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High Fidelity

High Fidelity magazine began in 1950 and ran until 1988 when they closed down. I have only one issue from 1954 and the rest goes from 1961 to the last issue in 1988.

HF reports policy May 1959

"Equipment reports appearing in this section are of two types: Audiolab Test Reports and Tested in the Home Reports. Audiolab Test Reports are prepared for us by Hirsch-Houck Laboratories, a completely independent organization whose staff is responsible for the original Audio League Reports. Audiolab Reports are published exactly as they are received. Neither we nor the manufacturers of the equipment tested are permitted to delete information from or add to the reports, to amend them in any way, or withhold them from publication; manufacturers may add a short comment, however, if they wish to do so. Audiolab Reports are made on all-electronic equipment (tuners, preamplifiers, amplifiers, etc.). Tested in the Home Reports are prepared by members of our own staff on equipment that demands more subjective appraisals (speakers, pickups, etc.). The policy concerning report publication and amendment by the manufacturer is the same as that for Audiolab reports."

HF 1989 Volume 39 Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

February 1989
Onkyo TA-2600 cassette deck
Philips FC-566 bidirectional cassette deck
Pioneer CT-91 cassette deck
Tera 629C video monitor receiver
Goodmans Maxim 2 speaker

March 1989
Harman Kardon HK-990Vxi AM/FM AV receiver
Marantz PM-65AV integrated amplifier
Realistic CD-6000 CD changer
Advent baby II speaker
JVC AX-Z911BK integrated amplifier

April 1989
Sony MDP-700 CD-V combination player
NAD 7100 AM/FM receiver
JVC HR-S5000U Super VHS hi-fi VCR
Onkyo T-G10 FM tuner
Audio Concepts G-2 speaker

May 1989
Tandberg TPR-3080A FM receiver
Ariston Icon turntable
NAD MR-13 monitor receiver
Pioneer TZ-9 speaker
Dennon DCD-3520 CD player

June 1989
B&W Matrix 3 series 2 speaker
Precise Monitor 3 speaker
Ohm CAM-16 speaker
Bose 401 speaker

July 1989
Philips CDV-488 CD video player
Rockford Fosgate RF-2000 power amplifier
Rotel RTC-850 tuner preamp
Blaupunkt New York SCD-08 car tuner CD player
Sony CDX-R77 car tuner CD player

HF 1988 Volume 38 Numbers 1-12

January 1988
NEC CD-810 CD player
Panasonic RF-HX7 FM radio headphones
Sony EV-S1 portable 8mm VCR
Fosgate DSM-3602 surround sound processor
Magnat MSP-60 speaker
Kenwood KA3300D integrated amplifier
Altec Lansing ALA-435 car stereo power amplifier
Mitsubishi DP-311R CD player
DBX soundfield SF-50 speaker
Yamaha RX-1100U AM/FM receiver

February 1988
Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck
Technics RS-B905
Yamaha KX-1200U cassette deck
Shure HTS-5200 surround sound processor
Onkyo A-8190 a/v integrated amplifier

March 1988
Onkyo DX-G10 CD player
DCM Time Frame TF-1000 speaker
Harman Kardon TU-929 AM/FM tuner
Pioneer A-91D integrated amplifier
Phase Linear PLT-150 car power amplifier
Radio Shack Archer surround sound amplifier

April 1988
NAD 7600 AM/FM receiver
Mitsubishi HS-423UR S-VHS hi-fi VCR
Acoustic Research TSW-910 speaker
Luxman D-117 CD player
Aphex ESP-7000 surround sound decoder

May 1988
Yamaha CDV-1000 CD/video disc player
Kenwood KRC-858 car receiver/cassette deck
NEC A-910 integrated amplifier
Ohm Sound Cylinder speaker
Soundstream D-100 car power amplifier

June 1988
Design Acoustics PS-103 speaker
Energy ESM-1 MK II speaker
Pioneer PD-91 CD player
MB Quart 220 speaker
Cerwin Vega AT-10 speaker
Sony STR-GX10ES AM/FM AV receiver

July 1988
Sony CDP-C70 CD changer
Shure VST-III cartridge
Revox B-250 integrated amplifier
Yamaha DSP-3000 surround sound processor
Yamaha DSR-100PRO surround sound processor

August 1988
Akai GX-52 cassette deck
Technics SL-P990 CD player
Sony TC-RX80ES cassette deck
Proton AA-1150 power amplifier
ADS M-12 speaker

September 1988
Realistic AV-900 audio video receiver
Altec lansing BIAS 550 powered speaker
Harman Kardon HD-800 CD player
Lexicon CP-1 surround sound ambience processor

October 1988
Sony CDP-507ESD CD player
Cambridge Audio CD-2 CD player
Yamaha CDX-1110U CD player
Vector Research VRX-5200R AV receiver
NEC PLD-910 surround sound processor
Eclipse ECE-101 car cassette receiver

November 1988
NHT II speaker
Snell Type C/II speaker
Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble speaker
Pinnacle PN-6+ speaker

December 1988
Pioneer CLD-3030 lasrdisc CD-V player
Mirage M-1 speaker
Audio Dynamics CD-2000E CD player
Audiovox HCC-2500 car radio cassette deck
Tandberg TPT-3031A tuner
JVC HR-S8000U super VHS hi-fi VCR

HF 1987 Volume 37 Numbers 1-12

January 1987
Hitachi DA-005 CD player
Technics SU-A200 preamp
Ortofon X3-MC cartridge
NAD 7175PE receiver
Sony CDP-C10 CD changer
EPI Magnus A-12 speaker
Luxman LV-105 a/v integrated amplifier
Perreaux PMF-3150 power amplifier
Harman Kardon PM-635 integrated amplifier
Pioneer CLD-909 CD/laser disc player

