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Stereo Review Magazine History

Publication began in February of 1958 as Hi-Fi and Music Review. By December of 1958 it was decided that there was a redundancy between the words "hi-fi" and "music" and the name was shortened to HiFi Review. By February 1960, however, stereo was definitely with us and the name was changed to HiFi/Stereo review. In November 1968 it was changed once again. This time it was due to the association of the term "hi-fi" with monophonic recordings. It was shortened to just Stereo Review and that lasted until 1999.

High Fidelity magazine suspended publication in 1989. In the September 1989 issue Of Stereo Review, the Editor in Chief, Louise Boundas, announced that subscribers to High Fidelity will receive Stereo Review. Subscriptions would be extended by the number of issues remaining in the subscription to High Fidelity. The Editor in Chief of High Fidelity, Michael Riggs, joined the staff at Stereo Review as Editor at Large. Starting in September a small note at the top of the cover of Stereo Review said "Incorporating High Fidelity." The cover note was discontinued starting in January 1992 but continued on the contents page.

A double issue came out for February/March 1999. This issue was the first having the new name of Sound & Vision. This new publication combines the two magazines of Stereo Review and Video. It includes Home Theater, Audio, Video, Multimedia, Movies and Music.

Issues of Stereo Review prior to 1981 have two different volume numbers for the same year. Issues from January to June have one volume and issues from July to December have the next volume.

Reviews apparently start in 1961 when Julian Hirsch and Gladden Huock, a pair of engineers whose special interest is audio, began testing equipment for Stereo Review. They had been testing high-fidelity equipment at their independent laboratory since 1954. Also at this time, J. Gordon Holt was writing a column for Stereo Review called Sound and the Query, a forum for eliminating the most common and often most exasperating problems in stereo hi-fi.

Then there were the priceless cartoons by Charles Rodrigues. These could be found in Playboy, National Lampoon, High Fidelity and HiFi & Music Review (later Stereo Review). Rodridgues was represented in Volume 1, Number 1 of HiFi & Music Review in February 1958.

Larry Klein joined the staff of Stereo review in 1962 as Technical Editor. He later became Technical Director and was there until 1983 when he left to do private consulting.

I first met Larry about 1963 when I was working at Sonotone in Elmsford, NY. He drove up from Manhattan in his Volkswagen to visit our Audio Products section. He explained that he was using a motorcycle battery in the front compartment to power his car stereo.

In 1983, Larry visited McIntosh Laboratory in Binghamton, NY where I was Director of Acoustic Research. The left picture is in the July 1983 issue of Stereo Review and was taken at one of the test stations on the McIntosh production line. The right one is in the December 1983 issue of Stereo Review and was taken when I was showing him the McIntosh anechoic chamber.

Both pictures are on the page with his monthly articles called "Audio Q. and A." For some reason neither picture is acknowledged as having been taken at the McIntosh facilities. The anechoic picture is simply titled "Checking out fiberglass wedges in an anechoic chamber." The production line picture has no title at all.

SR 1983 Volume 48 Number 1-12

January 1983
Sherwood S-6000CP cassette deck
Allison Seven speaker
Pioneer PL88F automatic record player
Ace Audio 4100-X24 filter
Jensen AVS-1500 audio video receiver

February 1983
DCM QED speaker
Onkyo TX-51 am/fm receiver
Denon DP-11F turntable
Vector Research VCX-800 cassette deck
Kenwood C-1 preamp
Kenwood M-1 amplifier

March 1983
Revox B710 MkII cassette deck
IMF professional Monitor speaker
Harman Kardon CD91 cassette deck
AudioSource EQ-One equalizer/analyzer
Dynavector DV10X Type 3 cartridge

April 1983
Sony SL-5200 Beta hi-fi vcr
Perreaux PMF 2150B amplifier
Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck
Jamo CBR 1303 speaker
ADS Atelier R1 am/fm receiver

May 1983
NAD 7150 am/fm receiver
Technics SB-X700 speaker
ADC Sound Shaper Thirty shaper analyzer
Crown Power Line 3 amplifier
B&O MMC 2 cartridge

June 1983
Snell Type J speaker
Toshiba SA-R3 am/fm receiver
Electro-Voice Type 35i speaker
Sony TA-F555ES integrated amplifier
Onkyo TA-2035 cassette deck


July 1983
Teac Z-6000 cassette deck
AR AR8B speaker
dbx 4BX dynamic range expander
Koss K 20 headphones
Sherwood ST-905 turntable

August 1983
Mission 700S speaker
Realistic STA-112 am/fm receiver
JBL J216 speaker
Hitachi HT-68 record player
Yamaha K-2000 cassette deck

September 1983
Aiwa AD-F660 cassette deck
Tandberg 3012 integrated amplifier
Denon DRA-300 am/fm receiver
Goldring Electro II cartridge
Design Acoustics PS-10 speaker

October 1983
Marantz CD-73 CD player
VSP Labs Trans MOS amplifier
Celestion Ditton 110 speaker
Fosgate 101A Tate II surround stereo
Pioneer F-90 am/fm tuner
Fujitsu Ten CM-6530 car stereo

November 1983
Mirage SM-.4 and subwoofer speaker
JC Penny MCS 3285 am/fm receiver
Akai GX-R6 cassette deck
Sennheiser MS 100 headphones
Infinity RS6 speaker
Pioneer KE-7200 car stereo

December 1983
Sanyo VCR 7300 Beta hi-fi VCR
Yamaha R-50 am/fm receiver
Technics RS-M234X cassette deck
Akai CD-D1 CD player
KEF Carina speaker
Nakamichi TD-1200 car stereo

