Dynamics ADC-3 cartridge

September 1963
Altec Lansing Astro 708A stereo tuner/amplifier
HH Scott model LK-150 FM stereo basic amplifier kit
Worden Articulated tone arm
Fisher model MF-300 FM stereo tuner
Fisher model RK-10 remote control

October 1963
Fairchild model 412-1BK turntable kit
Lafayette KT-900 stereo control amplifier

KLH 10 and KLH 14 speaker system
Benjamin ELAC model 322-D stereo cartridge

November 1963
United Audio Dual 1009 audio/professional turntable
Eico model ST-97 FM stereo tuner kit
Fisher model X-101-C control center
Audio Dynamics Corp model ADC-12 speaker system

December 1963
Knight model KN-4400 tape recorder
Klipschorn and Klipsch Cornwall speaker system
Fisher model 400 tuner/amplifier

HF 1962 Volume 12 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1962
Bogen AP-60 stereo control center
Ortofon arms and stereo cartridge
HH Scott 350 FM MPX tuner
Electro-Voice Patrician 700 and Stereon 200 speaker system

February 1962
Empire 39B Troubador record player
Altec lansing 353A control amplifier
Fisher MPX-100 multiplex adapter
IMF Styrene Pressure speaker

March 1962 (copy)
Lafayette LA-550 stereo amplifier
Electro Acoustic 7002 record changer
Tannoy GRF & Belvedere monitor speakers
Korting 158S recorder

April 1962
Grado Laboratory series stereo cartridge
Eico ST96 FM/AM tuner
Eico MX-99 multiplex adapter
HH Scott LK-72 stereo amplifier kit
Audax CA-70 Sonoteer speaker system

May 1962 (copy)
Glaser Steers GS-77T record changer
Shure M33 cartridge
Sherwood S-3000 IV tuner & S3MX mpx adapt

June 1962 (copy)
Audio Dynamics ADC-85 Pritchard pickup
Harman Kardon Festival TA-500X receiver
Fisher KS-1 speaker kit

July 1962
Citation III-MA stereo multiplex adapter
Lafayette KT-236A Stereo Integrated amp kit
Heathkit ACW-11 multiplex adapter
KLH-9 Electrostatic speaker

August 1962
EMI DLS-529 Dutton speaker
Fisher FM-100-B & FM-200-B stereo tuners
Garrard AT-6 record changer

September 1962
United Audio Dual 1006 record changer
United Audio DMS-900 cartridge
Bozak model B-310A speaker system
Ampex model 1260 tape recorder
Eico model ST-84 stereo preamplifier

October 1962 (copy)
Fisher KX-200 Stratakit integrated amplifier
American Concertone S505-4RK recorder
Karg MX-3 & MX-5 multiplex adapters
Thorens TD-135 turntable & BTD-125 arm

November 1962
Sonotone 9TA cartridge
Heathkit AJ-41 am/fm tuner
Dynaco FMX-3 multiplex integrator
Altec Lansing A-7 speaker

December 1962
General Electric VR-1000 cartridges
Lafayette RK-141WX tape player
Scott 340 receiver
Leak Sandwich speaker

HF 1961 Volume 11 Number 1 to 12 complete

January 1961 
RFL Suburban speaker system
Heathkit AA-40 stereo power amplifier
Pilot 602 stereo receiver
Audio Empire 108 stereo cartridge
HH Scott 314 FM tuner

February 1961
JansZen Neshaminy Z-400 speaker system
Dynakit Mark IV 40 watt amplifier
Fairchild 440 turntable
KLH 8 receiving system

March 1961
Eico HF-89 dual 50-watt power amplifier
Garrard type A automatic turntable
Fairchild 500 integrated arm and cartridge
Dukane Ionovac speaker

April 1961
HH Scott LT-10 FM tuner kit
AES Gigolo speaker system
Tandberg series 6 tape recorder
McIntosh MR-65 FM tuner

May 1961
Bozak B-302A speaker system
Fisher 202-R stereo FM/AM tuner
Shure M7/N21D stereo cartridge
Ampex 936 tape player