February 1987
Akai GX-8 cassette deck
B&O Beocord 5500 cassette deck
Onkyo TA-2058 cassette deck

March 1987
Yamaha CD-2000 CD player
Tandberg TPA-3016A power amplifier
Linn Axis turntable
Teac V-770 cassette deck
Multivision 3.1 digital effects TV tuner
Sherwood CRD-350 car stereo front end
Sherwood EQA-280 equalizer amplifier
Clarion Audia 200 car stereo front end

April 1987
Magnavox CDB-650 CD player
Nakamichi CA-7A preamp
Altec Lansing 301 speaker
Hafler XL-280 power amplifier

May 1987
Mission PCM-4000 CD player
Acoustic Research A-06 integrated amplifier
Akai VS-525U HQ VHS Hi-Fi VCR
Sony CDX-R88 car tuner/CD player/amplifier
Zapco S-80 car power amplifier

June 1987
ADS L-990 speaker
Siefert Research Magnum III speaker
Bose AM-5 three piece speaker
Paradigm 9se speaker
DCM Tomeframe TF-250 speaker
3D Acoustics speaker
NEC AVD-700E surround sound processor

July 1987
Shure D-6000 CD player
Sony TA-F700ES integrated amplifier
Acoustic Research TSW-410 speaker
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Power Four power amplifier
Proton VT-210 monitor receiver
Alpine 7902 car tuner CD player

August 1987

NAD 6300 cassette deck
Denon DR-M14HX cassette deck
Akai GX-R70EX cassette deck
Luxman K-106 cassette deck

September 1987
Pioneer CLD-1010 CD-V combination player
ADC SS-525X equalizer analyzer
NEC AVR-700 AM/FM AV receiver
EPI T/E280 speaker
Parasound D/AS-1000 power amplifier

October 1987
Sony DTC-1000 DAT deck
Yamaha CDX-1100U CD player
JVC HR-S7000U super VHS Hi-Fi VCR
Blaupunkt Berlin TQR-07 car stereo front end
Jensen JS-6400 car stereo front end

November 1987
JBL 830 speaker
American Acoustics PSW-200 powered subwoofer
Advent Maestro speaker
Infinity RS-7 Kappa speaker
Jamo compact 90 speaker
TSC Symphony 1 speaker
Multivision 1.1 digital video controller

December 1987
Sony CDP-505ESD CD player
Onkyo TX-84M receiver
Allison JC-20 speaker
Harman Kardon Citation 21 preamp
NEC DX-5000 VHS hi-fi VCR

HF 1986 Volume 36 Numbers 1-12

January 1986
Sony SL-HF900 Super Beta Hi-Fi VCR
Proton D-540 integrated amplifier
Energy ESM-2 speaker
Spectrum 108A speaker
Technics SL-XP7 portable CD player
Barcus Berry BBE-2002R signal processor
Shure Ultra 500 cartridge
Parasound CA-250 integrated amplifier
Audio Control phase coupled activator
General Electric 26PM-5881 monitor/receiver

February 1986
Akai GX-9 cassette deck
Revox B-125 cassette deck
Yamaha K-1020 cassette deck
Tandberg TCD-3014A cassette deck

March 1986
Bose 8.2 speaker
Denon AVC-500 AV control center
Technics SA-460 AV receiver
Harman Kardon TD-292 cassette deck
Kenwood KRC-999 car tuner tape deck
Panasonic CQ-E650EU car receiver tape deck

April 1986
Technics SH-8066 equalizer/spectrum analyzer
Sony D-7 Discman CD player
Advent Prodigy speaker
JVC R-X370VB AM/FM AV receiver
ADS Atelier P-4 turntable
Tatung VRH-8500U VHS VCR

May 1986
Yamaha M85 power amplifier
Shure D-5000 CD player
Harman Kardon HK-495i am/fm receiver
Monster Cable Alpha 2 H.O. cartridge
Concord HPL-550 car receiver/tape deck
Soundstream TC-308 car tuner/tape deck

June 1986
JBL L-80T speaker
Celestion SL-6S speaker
Snell type C-i speaker
American Acoustics D-8500 speaker
Acoustic Research MGC-1 speaker
Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck
NEC AV-300 surround sound decoder amplifier

July 1986
Kloss Novabeam 100 front projection monitor
Sony CDP-55 CD player
Technics SU-V10X AV integrated amplifier
ADS PS-5 car power amplifier
Linear Power 1002 car power amplifier
Pioneer VE-D70 8mm digital audio VCR
Jamo CBR-200 speaker

August 1986

Sony PCM-601ESD digital audio adapter
Akai GX-R99 cassette deck
Kodak MVS-5380 8mm digital audio VCR
Proton 619A monitor receiver

September 1986
Yamaha DSP-1 surround sound processor
Shure HTS-5000 surround sound decoder
Sony SDP-505ES surround sound decoder
Kyocera R-861 AM/FM receiver
Sharp DX-620 CD player

October 1986
NEC CD-500E CD player
Sansui SE-88 graphic equalizer
Yamaha C-85 preamp
Pioneer CT-A7X cassette deck
Denon DCA-3175 car power amplifier

November 1986
Polk SDA SRS2 speaker
B&W Matrix 2 speaker
KEF 107 speaker
Dali 7 speaker
Acoustic Research Connoisseur 40 speaker