SR 1982 Volume 47 Number 1-12

January 1982
ADC Astrion cartridge
ADS SS2300 speaker
Carver C-1 preamp
Carver M-500 amplifier
Crown FM Two tuner
Polk RTA 12B speaker

February 1982
Cosmostatic 577 speaker
Kenwood KA-900 integrated amplifier
Mitsubushi DA-R15 receiver
RG Dynamics X-15 dynamic processor
Teac C-3RX cassette deck

March 1982
B&W DM10 speaker
Empire ICS 400 cartridge
Micro Seiki MB-38 turntable
Phase Linear DRS 900 amplifier
Technics SV-P100 digital cassette recorder

April 1982
Astatic IM-10E cartridge
Boston Acoustics A40 speaker
Nakamichi LX-5 cassette deck
Sennheiser HD 40 headphones
Thorens TD 115 MKII turntable

May 1982
Akai GX-77 open reel tape deck
Denon DP-52F turntable
Jensen System 400 speaker
Pioneer SX-8 am/fm receiver
QED 7 preamp

June 1982
Aiwa AD-3800U cassette deck
McIntosh MC 2255 amplifier
Ohm Walsh 2 speaker
JC Penny 3260 am/fm receiver
Shure V15 Type V cartridge

July 1982
Dual C844 cassette deck
Harman Kardon PM660 integrated amplifier
JBL L46 speaker
SAE P101 preamp
Teac X-1000R open reel tape deck

August 1982
Quad ESL-63 speaker
Koss KSP sound partner headphones
Realistic STA-2290 am/fm receiver
Hafler DH-110 preamp
Soundcraftsmen A2502 amplifier

September 1982
dbx 228 expander noise reducer
Marantz SR 8100 DC am/fm receivr
EPI A70 speaker
Hitachi D-E99 cassette deck
Yamaha M-50 amplifier

October 1982
Adcom GFA-2 amplifier
Ortofon TM20H cartridge
Tandberg TD 20A-SE open reel tape deck
Sansui AU-D33 integrated amplifier
Bose 601 Series II speaker

November 1982
Signet TK7LCa cartridge
Mordaunt Short Carnival 3 speaker
Sony TC-K555 cassette deck
JVC R-X40 am/fm receiver
Scott 558T am/fm tuner

December 1982
Polk SDA-1 speaker
Technics SL-Q30 turntable
carver TX-11 fm tuner
Benchmark Acoustics ARU ambience access
Kyocera D-801 cassette deck

SR 1981 Volume 46 Number 1-12

January 1981
Shure M97HE cartridge
Advent 5002 speaker
JC Penny 3125 am/fm receiver
Omnisonix 801 Omnisonic imager
Teac X-3 open reel tape deck

February 1981
Koss K/4DS digital delay system
Celestion Ditton 130 speaker
Thorens TD 160 turntable
Akai AM-U06 amplifier and AT-V04 tuner
Astatic MF 200 cartridge

March 1981
MXR 140 preamp
NAD 3140 integrated amplifier
Sony PS-X75 turntable
Tandberg 3001 fm tuner
Wharfdale Laser 100 speaker

April 1981
3D Acoustics three piece speaker
Kenwood KA-1000 integrated amplifier
SAE 2401 amplifier
Soundcraftsmen AE2420-R Scan-Alyzer
Realistic STA-2250 receiver

May 1981
Sennheiser HD 222 headphones
Saire Delta 400 speaker
Toshiba SA-2500 receiver
Nakamichi 1000ZXL cassette deck
Denon DP-33F record player

June 1981
Technics RS-M270X cassette deck
B&O Beogram 8000 turntable
B&O MMC 20CL cartridge
Audio Pro TP-150 tuner preamp
Audio Pro A4-14 speaker
Allison Six speaker
Sansui AU-D11 integrated amplifier

July 1981
Benjamin 4100 automatic turntable
Pioneer A-8 integrated amplifier
Pioneer F-7 am/fm tuner
Harman Kardon hk300XM cassette deck
KEF 103.2 speaker
Yamaha R-700 am/fm receiver

August 1981
Onkyo CP-1130F turntable
Stanton 980LZS cartridge
Dahlquist DQM-9 speaker
Audio Control Richter Scale equalizer
Aiwa AD-M800U cassette deck

September 1981
Sound Concepts SX-80 CX adapter
Altec 6 speaker
Adcom GFP-1 preamp
Nikko NR-1000 am/fm receiver
Audio Technica AT155LC cartridge

October 1981
Soundcraftsmen RA7503 amplifier
Goldring G900E cartridge
Genesis 210 speaker
Hitachi HA-4700 integrated amplifier
Dual 741Q record player

November 1981
Concord CMC 100 cartridge
Design Acoustics DA-30 speaker
JVC DD-9 cassette deck
Rotel RT-1010 am/fm tuner
Sherwood S-9200CP receiver

December 1981
AKG P25MD cartridge
BES SM300 speaker
 Mura Red Set III headphones
Sony TC-FX6C cassette deck (partial)

SR 1980 Volume 44 No. 1-6 & Volume 45 No. 1-6

January 1980
Hafler DH-200 power amplifier
Polk 10 speaker
Sanyo Plus 75 am/fm receiver
Technics ST-8077 am/fm tuner
Shure SC39ED cartridge

February 1980
ADC Sound Shaper Three equalizer
Beyer DT440 headphones
Crown SL-1 preamp and PL-1 power amp
JBL L150 speaker
Realistic STA-2200 am/fm receiver

March 1980
Phase Linear 7000 Series Two cassette deck
JVC QL-F6 turntable
Sennheiser HD-420 headphones
Ohm M/N speaker
Sony STR-V55 am/fm receiver

