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Note: UR indicates a user report that evaluates performance of several similar units in a single report.





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Stereo Review Magazine History

Publication began in February of 1958 as HiFi and Music Review. By December of 1958 it was decided that there was a redundancy between the words "hi-fi" and "music" and the name was shortened to HiFi Review. By February 1960, however, stereo was definitely with us and the name was changed to HiFi/Stereo review. In November 1968 it was changed once again. This time it was due to the association of the term "hi-fi" with monophonic recordings. It was shortened to just Stereo Review and that lasted until 1999.

High Fidelity magazine suspended publication in 1989. In the September 1989 issue Of Stereo Review, the Editor in Chief, Louise Boundas, announced that subscribers to High Fidelity will receive Stereo Review. Subscriptions would be extended by the number of issues remaining in the subscription to High Fidelity. The Editor in Chief of High Fidelity, Michael Riggs, joined the staff at Stereo Review as Editor at Large. Starting in September a small note at the top of the cover of Stereo Review said "Incorporating High Fidelity. The cover note was discontinued starting in January 1992 but continued on the contents page.

A double issue came out for February/March 1999. This issue was the first having the new name of Sound & Vision. This new publication combines the two magazines of Stereo Review and Video. It includes Home Theater, Audio, Video, Multimedia, Movies and Music.

Issues of Stereo Review prior to 1981 have two different volume numbers for the same year. Issues from January to June have one volume and issues from July to December have the next volume.

Reviews apparently start in 1961 when Julian Hirsch and Gladden Huock, a pair of engineers whose special interest is audio, began testing equipment for Stereo Review. They had been testing high-fidelity equipment at their independent laboratory since 1954. Also at this time, J. Gordon Holt was writing a column for Stereo Review called Sound and the Query, a forum for eliminating the most common and often most exasperating problems in stereo hi-fi.

Then there were the priceless cartoons by Charles Rodrigues. These could be found in Playboy, National Lampoon, High Fidelity and HiFi & Music Review (later Stereo Review). Rodridgues was represented starting in Volume 1, Number 1 of HiFi & Music Review in February 1958.

Larry Klein joined the staff of Stereo review in 1962 as Technical Editor. He later became Technical Director and was there until 1983 when he left to do private consulting.

I first met Larry about 1963 when I was working at Sonotone in Elmsford, NY. He drove up from Manhattan in his Volkswagen to visit our Audio Products section. He explained that he was using a motorcycle battery in the front compartment to power his car stereo.

In 1983, Larry visited McIntosh Laboratory in Binghamton, NY where I was Director of Acoustic Research. The left picture is in the July 1983 issue of Stereo Review and was taken at one of the test stations on the McIntosh production line. The right one is in the December 1983 issue of Stereo Review and was taken when I was showing him the McIntosh anechoic chamber.

Both pictures are on the page with his monthly articles called "Audio Q. and A." For some reason neither picture is acknowledged as having been taken at the McIntosh facilities. The anechoic picture is simply titled "Checking out fiberglass wedges in an anechoic chamber." The production line picture has no title at all.

SR 1994 Volume 59 Numbers 1-2, 4-12

January 1994
Kenwood DC-X1 a/v tuner preamp
Fisher Studio 24 CD changer
Monitor Audio MA700 Gold Mk II speaker
MAS Charisma preamp
Altec Lansing Home THX speaker (UR)

February 1994
RDL Acoustics F-1 and FS-1 speaker
Nakamichi MB-4s CD changer
Onkyo T-450RDS am/fm tuner
DGX Digital Deconvolution Audio
Marantz SR-73 a/v receiver

April 1994
Denon AVR-800 a/v receiver
Sherwood CDC-5030R CD changer
Cerwin Vega VS-100 speaker
Panasonic 3DO Multiplayer
Boston Acoustics Home THX speaker (UR)

May 1994
Pioneer VSX-D2S a/v receiver
McIntosh LS330 speaker
JVC XL-MC100 CD changer
Sonance Sonamp 2120 amplifier
Camber 1.0ti/SM speaker

June 1994
Carver CT-29v a/v tuner preamp
Marantz CD-63 CD player
Audio Alchemy DAC digital to analog convert
Phase Technology 7T speaker
Snell D speaker
Panasonic CQ-DC1 car DCC tuner

July 1994
Linn Majik-I integrated amplifier
Optimus PRO-7 speaker
Audio Control C-101 Series III eq analyzer
Harman Kardon PT2300 tuner preamp
Sony STR-G1ES a/v receiver