December 1986
Nakamichi OMS-7AII CD player
Denon DRA-95VR AV receiver
Pioneer DSS-E10 speaker
Dual CS-5000 turntable
Linn LK-1 preamp
Sony SL-HF750 super beta VCR

HF 1985 Volume 35 Numbers 1-12

January 1985
Denon DRA-750 receiver
Thecnics SL-M2 turntable
Micro Acoustics 830CSA cartridge
Yamaha T-80 tuner
Audio Technica ATH-20 headphones
Audiosource EQ-One Series II equalizer
Ohm Walsh 4 speaker
Hafler DH-100 preamp

February 1985
Sony PCM-501ES PCM digital audio processor
Onkyo TA-2090 cassette deck
Vector Research VCX-650 cassette deck
Ultrx RD-C61 cassette deck
Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck

March 1985
Pioneer CLD-900 CD/video disc player
Harman Kardon HK-690i receiver
Talisman Alchemist IA cartridge
Jamo SL-135 speaker
Yamaha PF-800 turntable
Sony KV-25XBR Trinitron video monitor/receiver
Sparkomatic SR-315 car receiver/tape deck
Blaupunkt Aspen car receiver/tape deck

April 1985
Tandberg TPA-3006A power amplifier
Revox B-285 receiver
Sony CDP-302 CD player
Infinity RS-5B speaker
Accuphase T-106 AM/FM tuner

May 1985
NAD 7155 am/fm receiver
Stanton HZ-9S cartridge
Technics SL-P3 CD player
Mitsubishi HS-400UR VHS Hi-Fi VCR
Jensen ATZ-500 car receiver/tape deck
Panasonic CQ-S934 car receiver/tape deck

June 1985
Bose AWMS speaker
Dali 3 speaker
Baby Advent speaker
Mission 770F speaker
Heybrook HB-1 speaker
Fried Beta speaker
B&W VM-1 speaker
Phoenix P-250DL surround sound decoder

July 1985
Onkyo TX-85 am/fm receiver
Nakamichi OMS-5 CD player
Perreaux SM-2 preamp
B&O Beogram TX-2 turntable
Kinergetics KBA-100 power amplifier
Acoustic Research Connoisseur 20 speaker

August 1985
Teac R-999X cassette deck
Kenwood KX-780 cassette deck
SAE C-102 cassette deck
Technics RS-B85 cassette deck
Canon VR-E10 8mm portable VCR & VT-E10 tuner

September 1985
NEC CD-607E CD player
Magnum Electronics FT-101 tuner
Sansui S-X1130 receiver
RCA FLR-2622 monitor receiver
Genesis 33 speaker

October 1985
DBX DX-3 CD player
Rotel RA-840BX integrated amplifier
Kyocera PL-601 turntable
Harman Kardon CH-160 car receiver tape deck
Sherwood CRD-180 car receiver tape deck

November 1985
KEF 104/2 speaker
Allison CD-6 speaker
Bose 501 Series IV speaker
Velodyne ULD-15 subwoofer
Audiosource AV-One audio-video processor

December 1985
Denon DCD-1800R CD player
Yamaha R-9 receiver
Spice TC-50 Servo 3 piece speaker
Pioneer A-88X integrated amplifier
Nakamichi ST-7 AM/FM tuner
Akai VS-603U VHS hi-fi VCR

HF 1984 Volume 34 Numbers 1-12

January 1984
Akai CD-D1 CD player
Yamaha R-90 receiver
Infinity RS-8a speaker
Sony CDP-200 CD player
DB Systems DB-1B preamp
Aiwa AD-F770 cassette deck
Acoustic research SRC-1 remote control
Amber Series 50B integrated amplifier
Thorens TD-147 turntable
Boston Acoustics A-400 speaker

February 1984
Sansui PC-X1 PCM adapter
Pioneer CT-90R cassette deck
Akai GX-7 cassette deck
JVC DD-V9 cassette deck
Nakamichi RX-202 cassette deck

March 1984
Technics SL-P7 CD player
Arcam C-200 preamp
Signet TK-10ML cartridge
Onkyo CP-1055 turntable
Kenwood KR-950 receiver
Advent 6003 speaker
Panasonic CQ-S958EU car receiver tape deck
Yamaha YCT-800 car tuner tape deck
Sanyo FT-V98 car receiver tape deck

April 1984
Sanyo CP-200 CD player
Adcom GFP-1A preamp
Harman Kardon CD-491 cassette deck
NAD 7125 receiver
Acoustic Research AR-78LS speaker

May 1984
B&O Beomaster 5000 receiver
Yamaha CD-X1 CD player
Sumo Andromeda power amplifier
Denon DP-45F turntable
Shure ML-140HE cartridge
Sony XR-100 car tuner tape deck
JVC KS-Q8 car receiver & removable tape deck
Grundig GCE-9900 car receiver tape deck

June 1984
Acoustic Design Group Triad 70 speaker
Thiel CS-3 speaker
B&W DM-110 speaker
ADS l-750 speaker
Polk SDA-2 speaker
Magnavox SD-2570 speaker

July 1984
Threshold S-300 Series II power amplifier
Counterpoint SA-7 preamp
Hafler DH-330 tuner
PS Audio Elite integrated amplifier
Quad ESL-63 electrostatic speaker
Toshiba XR-Z70 CD player
Clarion Audia TRX-100 car receiver tape deck
Nakamichi TD-800 car tuner tape deck
Kenwood KRC-929 car tuner tape deck
Jensen AVS-2100 TV tuner switcher
Hitachi VT-88A VHS hi-fi VCR update