April 1980
Eumig FL-1000 cassette deck
KLH 1 speaker
Philips AH 180 am/fm tuner
Sonus Dimension 5 cartridge
Spectro Acoustics 200SR power amplifier

May 1980
Harman Kardon hk705 cassette deck
Vector VRX-9000 am/fm receiver
Jensen System C speaker
Audio Control C-101 equalizer analyzer
SAE A7 integrated amplifier

June 1980
Aiwa AX-7800U am/fm receiver
Audio Technica ATH-7 headphones
Boston Acoustics A 100 speaker
Marantz SD9000 cassette deck
Revox B760 fm tuner

July 1980
Adcom GFA-1 power amplifier
Dynaco A-150 speaker
Garrard GT350ap record player
Koss HV/X and HV/XLC headphones
Sansui G-7700 am/fm receiver

August 1980
Audio Pulse 1000 time delay
Mitsubishi DA-R20 receiver
Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck
Nikko Alpha VI power amplifier
Pioneer PL-400 turntable

September 1980
ADC Integra XLM III cartridge
Fisher DD-300 cassette deck
Bozak MB-80 speaker
Heath AP-1800 preamp
Onkyo TX-5000 am/fm receiver

October 1980
Scott 166 speaker
Carver M-400 amplifier
Pickering XSV 4000 cartridge
Technics RS-M24 cassette deck
Yamaha P-750 turntable

November 1980
AR AR93 speaker
Apt 1 amplifier
Dual 1264 record player
Empire 600LAC cartridge
Luxman R-3045 am/fm receiver

December 1980
Avid 110 speaker
Hitachi D-85S cassette deck
Micro Acoustics 3002 cartridge
Optonica SX9305 amplifier
Sound Concepts IR2100 image restoration

SR 1979 Volume 42 No. 1-6 & Volume 43 No. 1-6

January 1979
BGW 210 amplifier
Ultralinear 228 speaker
JC Penny 3275 am/fm receiver
Koss pro 4AAA headphones
Realistic SCT-30 cassette deck

February 1979
Toshiba PC-5460 cassette deck
Avid 230 speaker
Signet TK7E cartridge
ADC Sound Shaper Two Mk 1 equalizer
Threshold CAS 1 amplifier

March 1979
Kenwood KT-917 fm tuner
BIC FM-8 Beam Box fm antenna
Philips AF 877 record player
Design Acoustics D-12A speaker
Sansui AU-919 integrated amplifier

April 1979
Harman Kardon hk670 receiver
ADS 10 acoustic dimension synthesizer
Gale GS401A speaker
Phase Linear 700 Series Two amplifier
Revox B790 record player

May 1979
Carver C-4000 Listening tests, Larry Klein
Fisher CR-4025 cassette deck
SAE 180 parametric equalizer
Shure SME Series III tone arm
Sherwood S-7650 receiver

June 1979
Scott 830Z audio analyzer
B&O MMC 20CL cartridge
Yamaha CR-840 am/fm receiver
KEF 105 speaker
Soundcraftsmen SP4002 preamp

July 1979
Hitachi D-5500 cassette deck
RTR PS/1:DAC/1 speaker
NAD 3020 integrated stereo amplifier
Thorens TD 115C record player
DBX 1BX dynamic range expander

August 1979
Nakamichi 582 cassette deck
B&W DM2/II speaker
Ortofon Concorde 30 cartridge
Mitsubishi DA-F20 fm tuner
Onkyo A-7070 integrated amplifier

September 1979
Empire EDR.9 cartridge
Garrard DD132 record player
Kenwood KR-8050 stereo receiver
Koss CM/1020 speker
Teac 124 cassette deck

October 1979
Mordaunt Short Festival Series 2 speaker
Pioneer SA-7800 integrated amplifier
Audio Technica AT25 cartridge
Rotel RT-2100 fm tuner
Allison electronic subwoofer

November 1979
Akai GX-635D tape deck
dbx 21 disc decoder
GAS Thalia II preamp
Luxman L-11 integrated amplifier
Acoustique 3A Andante speaker

December 1979
Tandberg TD 20A open reel tape deck
MXR dynamic expander
Electro Voice Interface C series II speaker
Dual 506 record player
Dual Ortofon ULM 55E cartridge
Audio Pro TA-150 am/fm receiver

SR 1978 Volume 40 No. 1-6 & Volume 41 No. 1-6

January 1978
Sherwood Micro CPU100 fm tuner
ADS 810 speaker
Yamaha CR-620 am/fm receiver
Sankyo STD-2000 cassette deck
dbx 128 dynamic enhancer & noise reduction

February 1978
Marantz 2500 am/fm receiver
Sanyo RD5300 cassette deck
Sansui AU-717 integrated amplifier
Audio Technica AT-605 audio insulator set
Infinity Qa speaker

March 1978
Spectro Acoustics 210 graphic equalizer
Sony PS-X7 record player
Dynavector 10A cartridge
Phase Linear Phase III speaker
Soundcraftsmen MA5002 amplifier

April 1978
Kenwood KA-7100 integrated amplifier
Technics SU-9070 preamp
Visonik DD-8200 record player
Revox B77 recorder
Altec Fifteen speaker

May 1978
Burwen TNE 7000 transient noise eliminator
Shure V15 type IV cartridge
Dynaco 416 amplifier
Wharfdale E-70 speaker
Teac A-103 cassette deck

June 1978
AKG P8ES cartridge
Hafler DH-101 preamp
Garrard MRM 101 music recovery module
Tandberg TR 2075 Mk II am/fm receiver
Allison Four speaker