June 1961
Marantz 9 power amplifier
Audio Dynamics ADC-1 stereo cartridge
Lafayette KT-650 FM tuner kit
Weathers PS-11 stereo pickup system

July 1961
University TMS-2 stereo speaker system
Sherwood S-7000 stereo receiver
Transis-Tronics TEC S-15 stereo amplifier
Sonotone 9TSDV stereo cartridge

August 1961
Hartley Holton speaker system
ELAC STS 310-D stereo cartridge
Pilot 248 integrated stereo amplifier
McIntosh MC240 basic stereo amplifier

September 1961
Acrosound S-1001 stereo preamplifier
Fairchild 440-2K turntable kit
Bell T-338 tape recorder

October 1961
Jensen GS-3 Galaxy III stereo speaker system
Revere T-11-4 tape recorder
Harman-Kardon Citation III FM tuner
Rek-O-Kut N-34H turntable
Dynaco TA-16 arm and cartridge

November 1961
Dynaco FM-1 Dynatuner
ADC-2 cartridge
Viking 76 tape recorder
Fisher X-1000 amplifier

December 1961
Knight KN-400B transistor amplifier
Miracord Studio H automatic turntable
ELAC STS-210 cartridge
Astatic 45D stereo cartridge

HF 1960 Volume 10 Number 1-6, 9, 12

January 1960
Norelco Continental 400 stereo recorder
Leak Point One stereo preamp
Empire 88 stereo cartridge
Blaupunkt am/fm/m auto radio

February 1960
Eico AF-4 stereo amplifier
Shure Stereo Studio Dynetic arm and cartridge
Heath SD-1 stereo phonograph
Bell 6060 stereo amplifier
Grommes 260A 60-watt amplifier
Grommes 209 stereo preamplifier
Eico HFT94 am tuner
Sonotone 8TA4 stereo cartridge

March 1960
Fairchild SA-12 arm and SM-1 cartridge
Jensen SS-200 speaker
Audio Empire 98 stereo/balance arm
Monarch PA-100 stereo tone arm
DeWald Classic N-2200 amplifier
Heath TR-1D two track tape deck
Stuzzi Magnette 671B portable reorder
Bell Stereo-Pak 402 cartridge player
Uher Universal tape recorder

April 1960
Garrard 210 record changer
Pickering 380A stereo cartridge
Altec Lansing Monterey speakers
Bogen SRB20 stereo receiver
Heath FM-4 tuner kit
Harman Kardon Citation II amplifier
Artizan 501 speaker cabinet

May 1960
Dynakit PAS-2 stereo control preamp
Acoustic Research AR-2a speaker
Stromberg-Carlson PR-500 turntable and arm
CBS Professional 55 stereo cartridge
Lesa CD2/21 record changer
Paco SA-40 stereo amplifier
Paco SA-40 stereo amplifier kit

June 1960
Bell 6070 Carillon am/fm stereo tuner
KLH 6 speaker
Bogen-Presto TT# turntable, PA1 arm
Stromberg Carlson FM-443 fm tuner

September 1960
Rek-O-Kut N-33H turntable
Wharfdale 60 speaker
Harman Kardon Citation I preamp
SME 3009 tone arm
Stromberg Carlson ASR-8-80 stereo amplifier
EMI Stereoscope 555 integrated amplifier
Harman Kardon Citation I preamp kit

December 1960
HH Scott 399 stereo receiver
Audio Tech ME-12 speaker
Karg CT-2 fm tuner
Sony Stereocorder 300 recorder
Fisher FM-100 tuner

HF 1959 Volume 9 Number 1-5, 7, 9, 11

January 1959
Connoisseur Mark II pickup
Irish tape stroboscope
Aerovox 710 tape degausser
Janszen Z-300 speaker
Miracord XS-200 changer
Argonne speaker selector switch
Sargent Rayment SR-517 amplifier