August 1984
Teac V-900X cassette deck
Tandberg TCD-3014 cassette deck
Pioneer CT-A9 cassette deck
Nakamichi RX-505 cassette deck
Sony TC-K666ES cassette deck
Sanyo AVT-100 TV tuner switcher
Surround Sound M-360 Dolby stereo decoder

September 1984
Sansui PC-V1000 CD player
Soundcraftsmen PCR-800 power amplifier
Scott 359RS receiver
Ortofon OM-30 cartridge
Yamaha A-1000 integrated amplifier
RCA VKT-650 VHS hi-fi VCR

October 1984
Kenwood DP-1100B CD player
NAD 4125 tuner
Sansui AU-G90X integrated amplifier
Audio Technica AT-160ML cartridge
ESB 7/08 speaker
Sony CDX-5 car CD player
Pioneer KE-A880 receiver/tape deck

November 1984
DBX Soundfield One speaker
Marantz DR-80 speaker
Innovative Techniques ITC-1 speaker
Canton CT-2000 speaker
Technics SB-R200 speaker
Pioneer SD-25 monitor and SD-X5 TV tuner
Polk VS-19 Videosound shielded speaker

December 1984
Bose 201 Series II speaker
Revox B-252 preamp
Pioneer SX-V90 receiver
Shure V-15 Type V-MR cartridge
Harman Kardon HK-870 power amplifier
Panasonic PV-1730 VHS hi-fi VCR

HF 1983 Volume 33 Numbers 1-12

January 1983
Carver TX-11 tuner
Teac V-95RX cassette deck
Realistic Bass Energiser
Technics SU-V9 integrated amplifier
Sherwood S-6020CP preamp
Design Acoustics PS-10 speaker
Dynavector DV-23R cartridge
Boston Acoustics MC-1vdH cartridge
Vector Research VRX-9500 receiver
Polk SDA-1 speaker

February 1983
Revox B-710 MK II cassette deck
Sony TC-FX1010 cassette deck
Nakamichi BX-1 cassette deck
Luxman KX-101 cassette deck
JVC DD-99 cassette deck
Denon DR-M3 cassette deck
Toshiba CA-045 color monitor receiver

March 1983
Allison Nine speaker
Sansui AU-D22 integrated amplifier
Akai GX-91 cassette deck
Technics SL-5 turntable
Audio Technica AT-122EP cartridge
Benchmark ARU ambience recovery unit

April 1983
B&O Beogram 8002 turntable
B&O MMC-1cartridge
Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck
Akai AA-R42 receiver
Yamaha C-70 preamp
Audio Interface CST-40 MC transformer
JBL L-250 speaker

May 1983
Mitsubishi DP-101 CD player
NAD 4150 tuner
Teac Z-6000
Sota Sapphire turntable
Signet XK-35 tonearm
Bose 301 Series II speaker

June 1983
Snell Type E speaker
AudioSource EQ-One equalizer
Koss M-80 speaker
Ace Audio 4100b bandpass filter
Realistic Optimus T-300 speaker
Phase-Tech PC-60/50 speaker

July 1983
NEC CD-803 CD player
Magnavox FD-2000SL CD player
Technics SA-410 receiver
Audionics CC-3 power amplifier
Tandberg 3012/3001A integrated amp/tuner
Sony MDR-CD7 headphones

August 1983
Technics SV-100 PCM adapter
Yamaha K-1000 cassette deck
Harman Kardon CD-191 cassette deck
DBX NX040 noise reduction unit
Onkyo TA-R77 cassette deck
Sony SL-2700 beta hi-fi VCR

September 1983
Kyocera DA-01 CD player
ADS Atelier A-2 integrated amplifier
Monster Cable Alpha-1 cartridge
Aiwa AD-F990 cassette deck
Denon DRA-700 receiver
Jamo CBR-903 speaker

October 1983
Sony CDP-701ES CD player
Apt Holman 2 preamp
Sherwood S-250CP cassette deck
Pioneer F-90 tuner
Oracle Alexandria turntable
KEF Coda III speaker
Blaupunkt Tucson tuner/tape deck
Pioneer KE-7200 receiver/tape deck
Magnum 2002 fm antenna amplifier

November 1983
EPI TE-100 speaker
Acoustat Two MH speaker
Pyramid metronome II speaker
Acoustic Research AR-1MS speaker
Wharfdale Mach 9 speaker
Fosgate 101A Tate-II surround sound decoder
Sanyo VCR-7300 portable beta hi-fi VCR

December 1983
Hitachi DA-800 CD player
Pioneer SX-50 receiver
Acoustic Research turntable
ADC TRX.2 cartridge
Sony ST-S555ES tuner
JBL L-86 speaker
Mitsubishi AM-1301 TV receiver monitor
Jensen AVS-5190 shielded speaker

HF 1982 Volume 32 Numbers 1-12

January 1982
Pioneer A-5 integrated amplifier
Sherwood S-9600CP receiver
Stanton 980LZS cartridge
Dual 607 turntable
Hitachi HTA-4000 receiver
Denon DH-330 cassette deck
Ortofon VMS-30 MK II cartridge
Genesis Physics 210 speaker
Astatic MF-100 cartridge
Koss Pro-4X headphones

February 1982
Akai GX-77 open reel tape deck
Technics RS-M270X cassette deck
Nakamichi LX-3 cassette deck
Teac V-5RX cassette deck
Onkyo TA-2070 cassette deck
Yamaha k-960 cassette deck