July 1978
AR AR9 speaker
Apt Holman preamp
Satin 18E cartridge
Onkyo A-10 integrated amplifier
Setton RS 440 am/fm receiver

August 1978
Optonica RT-6501 cassette deck
Ortofon M20E Super cartridge
Lafayette LR-5555 am/fm receiver
Beyer ET1000N headphones
Akai AM-2800 integrated amplifier

September 1978
Luxman R-1120 am/fm receiver
Rotel RB-5000 amplifier
Advent 1 speaker
Accuphase C-220 disc equalizer
Aiwa AD-6800 cassette deck

October 1978
JVC JR-S501 am/fm receiver
Sonus Gold blue label cartridge
Uni-Sync PMS-1 level metering system
Audio Technology 510 LED peak display
Denon DP-6000 turntable
Denon DA-307 tone arm
Epicure 3.0 speaker

November 1978
20 amplifiers compared briefly:
Akai AM-2400, Harman Kardon A-401
Hitachi HA-330, JVC JA-S44
Kenwood KA-5700, Lafayette LA-40
Marantz 1090, Nikko NA-850
Onkyo A-5, Optonica SM-1515
Philips AH 384, Pioneer SA-7500 II
Realistic SA-2001, Rotel RA-713
Sanyo DCA611, Scott 440A
Sony TA-F5A, Technics SU-7700
Toshiba SB-420, Yamaha CA-410 II

December 1978
Nagatron HV-9100 cartridge
Nagatron HA-9000 head amplifier
Dual 819 cassette deck
Pioneer SX-1980 am/fm receiver
Crown DL-2 preamp
Synergistics S-92 speaker

SR 1977 Volume 38 No. 1-6 & Volume 39 No. 1-6

January 1977
JVC JR-S600 am/fm receiver
Marantz 1250 integrated amplifier
KLH 354 speaker
Micro Seiki DDX-1000 turntable
Micro Seiki MA-505 tone arm

February 1977
Garrard GT55 automatic turntable
Advent 300 fm receiver
Pickering XSV 3000 cartridge
Yamaha NS-5 speaker

March 1977
Sansui TU-9900 am/fm tuner
Yeaple Stereopillow nearphones
Kenwood KR-9600 am/fm receiver
JBL L166 speaker

April 1977
Audio Pulse One time-delay system
Avid 101 speaker
Realistic SA-2000 integrated amplifier
Shure M24H stereo/quad cartridge

May 1977
Aiwa AD-650 cassette deck
Scott R336 am/fm receiver
Suerex TRL-77 headphones
Dynaco 300 amplifier

June 1977
Lafayette LR-9090 am/fm receiver
Thorens TD-126C turntable
Ohm L speaker
Tandberg TCD 330 cassette deck
Sherwood HP 2000 integrated amplifier

July 1977
Rotel RT-1024 am/fm tuner
Dual C919 cassette deck
TSI 110 & 120 speakers
Ortofon MC20 cartridge
Ortofon MCA-76 preamp
Mida 3140 am/fm receiver

August 1977
Onkyo A-7 integrated amplifier
Heath AD-1307 audio control center
Koss ESP 10 headphones
Harman Kardon Citation 16 & 16A amplifiers
SAE 2800 parametric equalizer

September 1977
Empire 698 record player
Pioneer SA-9500II integrated amplifier
Luxman R-1050 am/fm receiver
Celestion 66 speaker
Nikko Beta 1 preamp

October 1977
Nakamichi 630 tumer preamp
AMC 14 speaker
B&O 4400 fm receiver
Hitachi HMA-8300 amplifier
JVC KD-75 cassette deck

November 1977
Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamp
Mitsubishi DA-A15 amplifier
Stanton 881S cartridge
Fisher MT-6225 turntable
ESS amt 1b speaker
Pioneer RT-707 open reel tape deck

December 1977
Akai GXC-725D cassette deck
Acousti-phase Phase III+ speaker
Sound Concepts SD550 time delay
Sony EL-5 elcaset deck
ADC ZLM cartridge

SR 1976 Volume 36 No. 1-6 & Volume 37 No. 1-6

January 1976
Kensonic Accuphase T-100 am/fm tuner
Technics SA-5550 receiver
Leslie DVX speaker
Pioneer PL-15D-II turntable

February 1976
Dokorder 1140 4-channel tape deck
Onkyo 8 speaker
Tandberg TCD-310 cassette deck
Rotel RA-1412 integrated amplifier
Uher 134 cassette recorder test addendum

March 1976
Luxman L-100 integrated amplifier
Miracord 825 automatic turntable
Frazier Concerto speaker
Realistic STA-90 am/fm receiver

April 1976
Garrard 990B record player
Electro Voice Interface B speaker
Sonab C500 cassette deck
Phase Linear 1000 noise reduction

May 1976
Epicure Four preamp
BGW 500D amplifier
Genesis I speaker
Heath Modulus audio components

June 1976
Sansui 9090 am/fm receiver
Netronics Iso-Mount turntable sub-base
AKG K-240 headphones
ESS AMT-1a speaker
SAE mark 2500 and Mark XXV amplifier

July 1976
Akai GXC-325D cassette deck
Stax SR-5 headphones
Design Acoustics D-2 speaker
Lenco L-85 turntable

August 1976
McKay Dymek AM5 am tuner
McKay Dymek DA5 am antenna
Sonus cartridges
Nikko 7075 am/fm receiver
Dual 510 manual record player

September 1976
Sony TC-880-2 tape deck
ADC Accutrac 4000 record player
Tannoy Chevoit speaker
Tandberg TR-2075 am/fm receiver