August 1994
Onkyo Integra TX-SV919THX a/v receiver
Nakamichi DR-1 cassette deck
Soundwave Point Source 3.0 speaker
Rotel RB-956AX 6 channel amplifier
Terk am/fm Q powered antenna
Alpine 5960 car CD changer

September 1994
California Audio Labs DX-1 CD player
M&K S-90 satellite speakers
Proton AA-2120 amplifier
Sony MDP-800 CD/laserdisc player
BIC home theater speaker (UR)

October 1994
B&K AVP2000 a/v preamp
Luxman A-383 integrated amplifier
ADS S-700 speaker
Yamaha KX-580 cassette deck
Velodyne DF-661 speaker
Energy Home Theater speaker (UR)

November 1994
Rotel RSP-960AX surround sound processor
Canon S-35 speaker
Parasound HCA-1206 6 channel amplifier
Technics SL-PD1000 CD changer
Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble III spkr
Carver Lightstar amplifier
Sanyo car MiniDisc changer receiver

December 1994
Sony DTC-60ES DAT deck
Definitive Technology BP8 speaker
Pioneer PDF-51 CD changer
HSU Research HRSW12V subwoofer
Pinnacle AC650 speaker
Atlantic Technology 250 HT speaker
Blaupunkt V250 car amplifier

SR 1993 Volume 58 Numbers 1-12

January 1993
Sony TA-E2000ESD digital a/v preamp
NSM 25 speaker
Altec Lansing 115 speaker
Mondial Acurus A250 amplifier
Atlantic Tech 150 speaker (UR)

February 1993
Technics RS-DC10 DCC recorder
JBL HP520 speaker
KLH Premier 81 speaker
Forte F44 preamp

March 1993
Luxman RV-371 audio/video receiver
Museatex RTRE tower speaker
Coda Technologies 10 power amplifier
Cambridge SoundWorks powered subwoofer
Sony MZ-1 portable minidisk system

April 1993
Harman Kardon AVR30 a/v receiver
Niles NSW-100 in-wall subwoofer
Marantz DD-92 DCC recorder
Rock Solid Sounds speaker
Boston Acoustics 525V speaker (UR)
Cambridge SoundWorks speaker (UR)
Definitive Technology C1 speaker (UR)
Infinity Kappa Video speaker (UR)
Polk Audio CS100 speaker (UR)
Video Acoustics VA 1300 speaker (UR)

May 1993
McIntosh MC7100 amplifier
Denon TU-680NAB am/fm tuner
B&O Beolab 8000 speaker
Klipsch kg2.2 speaker
Eclipse ECD-412 CD car receiver

June 1993
Fosgate Audionics Four a/v preamp
AR M.5 speaker
Quad 66 FM tuner
Martin Logan Aerius speaker
NHT VT-1 home theater speaker (UR)

July 1993
Nakamichi AV-1 a/v receiver
Mirage M-790 speaker
Carver AL-III speaker
Panasonic LX-900 CD/laser disc player

August 1993
NAD 705 stereo receiver
Celestion Trinity 3-piece speaker
Beyer IRS 790 cordless headphones
Sony MDS-101 MiniDisc recorder
Design Acoustics DA900 speaker

September 1993
Paradigm Phantom speaker
Dahlquist DQ-16 speaker
JBL PS120 powered subwoofer
DCM CX-07 speaker
Boston Acoustics SubSat 3 piece speaker
Philips digital speaker
Pioneer KEH-M680 car cassette receiver

October 1993
Carver SD/A-390t CD changer
Cambridge SoundWorks Six speaker
Advent Legacy III speaker
Sharp MD-D10 portable MiniDisc player
Teac V-8000S cassette deck

November 1993
Technics SA-GX650 a/v receiver
MB Quart Three speaker
Jamo 507 speaker
Yamaha DSP-A2070 integrated amplifier
Kenwood KDC-C800 car CD changer

December 1993
Philips DCC-130 portable DCC player
Wharfedale Diamond V speaker
Definitive technology DR7 speaker
Pioneer Elite CLD-97 CD/laserdisc player
Sony CDP-CX100 CD changer

SR 1992 Volume 57 Numbers 1-12

January 1992
Harman Kardon HK3600 am/fm receiver
Technics SL-XP700 portable CD player
Infinity Infinitesimal Four 3-piece speaker
Parasound P/FET-900II preamp