March 1982
Sony TA-AX5 integrated amplifier
Audio Pro B2-40 S2-7 speaker
Mitsubishi DA-R25 receiver
Micro Seiki MB-12 turntable
Pioneer CT-9R cassette deck
AKG P-25MD cartridge

April 1982
Crown FM Two FM tuner
Denon DP-32F turntable
Technics SA-626 receiver
Shure M97HE-AH cartridge
Celestion SL-6 speaker
MXR 153 equalizer

May 1982
B&O 9000 cassette deck
Phase Linear DRS-250 integrated amplifier
Acoustic research AR-48s speaker
Sony XL-44L cartridge
Pioneer SX-7 receiver
JVC L-F71 turntable

June 1982
DCM Macrophone speaker
Linn Sara speaker
Cizek Sound Window speaker
KEF 203 speaker
Speakerlab SX speaker
Boston Acoustics A-40 speaker

July 1982
McIntosh C-33 preamp
Shure V-15 Type V cartridge
Teac X-1000R reel tape deck
Hafler DH-500 power amplifier
Oracle turntable

August 1982
Denon DR-F7 cassette deck
Harman Kardon CD-401 cassette deck
Dual C-844 cassette deck
Akai GX-F44R cassette deck
Sansui D-570 cassette deck
Hitachi D-2200M cassette deck

September 1982
Bose 601 Series II speaker
Adcom XC Van Den Hull cartridge
Kenwood KR-90 receiver
Technics RS-M255X cassette deck
Heath AA-1800 power amplifier
Cybernet SRC-80 receiver
October 1982
Dahlquist DQM-5 speaker
Norman 8B-V speaker
Audio Control D-520 equalizer
3D Acoustics Decade speaker
Technics SB-6 speaker
Mordaunt Short Pageant speaker
NEC TT-1000E tuner timer

November 1982
Scott 558T tuner
Signet TK-7Lca cartridge
Sanyo Plus D-57 cassette deck
Mirage 2.5 speaker
Acoustat TNT-200 amplifier
Realistic STA-2290 receiver
Pioneer LD-1100 video laser stereo player
RCA SGT-250 CED video stereo player

December 1982
Yamaha PX-3 turntable
Acoustic research AR-9LS speaker
Kyocera D-601 cassette deck
Sony STR-VX33 receiver
QED 330 power amplifier
Goldring G-900 cartridge
Sony CDP-101 digital audio disc player

HF 1981 Volume 31 Numbers 1-12 complete

January 1981
Thorens TD-126 MK III turntable
Akai GX-625 open reel tape deck
JBL L-112 speaker
Fidelity research FR-3 MK 3F cartridge
Pioneer HPM-700 speaker
harman Kardon HK-725 preamp
KLH 150 speaker
Empire 600LAC cartridge
Omnisonix 801 Omnisonic imager
Dennesen Soundtractor cartridge alignment tool

February 1981
Philips 5781 cassette deck
Pioneer RT909 open reel tape deck
Teac C-3X cassette deck
Aiwa HR50U High Com noise reduction unit
Vector Research VCX-600 cassette deck

March 1981
Hitachi D-3300M cassette deck
Advent 5002 speaker
Audio research SP-6B preamp
Yamaha YH-100 headphones
Fisher RS-250 receiver
Audio Technica AT-155LC cartridge

April 1981
SAE Two A-14 integrated amplifier
KEF 101 speaker
Sansui XR-Q11 turntable
JVC T-X3 tuner
Mirage SM-1 speaker
Nikko ND-790 cassette deck

May 1981
Sony TC-K81 cassette deck
Epicure 30 series II speaker
Micro Acoustics 630 cartridge
Aiwa AD-R500U cassette deck
Celestion Ditton 130 speaker
Advanced Audio Systems DNR-450 dynamic noise filter

June 1981
NAD 6150C cassette deck
Meridian M-2 speaker
Altec Lansing 6 speaker
3d Acoustics 3D-610B speaker
Acoustat two speaker
BSR 883 speaker

July 1981
Harman Kardon 680i receiver
AR 28s speaker
JVC QL-Y5F turntable
ADC Astrion cartridge
Technics RS-M45 cassette deck
Koss K4 DS digital delay system

August 1981
Nakamichi 700ZXL cassette deck
Optonica RT-6605 cassette deck
Denon DH-510 cassette deck
Akai GX-F95 cassette deck
Dual C-828 cassette deck
Infinity RS-002 portable tape player

September 1981
B&O Beogram 8000 turntable
Sansui AU-D9 amplifier
Mission Electronics 700 speaker
Yamaha R-1000 receiver
Crown PZM microphone
Sonic research Bronze cartridge

October 1981
Snell Type 1 speaker
Avid 232 speaker
Jensen System 500 speaker
General Sound Micron III speaker
Koss 210 Kossfire speaker
BML Tracer 120-II speaker

November 1981
Soundcraftsmen MA-5002A power amplifier
Sansui TU-S9 tuner
Polk RTA-12B speaker
Pioneer PL-L800 turntable
Nikko NR-800 receiver
Sound Concepts IR-2100 image enhancer

December 1981
Yamaha B-6 power amplifier
Onkyo TX-6000 receiver
Technics SL-15 turntable
NAD 1020 preamp
Carver C-9 sonic hologram generator
Sony STR-VX6 receiver

HF 1980 Volume 30 Numbers 1-12

January 1980
CarverC-4000 preamp
KLH 3 speaker
Ortofon Concorde 30 cartridge
SAE Two R-6 receiver
Jensen System B speaker
Phase Linear 5100 Series II tuner
Pioneer CT-F1250 cassette deck
Dual CS-731Q turntable
Spatial Coherence TVA-1 preamp
JVC Zero-5 speaker