February 1959
Pentron TM-4 tape deck and CA-13 preamp
Shure M3D Stereo Dynetic cartridge
Karg Tunematic tuner
Belling and Lee phono plugs
Dynaco DSC-1 stereo control
Stereotwin 200 cartridge

March 1959
GE GC-5 stereo cartridge and TM-2G tone arm
Hartley-Luth 217 speaker and Holton system
Lafayette PK-240 turntable
Bell 3030 stereo amplifier
Precise AMK control amplifier kit

April 1959
Heath PT-1 am/fm stereo tuner
Isotone Toccata speaker
Pilot SA-232 stereo amplifier
General Electric MS-4000 stereo control amplifier

May 1959
Knight KN-700A stereo control unit
Bell T-218 stereo recorder
Heath MF-1 cartridge 

July 1959
Electro-Voice Regal 1A and III speakers
Harman Kardon Trio stereo amplifier
Becker fm/am auto radio
Electro-Voice Stereon 1A
Sony Stereocorder
Eico HF-65 preamp
Quad electrostatic speaker
Gonset fm mobile converter
ESL Gyro/Jewel and Gyrol Balance tone arm
Dynaco Stereodyne cartridge

September 1959
Altec 445A stereo preamp and amplifier
CBS Electronics professional 55 cartridge
Connoisseur B turntable
AR-3 speaker
London-Scott stereo pickup
Lafayette PK-270 and PK-280 tone arms
Steelman Transitape portable recorder
The “AH!” electrostatic tweeter
Duotone Acos “Hi-G” turnover cartridge

November 1959
Radio Shack Electrostat 3 electrostatic tweeter
Neshaminy Z-400 speaker & Janszen electrostatic tweeters
Lafayette KT-315 stereo adapter
Regency HFT-1 preamp

December 1959
Fisher 600 receiver
Permoflux HDB-16-16 and AD-25-2 adapter
Dynakit Stereo 70 dual power amplifier

HF 1958 Volume 8 Number 1, 5-6. 7-12

January 1958
Vitavox DU-120 coaxial speaker
Wumo Dekamix changer and Solorette manual
Chapman S5E/FM tuner
Thorens TD-124 transcription turntable
GE Transis-Tube preamp
Stephens 80FR speaker
Allied Knight-kit fm tuner

May 1958
Lafayette transcription arms PK-170 and PK-150
Fisher 90-R and 90-T tuners
Fairchild electronic drive turntable
Bogen ST-10 stereo tape adapter

June 1958
Fisher 90-C preamp
Jerrold FM range extender preamplifiers
Dexter Lektrostat
Lafayette manual record player
Harman Kardon tuners Overture II, Theme II, Rondo II and Counterpoint II
Alonge tape splicer

July 1958
Lafayette PK-225 Transcription turntable
Lowther Acousta speaker
Scott 300 and 330C tuners
ESL C-60 cartridge

August 1958
Lafayette LT-30 preamp
Madison Fielding stereo tuner
Scott 99-D and 210-F amplifiers
L.E.E. Catenoid speaker
Trix T43 amplifier and preamp

September 1958
Fairchild 230 pickup cartridge
Altec 832A Corona speaker
Garrard RC-121/II record changer
Kingdom Compass-1 speaker
MusiCraft M-60 power amplifier
TeleMatic Minstrel speaker
Madison Fielding Series 320 stereo amplifier
United Speaker Systems Premiere
Altec 344A control amplifier

October 1958
Grado stereo tone arm
KLH One, Two, Three, Four and Five
Glaser Steers record changer
Robins tape clips
Norelco AG-3121 cartridge
Electro-Voice Wolverine speakers
H..H. Scott Stereo-Dapter
C.B.C. Music Minder

November 1958
Fairchild 232 stereo cartridge
I.E.E. Trio speaker
Robins HD-6 head demagnetizer
Shure Professional Dynetic pickup
Lafayette audio level meter
Rek-O-Kut stereo tone arm
Gramercy speaker-saver
Pentron TM-4, CA-13, CA-14, CA-15 recorders