February 1992
Denon AVP-5000 a.v preamp
Tannoy 603 speaker
AKG K-500 headphones
DCM TimeWindow Three speaker

March 1992
Pioneer Elite CT-93 cassette deck
Advent New Vision 350 speaker
Hughes AK-100 Sound retrieval System
Carver Silver Nine-t Mark II amplifier

April 1992
PS Audio 5.6 preamp
Lexicon CP-3 digital surround processor
Philips CDI-910 CD interactive player
Sonance 45 in wall speaker
Clarion 5570CD CD receiver

May 1992
Harman kardon TL8600 CD changer
Klipsch kg4.2 speaker
Nakamichi cassette deck
Cerwin Vega DX-7 speaker

June 1992
MTX Soundcraftsmen A200 amplifier
Celestion 11 speaker
Boston Acoustics Voyager outdoor speaker
NSM CD 3101 CD changer
Alpine 7980 car CD changer tuner

July 1992
Sherwood RV-6010R a/v receiver
JBL L3 speaker
Hafler Series 945 tuner preamp
SSI Powerflex V multichannel amplifier

August 1992
Marantz Music Link Series
Westlake Audio BBSM-4 speaker
Rotel RCD-965BX CD player
Signet SL250B/U speaker

September 1992
Polk Audio S4 speaker
Audio Concepts G3 speaker
Paradigm Titan speaker
Bose Powered Acoustimass 3 piece speaker
New England Audio Resource NEAR-50ML
Hsu Research SW10 subwoofer

October 1992
Technics SL-PD827 CD changer
Harman Kardon Thirty speaker
MTX Soundcraftsmen P100 preamp
MB Quart Quart One speaker
JVC RX-905VTN a/v receiver
Marantz SR-92 a/v receiver
Pioneer VSX-D9015 a/v receiver

November 1992
Onkyo Integra TX-SV909PRO a/v receiver
Camber Laser 7 speaker
Yamaha CDC-835 CD changer
Clearfield Continental speaker
Philips DCC900 DCC recorder
Blaupunkt Cheyenne car cassette receiver

December 1992
Optimus DCT-2000 DCC recorder
PSB 400 speaker
Polk Audio LS-70 speaker
Hafler 9300 amplifier
AudioSource SS 3001 surround (UR)

SR 1991 Volume 56 Numbers 1-12

January 1991
Optimus CD-6100 CD player
Pioneer VSX-D1S a/v receiver
Panasonic LX-1000 combi player
Klipsch kg3 speaker
Denon DTR-2000 DAT deck

February 1991
Sansui RZ-9500AV a/v receiver
Definitive Technology BP 10 speaker
Adcom GFA-555II amplifier
3A Midi-Monitor speaker

March 1991
Magnavox CDB624 CD player
Clements RB 8.0 Mark II speaker
Sonamp 260x3 amplifier
Yamaha KX-930 cassette deck

April 1991
Carver SD/A-490t CD player
Mordaunt Short MS3.30 speaker
Onkyo TA-2700 cassette deck
Icon Parsec speaker

May 1991
JVC XL-V141 CD player
Celestion 5 speaker
Koss ESP/950 headphones
PSB New Stratus speaker
Pioneer Premier KEX-M900 car DSP head

June 1991
Denon DRA-1035R receiver
Fried R/4 speaker
Sony D-303 portable CD player
AR M4 speaker

July 1991
Yamaha DSP-A1000 integrated a/v amplifier
Harman Kardon TD4600 cassette deck
Energy 4.1e speaker
MAS DCC-1 digital control center
Sennheiser HD 490 headphones

August 1991
Onkyo A-SV810PRO a/v integrated amplifier
NHT 2.3 speaker
Forte 5 amplifier
Jamo Atmosphere speaker
Clarion DSP-959E car DSP
Eclipse EQS-1001 car DSP
Technics DA3000 car DSP

September 1991
Pioneer Elite PD-75 CD player
Bose Acoustimass 5 Series II speaker
Teac V-5000 cassette deck
BIC Venturi V-820A speaker

October 1991
Sony CDP-C67ES CD changer
Memorex Triumph TS-5 speaker
Technics SA-GX505 a/v receiver
Monitor Audio MA700 Gold speaker

November 1991
Sansui AV-7000 a/v integrated amplifier
Altec Lansing 508A speaker
Museatex Melior a/v control center
Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble II speaker