October 1976
Onkyo TX-4500 am/fm receiver
Jensen 24 speaker
Empire 2000Z cartridge
Crown IC-150A preamp
Heath AA-1640 amplifier kit

November 1976
Nakamichi 600 cassette deck
Kenwood KA-7300 integrated amplifier
Sony PS-4750 turntable
Pioneer TX-6500 am/fm tuner

December 1976
Technics SL-1350 record player
Micro Acoustics 2002-e cartridge
MXR equalizer
Sennheiser HD 224X headphones

SR 1975 Volume 34 No. 1-6 & Volume 35 No. 1-6

January 1975
Revox A700 tape deck
Design Acoustics D-4 speaker
Integral Systems 200 amplifier
Yamaha CT-7000 stereo fm tuner

February 1975
Sherwood S-7110 am/fm receiver
Ortofon VMS 20E cartridge
Sony TC-756 tape deck
Technics SL-1300 turntable

March 1975
Radford HD250 integrated amplifier
Radford HD22 preamp
Empire 4000D III cartridge
Hitachi PS-12 record player
Philips RH 532 speaker

April 1975
Nakamichi 500 cassette deck
Micro Acoustics QDC-1e cartridge
Sansui QRX-7001 4-channel receiver
Akai GX-400DSS 4-channel tape deck

May 1975
Marantz 3600 preamp
Stanton 681EEE cartridge
Heath AA-1640 amplifier
Ferrograph Super Seven tape deck

June 1975
Kenwood 700C preamp
Kenwood 700M amplifier
Lafayette Criterion 777 speaker
Burwen DNF 1201 dynamic noise filter
JVC 4VR-5426X 4-channel am/fm receiver

July 1975
RTR HPR-12 Magnum speaker
Garrard Zero 100SB record player
Koss Phase 2+2 Quadrophone
Concord CD-1000 cassette deck

August 1975
Pioneer SA-9900 integrated amplifier
Pickering XUV 4500Z CD-4 cartridge
Wollensak 4766 cassette deck
Tannoy Micro TM55DD record player

September 1975
Sony ST-4950 am/fm tuner
Dynaco PAT-5 preamp
Sherwood S-7010 am/fm receiver
Philips 209S record player

October 1975
Hitachii D-3500 cassette deck
Shure M95ED cartridge
Rectilinear 5 speaker
SAE Mark IB preamp

November 1975
B&O Beogram 4002 record player
Allison One speaker
Yamaha CR-800 am/fm receiver
Uher CR 134 cassette recorder

December 1975
Creative Environments 100 speaker
Pilot 540 am/fm receiver
BIC 980 automatic record player
Dual Autoreverse cassette deck

SR 1974 Volume 32 No. 1-6 & Volume 33 No. 1-6

January 1974
EPI Microtower MT2 speaker
Nikko STA-7070 receiver
Wollensak 4765 cassette deck
B&O 3000 record player

February 1974
Hitachi SR-5200 receiver
grado FTR+1 CD-4 cartrdige
Bib 45 changer
Akai GX-285D tape deck

March 1974
Sansui QRX-3500 am/fm 4-channel receiver
Hartley Speaker Sentry
Robins R47001 speaker protector
Marantz 4140 4-channel amplifier
Electro Voice Interface A speaker

April 1974
Thorens TD-160C record player
Kenwood KR-8340 am/fm 4-ch receiver
Dynaco AF-6 am/fm tuner kit
Avid 103 speaker

May 1974
Dual 701 record player
Realistic STA-150 am/fm receiver
Scintrex 98 headphones
Pioneer QX-949 am/fm 4 channel receiver

June 1974
Harman Kardon 900+ am/fm 4-ch receiver
JBL L100 speaker
Pilot 211 am/fm tuner
Pioneer RT-1020L tape deck

July 1974
Lafayette SQ-W quad decoder
Dynaco Stereo 400 amplifier
Sylvania RQ3748 am/fm 4-channel receiver
Solar Ultralinear 1000 speaker

August 1974
Koss HV/11LC headphones
Superscope R-340 am/fm receiver
SAE Mark IIICM power amplifier
Dokorder 7140 4-channel tape deck

September 1974
B&O MMC 6000 CD-4 cartridge
Heathkit AD-1013 4-channel audio scope
Sony TC-137SD cassette deck
Soundcraftsmen PE2217 preamp-equalizer

October 1974
Sequerra 1 fm tuner
Jensen 15 Serenata speaker
Superex EP-5 headphones
Technics RS-676US cassette deck

November 1974
Audioanalyst A-100X speaker
Scott R77S am/fm receiver
Tandberg 9200XD tape deck
Phase Linear 4000 preamp

December 1974
Kensonic Accuphase C-200 preamp
Rotel RX-402 am/fm receiver
ESS AMT-5 speaker
Marantz 4300 am/fm 4-channel receiver

SR 1973 Volume 30 No. 1-6 & Volume 31 No. 1-6

January 1973
Design Acoustics D-12 speaker
Tandberg TR-1020 am/fm receiver
Philips 212 record player
Ortofon M 15E Super cartridge

February 1973
Thorens TD-125AB Mk II turntable
Epicure EPI 400 speaker
JVC 1667 cassette deck
Sherwood S-8900A fm receiver

March 1973
AR 7 speaker
Koss HV-1 headphones
Onkyo TX-666 am/fm receiver
Elac Miracord 50H Mark II turntable

April 1973
Lafayette LR-4000 receiver
Magnum Opus 7 speaker
Rotel RA-1210 power amplifier
Pickering V-15 cartridge
Micro IV cartridge

May 1973
BSR McDonald 710/X automatic turntable
Micro Acoustics FRM-1 speaker
KLH fifty two am/fm receiver
Norelco 2100 cassette deck