February 1980
Tandberg TCD-440A cassette deck
Optonica RT-6905 cassette deck
Akai GX-M50 cassette deck
Technics SL-B1 turntable
ESS Tempest Classic speaker
Shure SC-39ED cartridge

March 1980
Apt 1 amplifier
YamahaC-6 preamplifier
Amber Series 70 amplifier
Hafler DH-200 amplifier
Cizek KA-1 Classic speaker
Acoustic Research AR-25 speaker

April 1980
Vector Research VRX-9000 receiver
Dynavector 20A Type 2 cartridge
Dynaco A-250 speaker
Onkyo TA-2080 cassette deck
Koss HV/X headphones
ADC Sound Shaper Three equalizer

May 1980
Aiwa LP-3000U turntable
Technics SL-10 turntable
Phase Linear 8000 series two turntable
Garrard GT-350 record changer turntable
Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck
Crown SA-2 amplifier

June 1980
JBL L-19 speaker
Boston Acoustics A-100 speaker
Infinity RS speaker
Design Acoustics LDM speaker
EPI 120C speaker
Cerwin Vega HED U-10 speaker

July 1980
Marantz SR-2000 receiver
Sony STR-V25 receiver
Akai AA-R30 receiver
Teac CX-650R cassette deck
Modular Acoustics 3000 speaker
Adcom XC-LT cartridge

August 1980
DBX 24 type II noise reduction system
Sanyo Plus N-55 Super-D noise reducer
Nakamichi High-Com noise reducer
Luxman 5K50 cassette deck
Dual C-830 cassette deck
Harman Kardon HK-705 cassette deck

September 1980
Eumig T-1000 tuner
ADC Integra XLM-III cartridge
KA Stat speaker
Sansui FR-D4 turntable
Shure M-97HE Era IV cartridge
Realistic STA-2200 receiver

October 1980
B&W 801 speaker
AR-94 speaker
Onkyo F-3000 speaker
Audio Pro B2-50 subwoofer
Dennesen ESL-110 speaker
AES 31 speaker

November 1980
B&O 8000 cassette deck
Sony PS-X75 turntable
Mitsubishi DA-R20 receiver
NAD 7020 receiver
Pickering XSV-4000 cartridge

December 1980
Mitsubishi LT-5V turntable
Sony MDR-3 headphones
Luxman L-580 amplifier
Osawa satin M-117Z cartridge
Mini Mesa 60 speaker
Technics 310MC cartridge

HF 1979 Volume 29 Numbers 1-12

January 1979
Fisher MT-6225 turntable
Garrard DD-130 turntable
Kenwood KD-5070 turntable
Stanton 8005M turntable
Visonik DD-8200 turntable
SAE 2900 preamp
Nagatron HV-9100 cartridge
Marantz 5030B cassette deck
Advent 500 Soundspace Control
Audio Technica ATH-7 headphones

February 1979
McIntosh MAC 4100 receiver
Denon DP-2500 turntable
JVC T-3030 tuner
Audio International CM-301 preamp
Ortofon MC-10 cartridge
Burwen TNE-7000 transient noise eliminator

March 1979
Aiwa AD-6900U cassette deck
Mitsubishi DA-C20 tuner preamplifier
Revox B-790 turntable
Hitachi HMA-7500 amplifier
Avid M-330 speaker
Source Engineering Specialist amplifier

April 1979
Nakamichi 730 receiver
B&O MMC-20CL cartridge
Bozak LS-300 speaker
Technics RS-M85 cassette deck
Luxman 5L-15 amplifier
Grayfax SP-Ten speaker

May 1979
Scott 480A integrated amplifier
Hitachi D-7500 cassette deck
Onkyo TX-4500 MK II receiver
Ultralinear 228 speaker
Akai Pro-1000 open reel tape deck
Uni-Sync 50 power amplifier

June 1979

Technics SU-C01 preamp
Mitsubishi M-T01 cassette deck
Infinity InfiniTesimal speaker
Technics SE-C01 amplifier
Mitsubishi M-F01 tuner

July 1979
Harman Kardon HK-3500 cassette deck
Fisher RS-2007 receiver
ADC 1700DD turntable
Rotel RA-2030 amplifier
Sherwood S-7450CP receiver
JBL L-110 speaker
KEF 105 speaker
Rogers LS3 5A speaker
Speakerlab 30 speaker
Visonik Euro 7 speaker

August 1979
Nakamichi 582 cassette deck
B.I.C. T-3 cassette deck
Sanyo RD-5370 cassette deck
Qysonic Array speaker
Sonus Gold Blue-Lable cartridge
Realistic STA-7 receiver

September 1979
Pioneer SA-9800 amplifier
Ditton 662 speaker
Shure M-95HE cartridge
Penney 3275 receiver
Koss CM-530 speaker
Integrex noise reducer Dolby B decoder

October 1979
Dahlquist DQ-1W subwoofer
Allison electronic subwoofer
RTR PS1 pyramid speaker
RTR DAC1 Rhombus subwoofer
Ohm N subwoofer
Empire EDR-9 cartridge
Nikko NR-819 receiver

November 1979
Crown Straight Line One preamp
Mordaunt-Short Pageant Series 2 speaker
Series 20 F-26 tuner
SME 3009 series III-s tonearm
Kenwood KA-801 integrated amplifier
Audio Technology AT-510B LED level display