December 1991
Yamaha RX-950 receiver
Definitive technology DR7 speaker
Sharp RX-P1 DAT tape deck
Dynaco Stereo 70 Series II amplifier
Phase Technology 235ES Sub-Sat speaker


SR 1990 Volume 55 Numbers 1-12

January 1990
Vector Research VCD-410R CD player
dbx SF5000 Soundfield speaker
Nikko IA600 integrated amplifier
Cambridge SoundWorks Ambiance speaker
Snell E/III speaker
Nakamichi 1000 DAT deck

February 1990
Magnavox CDB630 CD player
KEF C55 speaker
Grundig CCT-903 dual Cassette deck
Polk Audio RM-3000 speaker

March 1990
Yamaha RX-530 receiver
Boston Acoustics Subsat Six speaker
Rotel RCD-855 CD player
Ortofon PPA600 power amplifier
Linn Kaber speaker

April 1990
Technics SL-P370 CD player
Axiom AX2 speaker
Counterpoint SA-3000 preamp
Atlantic Technology Pattern speaker

May 1990
Sony CDP-X55ES CD player
ADC Soundshaper 3025 speaker
Luxman R-114 receiver
AR Spirit 162 speaker

June 1990
Philips FC-60 cassette deck
Advent Heritage speaker
Onkyo Integra DX-5700 CD player
Wharfedale Coleridge speaker
Infinity Modulus speaker
Carver M-2060 car amplifier

July 1990
KEF 103/5 speaker
Sansui CD-X311 CD player
Marantz RS 3559 a/v receiver
Pinnacle PN8+ speaker

August 1990
Quad 66 preamp and CD player
Audio Technica AT-F5 cartridge
NEAR 40M speaker
Harman Kardon HK6900 integrated amplifier

September 1990
Sony DTC-75ES DAT deck
BIC Venturi V620 speaker
AudioSource Amp One amplifier
Cambridge SoundWorks Eleven portable
AKG K280 headphones
Bose Lifestyle music system

October 1990
NAD Monitor 1600 preamp tuner
Altec Lansing System 3 speaker
Linn Intek integrated amplifier
Hafler SE130 am/fm tuner
Ohm Acoustics FRS 9 speaker
Nakamichi CA-101 preamp

November 1990
Yamaha CDC-805 CD player
JBL XPL140 speaker
Carver CT-6 tuner preamp
Velodyne Servo 1200 powered subwoofer
Phase technology PC8.5 speaker

December 1990
Nakamichi CDplayer2 CD changer
Triad System Five speaker
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Control Three preamp
JVC XL-Z431 CD player
Polk Audio RTA 15TL speaker

 SR 1989 Volume 54 Numbers 1-12

January 1989
Adcom GCD-575 CD player
Thiel CS1.2 speaker
Linn LK1 preamp
Linn LK280 amplifier
Aiwa AD-F780 cassette deck
Eclipse ESD-230 car CD player

February 1989
Sansui RZ-7000 am/fm receiver
Yamaha NS-1 speaker
Marantz CDC-320 CD changer
Bose 10.2 Series II speaker

March 1989
Pioneer CT-S800 cassette deck
Wharfedale Diamond III speaker
Sherwood CD-1160R CD player
Carver 6250 am/fm receiver
AudioSource EQ Ten equalizer/analyzer

April 1989
Onkyo DX-7500 CD player
Ohm CAM 16 speaker
Ortofon 540 cartridge
Hafler XL-600 amplifier

May 1989
NEC CD-830DS CD player
JVC XP-A1000 digital surround processor
Advent prodigy Tower speaker
Hitachi DA-C70 CD changer
Grundig Fine Arts A-903 integrated Amplifier
Mordaunt Short MS35Ti speaker

June 1989
Sony CDP-680ESD CD player
Celestion 3 speaker
Rockford Fosgate RF200 preamp
Rockford Fosgate RF2000 amplifier
Beyerdynamic IRS 690 cordless headphones

July 1989
Technics SL-P1300 CD player
Jamo Concert II speaker
Audio technica AT-ML170 cartridge
Mitsubishi M-AV1 audio/video receiver
Paradigm Export speaker

August 1989
Pioneer PD-71 CD player
Dual CT-5040 am/fm tuner
Precise Monitor 5 speaker
Thorens TD280 MkII record player
Coustic RX-728 car cassette receiver