June 1973
Connoisseur BDC/2 record player
Sony TC-377 tape deck
Magnavox K8896 am/fm receiver
Hitachi HS-350 speaker

July 1973
ESS amt 1 speaker
BSR Metroteck FEW-1 frequency equalizer
Technics SL-1100A record player
Shure V-15 Type III cartridge

August 1973
Fisher 504 am/fm 4-channel receiver
Superex PEP-79 headphones
Heath AD-1530 cassette deck kit
Tandberg 9000X tape deck

September 1973
Pilot 254 am/fm receiver
Design Acoustics D-6 speaker
Teac 450 cassette deck
Pioneer SA-9100 integrated amplifier

October 1973
JVC SX-3 speaker
PE 3060 automatic turntable
Yamaha TB-700 cassette deck
Altec 710A am/fm receiver

November 1973
Sony STR-7055 am/fm receiver
Pioneer TX-9100 am/fm tuner
Kenwood KA-8004 integrated amplifier
Ohm F speaker

December 1973
Scott 490 integrated amplifier
Videotone D 132-E and DP 202-E speakers
Crown DC-300A amplifier
Nakamichi 700 cassette deck

SR 1972 Volume 28 No. 1-6 & Volume 29 No. 1-6

January 1972
Sylvania AS125W speaker
JVC 5550 am/fm receiver
Kenwood KT-7001 am/fm tuner
Altec 911A compact music system

February 1972
Teac 4010SL tape deck
Scott 433 fm tuner
Rectilinear III Lowboy speaker
Crown D-150 power amplifier

March 1972
Dual 1218 automatic turntable
Panasonic SA-6500 am/fm receiver
B&O Beovox 5700 speaker
Empire 1000ZE/X cartridge

April 1972
Akai GX-365D tape deck
Dynaco A-10 speaker
Magnesonics 200B Erasette
Executive devices FW-10 cassette winder

May 1972
Heath AJ-1510 fm digital tuner kit
Advent smaller speaker
Wollensak 4760 cassette deck
Harman Kardon 930 am/fm receiver

June 1972
Lafayette LR-775 receiver (brief review)
JVC 5501 receiver (brief review)
Rotel RX-400A receiver (brief review)
Sherwood S-7100A receiver (brief review)
Ferguson 3426 receiver (brief review)
Scott 357 receiver (brief review)
Sylvania CR2742 receiver (brief review)
Fisher 201 receiver (brief review)
Electro Voice EVR-1 receiver (brief review)
Kenvood KR-3130 receiver (brief review)
Panasonic SA-5500 receiver (brief review)
VM 1532 receiver (brief review)
Pioneer SX-525 receiver (brief review)
Marantz 2215 receiver (brief review)
Sansui QR-500 receiver (brief review)
Sony 6045 receiver (brief review)
Heath AR-1302 kit receiver (brief review)

July 1972
Audio Dynamics XLM cartridge
BSR McDonald 810X automatic turntable
Pioneer SX-727 am/fm receiver

August 1972
Kenwood KA-7002 amplifier
Realistic sound level meter
Revox A77 Dolby B tape deck
Dynaco FM-5 fm tuner

September 1972
Shure M91ED cartridge
Jensen 3 speaker
Heath AR-1500 am/fm receiver kit
Phase Linear 400 power amplifier

October 1972
Dual 1229 automatic turntable
AR LST speaker
Lafayette LR-440 SQ 4-channel receiver
Realistic SCT-6 cassette deck

November 1972
Harman Kardon Citation 14 fm tuner
Pioneer SX-626 am/fm receiver
Marantz 1060 integrated amplifier
Wharfdale W60E speaker

December 1972
Lafayette SQ-L decoder
Electro Voice EVX-44 decoder
Sony SQD-2000 decoder
Panasonic SE-405 demodulator
JVC 4DD-5 demodulator

SR 1971 Volume 26 No. 1-6 & Volume 27 No. 1-6

January 1971
Empire Troubador record player
Altec 714A am/fm receiver
Sony SS-9500 speaker
Magnecord 2001 tape deck

February 1971
Teac A-7010 tape deck
Garrard SL-72B automatic turntable
Bogen BR360 am/fm receiver
EPI 201 speaker

March 1971
Advocate noise reduction
Wharfdale W25 speaker
Harman kardon Citation Eleven preamp
Lafayette LR 1500TA am/fm receiver

April 1971
BSR 610/X automatic turntable
Kenwood KL-5060 speaker
Tandberg 3000X tape deck

May 1971
Dynaco A-50 speaker
Sony STR-6055 am/fm receiver
Sony STR-6065 am/fm receiver
Rabco ST-4 semi-automatic turntable

June 1971
AR stereo fm tuner
Microstatic tweeter
Miracord 770H automatic turntable
Concord Mark 20 receiver

July 1971
Fisher 701 4-channel am/fm receiver
Garrard Zero 100 automatic turntable
Heath AA-29 integrated amplifier kit
3M A-2000 speaker

August 1971
Marantz 1200 integrated amplifier
Dual 1215 automatic turntable
Scott 387 am/fm receiver

September 1971
Audiotex test tapes
Panasonic SP-10 turntable
Ampex AX-300 recorder

October 1971
Bose 501 speaker
Pioneer SX-2500 am/fm receiver
Advent 201 cassette deck
Tandberg 4000X recorder

November 1971
Heath AR-1500 am/fm receiver
Infinity 2000A speaker
Crown IC-150 preamp
Sony TC -122 cassette deck
Sony TC-127 cassette deck
Sony TC-160 cassette deck