December 1979
Sansui TU-919 tuner
Yamaha MC-1X cartridge
JVC KD-A8 cassette deck
Electro Voice Interfasce A Series III speaker
RG Pro-20W expander
Rotel RX-504 receiver

HF 1978 Volume 28 Numbers 1-12 complete

January 1978
Nakamichi 630 tuner preamp
Acoustic Research AR-15 speaker
Mitsubishi DP-EC1 turntable
Heath AD-1304 audio processor
B&O U-70 headset
ADC LMF-1 tonearm
Pioneer Spec-4 amplifier
Genesis 3 speaker
Goldring G-900SE cartridge
Russound SP-1 switching patching center

February 1978
Altec 19 speaker
Technics ST-9030 FM tuner
Teac A-103 cassette deck
Harman Kardon Citation 19 amplifier
Ortofon M-20FL Super cartridge
Soundcraftsmen PE-2217 preamp equalizer

March 1978
Dual C-939 cassette deck
Garrard MRM-101 preamp
BGW 410 amplifier
Innotech D-24 speaker
Sansui G-3000 receiver

April 1978
Electro Voice interface D speaker
Pioneer CT-F1000 cassette deck
Nikko Gamma 1 tuner
Monitor Audio Stylift
Ohm L speaker
Luxman R-1120 receiver

May 1978
Apt Holman preamp
Keith Monks M9BA MK 3 improved tonearm
Kenwood KX-1030 cassette deck
Tandberg 2075 MK II receiver
Marantz 940 speaker
Realistic LAB-400 turntable

June 1978
Advent powered speaker
JBL L-212 speaker
Koss CM-1030 speaker
Leak 3050 speaker
Scott S-186 speaker

July 1978
Garrard GT-35 changer
Aiwa AD-6550 cassette deck
JVC SK-1000 speaker
Technics SU-8080 amplifier
Acoustic research AR-77XB turntable
BIC Beam Box indoor FM antenna

August 1978
Technics RS-631US cassette deck
Denon DR-750 cassette deck
Revox B-77 open reel tape deck
Akai GCX-750D cassette deck

September 1978
DBX Model 100 Boom Box synthesizer
Sanyo JCX-2900K receiver
Cerwin Veag Metron PR-1 preamp
Scott PS-57 turntable
ADC XLM MK III cartridge
Koss pro-4AAA headphones

October 1978
AR-9 speaker
Barcus Berry36 AudioPlate add-on tweeter
Beveridge 2SW-1 speaker
Fried Q speaker
Infinity Qe speaker
Realistic Optimus 10 speaker

November 1978
Dual CS-621 automatic turntable
Pioneer SX-1980 receiver
Acutex M-320-III cartridge
Sony TC-K7-II cassette deck
Phase Linear 400 series II power amplifier
SME 3009 series III tonearm

December 1978
Crown DL-2 stereo controller preamp
Hitachi SR-2004 receiver
JVC KD-85 cassette deck
Sony PS-X7 turntable
Pioneer TVX-9500 TV audio tuner
Denon DL-103D cartridge

HF 1977 Volume 27 Numbers 1-12 complete

January 1977
Luxman T-110 tuner
Spectro Acoustics 202 power amplifier
Supex SD-900E cartridge
Mark Levinson JC-1DC pre preamplifier
Nikko 7075 receiver

February 1977
Kenwood 600-T tuner
Pickering XSV-3000 cartridge
Akai GXC-570D cassette deck
Garrard GT-55 turntable
Teac Esoteric series PC-10 cassette deck

March 1977
Micro Seiki DDX-1000 turntable
Advent 300 receiver
Stax SR-44 earspeaker system
Yamaha C-2 preamp control center
Paradox TA-12 speaker
Realistic STA-2000 receiver
Dual CS-704 turntable
Dynaco stereo 300A amplifier
Beomaster 1900 receiver

April 1977
Pioneer Spec-2 power amplifier
Empire 698 turntable
Hitachi SR-903 receiver
Aiwa AD-1250 cassette deck
Crosswinds outboard subsonic filter
Audio Technica AT-605 audio insulators

May 1977
Yamaha CR-820 receiver
Kenwood KD-550 turntable
Sony TA-5650 integrated amplifier
Dynaco SE-10 equalizer
Shure M-615AS equalization analyzer

June 1977
Cizek speaker
Jennings Vector I speaker
Bertagni D-120 speaker
Koss Two speaker
Phase Linear III speaker

July 1977
Acoustic Research AR-10pi speaker
JVC JR-S300 receiver
Elac PC-870 turntable
Dynavector 20-B cartridge
Scott A-436 amplifier

August 1977
Tandberg TCD-330 cassette deck
Koss ESP10 headphones
Optonica RT-2050U cassette deck
Hegeman input probe
Hitachi D-800 cassette deck

September 1977
Crown EQ-2 equalization system
Sansui BA-2000 power amplifier
Satin M-18X cartridge
Toshiba SA-420 receiver
Celestion Ditton 66 speaker

October 1977
Technics SB-6000A speaker
KLH 355 The Baron speaker
Visonik D-50 speaker
EPI 200 speaker
ESS Tempest LS-5 speaker

November 1977
Sony STR-5800SD receiver
Pioneer PL-570 turntable
Philips AH-572 preamp
Stanton 881S cartridge
Onkyo A-7 amplifier

December 1977
Kenwood KA-9100 amplifier
ADC ZLM cartridge
Nikko Beta 1 preamp
Thorens TD-126 IIC turntable
Superex TRL-77 headset