September 1989
Denon AVC-2000 integrated a/v amplifier
Allison AL 120 speaker
Fisher DAC-Z1 CD changer
NAD 6320 cassette deck
Luxman TP-117 tuner preamp
Meridean D600 digital active speaker

October 1989
Sansui Vintage CD-X711 CD player
Mission Cyrus 781 speaker
JVC RX-801V a/v surround sound receiver
Philips CDV488 combi-player
Epicure 1 speaker
Sony TA-E1000ESD digital preamp

November 1989
Yamaha CDX-1120 CD player
Nakamichi TA-4A am/fm receiver
Harman Kardon HD7500 CD player
Altec Lansing 511 speaker
Kenwood KR-V9010 a/v receiver
Blaupunkt New York SCD 08 car tuner

December 1989
Onkyo TX-890 am/fm receiver
Hafler IRIS preamp
Design Acoustics PS-3 speaker
Conrad Johnson DF1 CD player
Pioneer SP-91D digital sound processor

 SR 1988 Volume 53 Numbers 1-12

January 1988
Sansui CD-X901 CD player
Ohm Sound Cylinder speaker
Sony TA-E77ESD digital preamp
Sharp SA-CD800 Cdver
Pinnacle PN5+ speaker
Kiseki Purpleheart cartridge
Denon DL-160 cartridge
Ortofon X5-MC cartridge
Signet MR5.0ml cartridge
Audio Technica AT160ML cartridge

February 1988
Mitsubishi DP-311R CD player
Klipsch Chorus speaker
Luxman R-115 am/fm receiver
Kyocera DA-310cx CD player

March 1988
dbx CX1 preamp and BX1 amplifier
Van Alstine Transcendence CD player
Velodyne ULD-12 subwoofer
Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck
Onkyo TA-2090 cassette deck
Tandberg 3014 A cassette deck
Revox B215 cassette deck
Harman Kardon CD491 cassette deck

April 1988
JVC XL-V550 CD player
Magnat Magnasphere Nova speaker
SAE D102 CD player
Nakamichi CA-5A II preamp
Recoton Wireless 100 powered speaker
Audio Dynamics T-200 am/fm tuner
Blaupunkt PSA-108 car parametric amplifier

May 1988
Philips CD960 CD player
Allison Acoustics IC20 speaker
Onkyo TX-SV7M audio/video receiver
Shure VST III cartridge
MB Quart 390 speaker
Concord CX70 car stereo

June 1988
NAD 1700 tuner preamp
Dahlquist DQ-20 speaker
Luxman KD-117 DAT recorder
Proton D1150 amplifier
Revox B226 Signature CD player
Pioneer KEX-M700 car cassette tuner
Pioneer CDX-M100 car CD changer

July 1988
Denon PMA-1520 integrated amplifier
ads CM5 speaker
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Control Four preamp
Linn Nexus speaker
Sony CDX-A20/RM-X2 car CD system

August 1988
Akai CD-93B CD player
Marantz PM-74D integrated amplifier
Axiom AX-5 speaker
Harman Kardon Citation twenty six DAT rec.
Lexicon CP-1 sound processor
Yamaha DSP-3000 sound processor

September 1988
Kenwood KR-V127R receiver
Cambridge Sound Works Ensemble speaker
Soundcraftsmen Pro-CD750 CD player
Boston acoustics 360 speaker

October 1988
Monitor Audio R452/MD speaker
Audio Dynamics CA-2000E integrated amp
Koss M/100 Plus powered speakers
PS Audio 100C amplifier
NEC PLD-910 surround sound processor
Sony TCD-D10 DAT recorder
Technics SV-MD1 DAT recorder

November 1988
NAD 5170 CD player
Polk Audio SDA-SRS 2.3 speaker
Soundstream DA-1 amplifier
Soundstream C-1 preamp
NHT I speaker and octave bass module
Sharp Optonica SM-A75 integrated amplifier

December 1988
Harman Kardon hk880 Vxi am/fm receiver
Synthesis LM210 speaker
Sony CDP-C15ESD CD changer
Technics SU-V90D integrated amplifier
Sonance IV speaker

 SR 1987 Volume 52 Numbers 1-12

 January 1987
Linn Axis turntable
NEC CD-500E CD player
Yamaha AVC-50 integrated amplifier
Perreaux TU-3 fm tuner
Sharp DX-620 CD player
DBX Soundfield 100 speaker
EPI LSR-42 car receiver/cassette