December 1971
Lafayette LA-44 4-channel amplifier
ADC 10E Mk IV cartridge
IMF Studio speaker
Sherwood S-7300 am/fm receiver

SR 1970 Volume 24 No. 1-6 & Volume 25 No. 1-6

January 1970
Aztec Gauguin III speaker
Concord Mark III recorder
Rabco SL-8 tone arm

February 1970
Electro Voice Aries speaker
Sansui 4000 receiver

March 1970
Shure type II improved cartridge
Advent speaker
Garrard SL095B automatic turntable

April 1970
Dynaco stereo 80 power amplifier
Heath AR-29 am/fm receiver
Teac LS-350 speaker
Lafayette LR-775 am/fm receiver

May 1970
Epicure EPI-100 speaker
AR stereo fm receiver
Wollensak 6250 recorder
Grado FTE cartridge
Harman Kardon 820 stereo fm receiver

June 1970
Rectilinear Xa speaker
Crown D-40 power amplifier
Pioneer SX-1500TD am/fm receiver
Tandberg 6000X tape deck

July 1970
Fisher 450-T am/fm receiver
KLH 33 speaker
Harman Kardon Citation 12 amplifier
Sony 630 recorder and deck

August 1970
JBL SE 460 power amplifier
Astrocom Marlux 407 tape deck
Perpetuum Ebner PE 2038 auto turntable
Perpetuum Ebner PE 2040 auto turntable

September 1970
Dynaco SCA-80 amplifier
Dual 1209 automatic turntable
Acoustron LWE 1A speaker
Sherwood SEL-200 stereo fm receiver

October 1970
Advent 100 noise reduction
Sony ST-5100 am/fm tuner
Sony TA-1144 amplifier
Ampex 1455A tape deck

November 1970
Advent 200 cassette deck
Ampex Micro 54 cassette deck
Bogen CRP cassette deck
Fisher RC-80 cassette deck
Harman Kardon CAD-4 cassette deck
Harman Kardon CAD-5 cassette deck
JVC 1660 cassette deck
Kenwood KX-7010 cassette deck
Lafayette RK-760 cassette deck
Norelco 2401A cassette deck
RCA MZD563 cassette deck
Realistic SCT-3 cassette deck
Roberts 95 cassette deck
Standard SR-T178DK cassette deck
Teac A-24 cassette deck
Vivitar RC-710 cassette deck
Wollensak 4750 cassette deck

December 1970
AR 6 speaker
B&O SP-12 cartridge
Sansui 2000A am/fm receiver
Electro Voice Landmark 100 compact system

SR 1969 Volume 22 No. 1-6 & Volume 23 No. 1-6

January 1969
Pioneer SX-1500T am/fm receiver
Revox A-77 recorder
Dual 1212 automatic turntable

February 1969
Bogen LS-10 speaker
Scott 388-B am/fm receiver
Shure M91E cartridge

March 1969
Heath AJ-15 tuner kit
Heath AA-15 amplifier kit
Tannoy Monitor Gold speaker

April 1969
Jensen TF-25 speaker
garrard SL 95 automatic turntable
Allied TR-1080 recorder

May 1969
Sony STR 6050 am/fm receiver
Miracord 620 and 630 automatic turntables
Standard SR157SU amplifier
Standard SR-A100TU am/fm tuner

June 1969
Wollensak 6300 recorder
Dynaco A-25 speaker
Eico 3150 amplifier

July 1969
Audio Dynamics ADC-25 cartridge
Elac STS-444-12 cartridge
Goldring G800E MK II cartridge
Goldring G800 Super E cartridge
Empire 808E cartridge
Empire 888VE cartridge
Grado FTR cartridge
Pickering XV-15/750E cartridge
Shure M91E, 92E, 93E cartridges
Stanton 681SE cartridge

August 1969
Kenwood KT-7000 am/fm tuner
Thorens TD-125 turntable
Allied 395 am/fm receiver

September 1969
JVC 5003 am/fm receiver
Nordmende 8001/T recorder
Scott S-15 speaker

October 1969
Marantz 16 power amplifier
PE 2018 automatic turntable
Teac A-1200U recorder

November 1969
Empire 7000 speaker
McIntosh MC-3500 power amplifier
Ferrograph 724 A/P recorder

December 1969
Dual 1219 automatic turntable
Tandberg 11 recorder

SR 1968 Volume 20 No. 1-6 & Volume 21 No. 1-6

January 1968
Dynaco PAT-4 preamp kit
Empire 4000M cavalier speaker
Ortofon SL-15T cartridge
Ortofon RS-212 arm

February 1968
Tandberg 64X recorder
KLH Five speaker
University Studio Pro 120 receiver

March 1968
AR stereo amplifier
Fisher XP-55 speaker
BSR McDonald 600/M44E auto turntable

April 1968
Altec 711 stereo fm receiver
Switchcraft 307TR studio mixer
Wollensak 5800 recorder

May 1968
Ampex AG-500 recorder
Electro Voice Five-A speaker
PE 2020 auto turntable

June 1968
AR 3a speaker
Allied TD-1030 tape deck
Marantz 18 receiver

July 1968
Elac STS 244-17, 344-17, 444-E cartridges
Goldring 800E cartridge
Stanton 500-E cartridge
Shure M75-E cartridge
ADC 550-E cartridge
Pickering XV-15/AME/400 cartridge
Stanton 681EE cartridge
Empire 999VE cartridge
Ortofon SL-15 cartridge

August 1968
Harman Kardon Five-Thirty fm-am receiver
Concord 510-D tape deck
Heath AR-17 fm receiver

September 1968
Sansui 2000 am/fm receiver
Sony TC-560 auto-reverse recorder
Bose 901 speaker