December 1958
Stephens Trusonic 120-FR, 150-FR and 5-KT speakers
Garrard 301 turntable
Janszen 65 electrostatic tweeter
Fairchild 248 stereo preamp
Dyna stereo power supply kit
United Speaker Systems X-100 speaker
Sargent Rayment SR-17-17 stereo amplifier
Stentorian HF-1016U speaker and T-359 tweeter
Acrosound ultra linear amplifier kit

HF 1957 Volume 7 Number 1-10. 12

January 1957
Gray AM-50 amplifier
Concert Cabinetry turntable base
Robins Aud-O-File record storage rack
Metzner Starlight Turntable
Norelco speakers and enclosures
Pederson PCP-20 tri-amp amplifier

February 1957
Revere T-11 recorder
Heath XO-1 electronic crossover
Connoisseur turntable
Audiogersh MST-1 cartridge
Lectronics Custom 56 amplifier
Bohn True High Fidelity System

March 1957
Dual Micro Pianissimo record cleaner
Sherwood S-2000 fm/am tuner
Cabinart record storage
Bib tape splicer
Gellar plastic equipment covers
Old Colony record filing system
Connoisseur Mark II pickup
Rogers Symphony corner horn speaker
Bard Ortho-Sonic V/4 radial arm

April 1957
The Phono Timer
Fisher 55-A and 90-A amplifiers
Marjo Channel King indoor antenna
Weathers FM pickup system
Hartley 215 speaker and baffle
The Devil level
Switchcraft solderless microphone connectors
Leslie Creations record racks

May 1957
Marantz Audio Consolette preamp
Components professional duo-speed turntable
Tapetone Mus-et TV tuner
Cabinart Ortho 315 speaker
Ferrograph degausser
Altec 342A PA amplifier

June 1957
Altec 306A fm/am tuner
Goodmans Axiom 100, Midax, Trebax speakers
Staticmaster Up to Date record cleaner
Components test records

July 1957
Audax KT tone arm kit
Heath FM-3A fm tuner kit
Radio Craftsman Xophonic
Fisher CA-40 control amplifier

August 1957
Tapetone TV tone adapter
Stephens wireless microphone
Pickering Fluxvalve cartridge
Scott 240 power amplifier

September 1957
Stentorian HF-1214, HF-1514, 12” duplex, T-816 and crossover
ESL Dust Bug
Fisher 500 fm/am receiver and FM-90X fm tuner
Shure Dynetic arm and cartridge
ACA Magnemite recorder
Robins Jockey Cloth for tapes

October 1957
ESL/BJ Super 90 tangential arm
Acoustic Research AR-2 speaker
High Fidelity Service Center transistor preamp
Stephens E-3 speaker
Berlant BRX broadcast recorder
Grado pickup
Heathkit W-6M power amplifier
GE AI-403 woofer, tweeter and crossover

December 1957
Ridgeway Phono-Files record storage
Sargent-Rayment fm/am tuner and amplifier
Pickering Unipoise-Fluxvalve pickup
Wigo speakers
Garrard Model T Mark II manual player
Pilot AA-900 and AA-903B amplifiers

HF 1956 volume 6 Numbers 1 to 12 complete,

January 1956
o reviews

February 1956
Sherwood Forrester speaker
Browning l-500 SW tuner
Electro=Voice Patrician IV speaker
Recoton-Goldring 500 cartridge
Pentron Emperor HF-400 recorder
Jensen TV Duette speaker
Shure ML44 Music Lover’s cartridge
Scott 311-A tuner
Crescent 501 record changer
Walsco replacement stylus
Sherwood S-1000 amplifier
Jenasen coaxial H-222, H-520 & H-530 speakers

March 1956
Ampex stereo system 612 and 620
Pilot Hi-Fi ensemble phonograph
Leak dynamic pickups
Brociner Mark 10 amplifier
Brociner Mark 30A amplifier
Astatic 55-TJ cartridge
GE 850 speaker and A1-411 enclosure
Hallmark amplifier kit
Beam Stentorian 12-inch speakers