HF 1976 Volume 26 Numbers 1-12 complete

January 1976
Ampzilla power amplifier
Audio Technica AT-706 headphones
Hitachi D-3500 cassette deck
KLH Research Ten CL-4 speaker
Realistic QTA-770 receiver
SAE MK VI-B tuner
Shure M-95ED cartridge
Thorens TD-145C turntable
Uher CG-360 cassette deck
Yamaha CR-400 receiver

February 1976
Luxman C-1000 Prestige control center
Beovox M-70 Uni-Phase speaker
Pioneer TX-9500 stereo FM/AM tuner
Sansui SC-3000 cassette deck
Dual 1249 turntable

March 1976
Technics SL-1500 turntable
Jensen 25 speaker
Kenwood KR-9400 stereo FM/AM receiver
CM 15A speaker
Stax SRX MK3 Ear speakers stereo headset

April 1976
Harman Kardon 730 receiver
Electro Voice Interface B speaker
Marantz 5420 cassette deck
Garrard 125SB turntable
Phase Linear 2000 preamp

May 1976
Teac A-400 cassette deck
Yamaha HP-1 headphones
Cerwin Vega A-1800 power amplifier
Fried R series II speaker
Akai AA-1010DB receiver

June 1976
BIC Venturi Formula 1 speaker
Epicure 11 speaker
Genesis 1 speaker
JBL L-166 Horizon speaker
Sonab OA-14 speaker

July 1976
Crown IC-150A stereo preamp control center
Onkyo T-4055 AM/FM tuner
ADS 200 speaker
JVC CD-1636 cassette deck recorder
Technics SA-5550 stereo receiver

August 1976
Harman Kardon HK 2000 cassette deck
Dokorder 1140 open reel tape deck
Nakamichi 600 cassette deck

September 1976
Sherwood S-9910 receiver
Pioneer PL-510 turntable
ESS MK 1 headphones
Sonus Blue Label cartridge
Vac-O-Rec record cleaning system

October 1976
Hartley Holton Jr. speaker
Lafayette Criterion 2005 speaker
Pioneer HPM-60 speaker
Scott PRO-100 speaker
GTE Sylvania GTE-412 speaker

November 1976
Marantz 510M power amplifier
Shure M-24H cartridge
Onkyo TX-2500 AM/FM receiver
Stanton 8004-II Gyropoise turntable
Superex Satin M-117X cartridge
Technics RS-630US cassette deck
Ohm C-2 speaker
Sennheiser HD-400 headset
Garrard 990B record changer
Schober Recital organ and bench kit

December 1976
Sansui 7070 receiver
Sony SSU-2000 speaker
Empire 2000Z cartridge
Phase Linear 200 power amplifier
Stanton stereo wafer XXI headset

HF 1975 Volume 25 Numbers 1-12 complete

January 1975
Sequerra 1 tuner
Toshiba PT-490 cassette deck
Sennheiser MKE-2002 binaural recording system
Accuphase P-300 amplifier
Onkyo TX-560 receiver
Uher CR-134 portable cassette deck
Audionics TL-90 speaker kit
ESS AMT-3 speaker
B&O Beogram 4002 turntable
Revox A-700 open reel tape deck

February 1975
Tandberg 3600XD open reel tape deck
Accuphase C-200 preamp
Technics RS-676US cassette deck
Pioneer PL-71 turntable
Superex PEP-79E headphones

March 1975
Sherwood S-7310 receiver
Koss Phase 2 headphones
Yamaha CT-7000 tuner
Sony TAE-8450 preamp
Marantz 1070 amplifier

April 1975
Dynaco Stereo 400 amplifier kit
Burwen dynamic noise filter DNF-1201
Kenwood KP 5022 turntable
Hervic HR-150 receiver
Switchcraft 621P1
Staticmaster 3C500 record cleaning brush

May 1975
Glenburn 2155 changer
Pioneer 300 receiver
Garrard 86SB turntable
Kenwood KR-1400 receiver
Miracord 820 changer

June 1975
Dynaco A-25XL speaker
Maximus X-100 speaker
Sonosphere SP-12 speaker
Frazier Super Monte Carlo speaker
Royal Sound PRO-350 speaker
Lafayette Criterion 888 speaker

July 1975
Sansui QRX-7001 four channel receiver
Sony TAN-8550 power amplifier
RTR EXP-12 speaker
Stanton 681EEE cartridge
Telephonics TEL-101F quadraphonic headphone

August 1975
Nakamichi 550 cassette deck
Royal Sound Add-N-Static cassette module
Dual cassette deck
Heath TM-1626 mixing panel
Marantz 2325 stereo receiver

September 1975
Heathkit AA-1640 power amplifier
Ortofon VMS-20E cartridge
Jennings Contrara P speaker
Dynaco PAT-5 preamp
Pioneer CT-F6161 cassette deck

October 1975
ADC XLM MK II and Super MK II cartridge
Advent 400 FM radio
Allison One speaker
BIC 980 record changer
Crown OC-150 output control center
Crown VFX-2 electronic crossover
JVC 4VR-5426X receiver
Koss Phase 2+2 headphones
Tannoy TM-55DD turntable
Timekeeper TO-1 oscillator

November 1975
Avid 105 speaker
Bose 301 speaker
Leslie DVX 580 speaker
Janszen Z-824 speaker
Rectilinear 5 speaker
Royal Sound RSC SP-55 speaker

December 1975
Accuphase T-100 stereo FM/AM tuner
Marantz 150 stereo FM/AM tuner
Scott T-33S digital stereo FM tuner
Pickering XUV 4500Q cartridge
Fons CQ-30 turntable


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