October 1968
JBL SE400S power amplifier
Viking 433 recorder
Lafayette LR-1000T am/fm receiver

November 1968
Teac A-6010 tape deck
Sony TA-2000 preamp
Grundig RTV-600 am/fm receiver

December 1968
Sherwood S-8800a
AR 5 speaker
Kenwood KA-6000 amplifier

SR 1967 Volume 18 No. 1, 3 & Volume 19 No. 1-2, 4-6

January 1967
Revox G-36 mkIII tape recorder
University Ultra-D speaker

March 1967
UTC Maximus 5 speaker
Sony TA-1120 amplifier
BSR McDonald 500 automatic turntable

July 1967
ADC 220 cartridge
Grado BTR and BTR/LM cartridges
Dynaco Stereodyne III cartridge
Empire 808 cartridge
Shure M75-6 cartridge
Sonotone Mark V cartridge
Empire 888SE cartridge
ADC 10/E NK II cartridge
Shure V-15 type II cartridge
Ortofon S-15T cartridge

August 1967
AR XA turntable
Heathkit AD-16 recorder
Knight kit KG-790 am/fm tuner

October 1967
Sherwood S-8800 FET receiver
Jensen X-40 and X-45 speakers
Heathkit AR-15 am/fm receiver addendum

November 1967
Kenwood TK-88 stereo receiver
C/M Laboratories 911 amplifier
Altec Lansing 890B Bolero speaker

December 1967
Eico 3070 Cortina integrated stereo amplifier
Rectilinear III speaker
Dual 1015 automatic turntable

SR 1966 Volume 16 No. 4-5 & Volume 17 No. 1-4

April 1966
Scott LT-112 fm tuner kit
Ampex 1150 recorder

May 1966
Eico 3566 stereo receiver
AR-4X speaker system

July 1966
Knight kit KG-415 recorder
Dynaco PAS-3X preamp kit

August 1966
Garrard SP 20 record player
ADC 10/E cartridge

September 1966
Marantz 7T preamp
Harman Kardon SC-440 music system

October 1966
Magnecord 1020 recorder
Kenwood TK-60 receiver

SR 1965 Volume 14 No. 1 & Volume 15 No. 1-2, 6

January 1965
AR 4 speaker
Weathers Townsend record player

July 1965
Dynaco Stereodyne III cartridge
Pickering V-15/AM-1 cartridge
Pickering V-15/AME-1 cartridge
Empire 888P cartridge
Shure M55E cartridge
ADC 660/E cartridge
Grado A cartridge
IMF Mark III cartridge

August 1965
Fisher TX-300 amplifier
Knight kit KG-870 amplifier

December 1965
Marantz 10B stereo fm tuner
JBL Lancer 77 speaker

SR 1964 Volume 12 No. 2-5 & Volume 13 No. 2, 4

May 1964
Eico 2536 stereo receiver
Rek-O-Kut R-34 record player

July 1964
Empire 880p
Pickering V-15
Shure M44-7
Sonotone Mark IV
Shure M44-5
ADC 770
Pickering Stanton 500AT
ADC Point Four
ADC Point Four/E
Shure V-15
Ortofon SPE/T
Weathers PS-11

October 1964
Uher 8000 recorder
Dynaco FM-3 fm tuner

SR 1963 Volume 10 No. 3-5 & Volume 11 No. 2-6

March 1963
AR record player
Wharfdale W 60 speaker

April 1963
Norelco Continental 401 recorder
E-V Esquire 200A speaker

May 1963
Heath AAW-21 amplifier
IMF Styrene pressure loudspeaker

August 1963
Lafayette KT-900 amplifier kit
Dual TG12SK recorder

September 1963
Vernon 47/26 tape recorder
University Senior II speaker system

November 1963
Bell RT 360 recorder
Fisher 400 stereo receiver

December 1963
Scott LK-30 amplifier kit
KLH model 14 speaker

SR 1962 Volume 8 No. 1, 4-6 & Volume 9 No. 1, 4, 6

January 1962
KLH 10 speaker
Harman Kardon Citation III fm tuner

April 1962
Roberts 990 recorder
Shure M33-5 cartridge
Heath AA-121 amplifier kit
Knight KB-85 amplifier kit
Dynaco Stereo 70 amplifier kit
Eico HF89K amplifier kit

May 1962
Lafayette LK-550 amplifier kit
Realistic 210 amplifier kit
Scott LK-150 amplifier kit
Empire 980 tone arm
Sherwood S-8000 fm stereo receiver

June 1962
Scott LT-110 stereo tuner
Marantz 8B stereo amplifier

July 1962
Cabinart Mark II speaker
Pilot 654M fm stereo receiver

October 1962
Garrard AT6 record changer
Eico RP100K recorder kit

December 1962
Fisher XP-4A speaker
Weathers "66" turntable

SR 1961 Volume 6 No. 1-6 & Volume 7 No. 3-5

January 1961
No reviews

February 1961
No reviews

March 1961
No reviews

April 1961
No reviews

May 1961
No reviews

June 1961
No reviews

September 1961
No reviews

October 1961
ESL Redhead cartridge
Knight KN-500X cartridge
Sonotone 9TSD-V cartridge
General Electric VR-1000-7 cartridge
General Electric VR-1000-5 cartridge
Dual DMS-900 cartridge

November 1961
Altec Lansing 353A integrated stereo amplifier
Fairchild 510 Compander
Shure M7-N21D cartridge
Audio Dynamics ADC-2 cartridge
Fairchild SM-2 cartridge
Elac STS-310-D cartridge
Pickering 381A cartridge
Audio Dynamics ADC-1 cartridge


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