April 1956
Harman Kardon A-400 Counterpoint fm tuner & C-300 Trend amplifier & D-1100 Festival tunre/amplifier & Recital tuner/amplifier
Audiogersh Miratwin cartridges
Miller 595 germanium diode tuner
Kelly ribbon tweeter
Walco Balanced Sound kit
Hi-Fi slumber switch
Interelectronics Coronation consolette & amplifier

May 1956
Sound Sales Tri-Channel system
Fisher 80-C control unit
Fenton Perpetuum-Elmer Rex changer
Heath SS-1 speaker kit
Axiom enclosures
Dynakit Mark II amplifier

June 1956
Pye HF-25 Provost amplifier and HF-25A Proctor control unit
Fisher PR-6 preamp
Audiogersh Miraphon XM-110A manual player
Fisher 80-R tuner
University Tiny-mite Sekior and Master speakers
Audio Exchange Big Brother amplifier
Zenith Trans-Oceanic portable Y-600

July 1956
Racon 15-HTX Tri-axial speaker
Fisher 80-T tuner
Altec Biflex 408A, 412A and 415A speakers
Rogers Cambridge amplifier and remote.
Bonn Sonosphere speaker
Hilard 57 transistor preamp
Sound Sales phase inverter speaker

August 1956
Gray HF turntable and 108 arm
StrateJackets record jackets
Pentron Pacemaker and Clipper recorders
Miracord XA-100 changer
Tannoy tweeter, 12” and 15” woofers
Bogen DB-130 amplifier and R660 am/fm and FM-50 tuners

September 1956
Fisher AM-80 tuner
Ed-Kay speaker
Garrard RC-121 & RC-88 & RC-98 changers
Craftsmen CT-3 am/fm tuner
Allan Golden Ten speaker
Fairchild turntable
GE 20 watt amplifier
American Elite clock speakers

October 1956
Viking 75 tape deck, PB-60 & RP-61 preamps
GSS stylus inspection microscope
Scott 330 tuner
Marantz power amplifier
Dictograph home music system
Workman no-solder phono plugs

November 1956
Rack 55 equipment rack
Gray Concert Duet 700, 750 and 760 consoles
Colbert 3-channel electronic crossover
Pampa electrostatic tweeter
Fenton B&O Special A+ cartridge
Fisher FM-40 fm tuner
Radio Craftsmen CA-11 Concerto amplifier
Stereo by Holt power amplifier

December 1956
RCA 501S1 Biaxial speaker
Fisher 20-A power amplifier
Heath SS-1B range-extending speaker kit
Gibson Girl semi-pro tape splicer
Altec Lansing 901B player & 700B, 824A & 826A speakers
Fisher transistor preamp
Van-Amp electronic variable crossover
Components Professional Junior turntable

HF 1955 Volume 5 Numbers 4, 6-12

April 1955
Altec Medolist speaker and amplifier system
Marion Record-Savers and Kleen-Disk
Radio Shack Realist FM tuner
McIntosh C-8 and C-8-P preamp
Ekotape 212 recorder
Televex record Protect-O-Pad
Frazier-May 8-50 and twin seventy speakers
Bogen DB110 amplifier

June 1955
Scott 210-C amplifier
VM 700 tape recorder
Sonotone 1P cartridge
Browning FM tuner
Lang 15W speaker
The Regency radio
Collaro RC-54 changer
Pyramid Symphonette player

July 1955
Stan White Le Sabre speaker
Electro Voice A 20C amplifier
Scott 310-A tuner
University BLC outdoor speaker
Ronette cartridge and arm
Stromberg Carlson RF-460 speaker

August 1955
Webster 97-0 preamp and 97-10 amplifier
CBC Voltage regulators
Wilcox Gay 4F10 recorder
Editall Jr. tape splicer
GE record compensator/filter
Rauland Golden Gate tuner
Snyder 5-D indoor antenna
Argos AD speaker enclosures
Fairchild 220 cartridge
Mohawk Midgetape

September 1955
Stephens loudspeakers and enclosures
The Pilot line
Beam Stentorian HF 1012-U speaker
Crestwood 404 recorder

October 1955
Acoustic Research AR-1 speaker
Controla-Tone remote speaker control
Electro-Sonic C-1 cartridge
Bell RT-75 recorder
Electro-Voice Skylark Piccolino I and II speaker
Bogen R765 fm/am tuner
Fleetwood TV system
Garrard 301 transcription turntable
Mercury Dis-Charger
Scott 265-A amplifier
Sightmaster X-100 speaker

November 1955
Janszen electrostatic tweeter
Altec Lansing A-440A preamp and A-340A amp
Jensen Imperial speaker
Electro-Voice Aristocrat speaker
Heathkit WA-P2 preamp and W-5M amplifier
KAL Audette speaker
Bogen PR100 audio control
Vee-D-X antenna rotator
Bell Golden Twins 2255 fm/am tuner & 2256 amp

December 1955
H. H. Scott 710-A turntable
Staticmaster record cleaner system
Lectronics Custom 55 power amplifier
Panasonic 8P-W1 speaker
Brociner Mark 30C control unit
Pamphonic speaker
Grommes 55Cand 56PG amplifiers
Fen-Tone B&O cartridge

HF 1954 Volume 3 Number 6
and Volume 4 Number 1-10

January-February 1954
Bogen Tuner and amplifier
Fisher PR-50 preamp equ and Hi-Lo filter
Martin amplifier system
Pilot AF-824 am-fm tuner
Pfanstiehl pickup system
Jensen Duette speaker
Dubbings equalizer checker
Componebts Corporation turntable

March 1954
Approved V-12 am-fm tuner
Crestwood tape recorder
Browning binaural am-fm tuner
Craftsmen CA1 assembly (tuner, changer, etc.)

April 1954
R&L record brush
Scott 99-A amplifier
Scherr stylus pressure gauge
Mercury Disc-Charger
Cabinart Rebel enclosure
Duotone-Philips speaker

May 1954
Ampro tape recorder
Browning RJ-42 tuner
Fleetwood TV systems
UTC amplifier kit
Vee-D-X Broadband fm antwnna
Walco Stati-Clean spray

June 1954
Fold-a-Flex speaker enclosure
Electro-Voice 15 TRX speaker
Craftsmen C900 tuner
Stark Solder-Quick iron
Electro-Voice FM booster

July 1954
McIntosh C-108 compensator & A-116 amplifier
Switchcraft Mini-Mix
Telectro recorder

August 1954
Bell 2122C and 2199B amplifiers
Permoflux Diminuette speaker
Stromberg am-fm tuner/amplifier
Ampex 600 recorder
Shure 556s and 300 microphones
W/B Stentorian speakers

September 1954
Brociner Transcendent
GE hi-fi components
Crestwood 313 tape recorder
Acoustical Quad II amplifier system
James B. Lansing 34 speaker
Telefunken Orchestra receiver
Wilcox-Gay 4A10 recorder
Lee Catenoid speaker

October 1954
University Companion
Mitchell 3-DB phonograph
James B. Lansing Hartsfield
Pickering 190D arm and 132E compensator
Regency HF-150 amplifier
The Phonomat
Magnecord M80 recorder
Bozak B-207A 2-way speaker
Cousino tape splicer
SELA stroboscope
Rauland 1826 amplifier system

November 1954
Fairchild 280 arm
Berlant BR-1 recorder
Bogen R750tuner, DO30A amp, EL-1 control
Travis Tapak recorder
Electro-Voice Georgian
Altec 303-C am-fm tuner
Scott 121-A equalizer-preamplifier
Bell 3D amplifier
Pentron tuner and tape units
Zenith Custom Super-Phonic
Fisher 70-RT tuner and 70-A amplifier

December 1954
Angle-Genesee Junior cabinets
Audobon bird call
Bakers 300-K triple cone speakers
Bogen B50-4X turntable and arm
Dubbings test tapes
Fisher FM-80 tuner
G&H Rebel V enclosure
Kral Rek-O-Kleen brush




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