February 1987
JVC XL-M700 CD changer
Mission 780 Argonaut speaker
Technics SA-590 am/fm receiver
SAE P102 preamp
Altec Lansing 401 speaker
Sony Discman D-10 (user evaluation)

March 1987
Kyocera D-811 cassette deck
JSE Infinite Slope 1 speaker
Vector Research VCD-770 CD player
Speakerlab DAS 2 speaker
Ortofon X3-MC cartridge
Pioneer DEX-77 car tuner/CD

April 1987
Akai VS-565U VHS VCR
Pioneer C-90 preamp
Snell C/i speaker
Marantz CD50 CD player
Bose AM-5 speaker

May 1987
Denon DCD-3300 CD player
Shure AVC-20 power station
KEF 102 speaker
Magnum Dynalab FT 101 fm tuner
Beyer DT 990 headphones

June 1987
AR TSW910 speaker
NAD 6300 cassette deck
PS Audio 4.5 preamp
Phase tech PC 800HO speaker
NEC AVR-1000 receiver

July 1987
Yamaha CDX-1100 CD player
EPI T/E 320 series II speaker
Harman Kardon Citation twenty-two amplifier
Signet SL-100 speaker
Sony DCT-1000ES DAT tape deck
Victor XD-Z1100 DAT tape deck

August 1987
Thorens TD 520 turntable
Magnat MSP 300 speaker
Nakamichi OMS-2A CD player
Sherwood S-2770RCP receiver
Focus .7 High Definition speaker
Blaupunkt Berlin TQR07 car cassette/tuner

September 1987
Onkyo DX-530 CD player
Boston Acoustics T830 speaker
Kenwood KA-3300D integrated amplifier
dbx DX5 CD player
Celestion SL700 speaker

October 1987
Sony CDP-605ESD CD player
Infinity 8 Kappa speaker
Sound Concepts SSD550 time delay system
Dahlquist M-905 speaker
Denon DRA-75VR receiver
Onkyo DT-2001 DAT tape deck

November 1987
Harman Kardon Citation twenty three tuner
Pioneer PD-M90X CD changer
Polk Audio SDA-1c speaker
NAD 7600 am/fm receiver
ADC 16/2R CD player
Perreaux SM3 preamp
Jamo Compact 120 speaker

December 1987
Hitachi MXW-50 slimline CD/cassette/rcvr
Design Acoustics PS-103 speaker
Technics RS-B905 cassette deck
NEC T-710 am/fm tuner
CDM Time Frame TF-1000 speaker
ADS R4 receiver


SR 1986 Volume 51 Numbers 1-12

January 1986
Pioneer PD-M6 multi CD player
NAD 6155 cassette deck
Thiel CS2 speaker
Naiad Hifidelivision F-20 A/V integrated amp
Fujitsu Ten car stereo

February 1986
Yamaha R08 am/fm receiver
Hitachi DA-501 CD player
Energy ESM-3 speaker
Thorens TD 320 turntable

March 1986
Realistic CD-2000 CD player
Denon AVC-500 audio/video control center
BES SM 80 speaker
Kenwood KVR-A90R am/fm receiver
Terk FM 8403 antenna

April 1986
B&O Beogram CDX CD player
Bose 10.2 speaker
Rotel RB-880 amplifier
Shure Ultra 500 cartridge
Stax SR-Lambda Pro headphones
Harman Kardon CH160 car tuner/cassette

May 1986
Yamaha CD-2000 CD player
Onkyo TX-RV47 audio/video receiver
Signet MK440ml cartridge
John Bowers Active 1 speaker
Fried Triplet speaker

June 1986
Harman Kardon TD392 cassette deck
American Acoustics D8500 speaker
Vector Research V-5000 VHS Hi-Fi VCR
Koss SST/7 headphones
Acoustat One + One speaker

July 1986
Onkyo Integra TA-2056 cassette deck
Luxman R-406 am/fm receiver
Advent Legacy speaker
Revolver turntable
Klipsch Forte speaker
Soundstream TC-308 car am/fm//cassette

August 1986
Tandberg TPA-3016A power amplifier and  TCA-3018A preamp
Revox B215 cassette deck
Jamo CBR 120 speaker
Recoton V624 F.R.E.D. III TV decoder
Harman Kardon HD500 CD player
Hitachi DA-P100 CD player

September 1986
JBL L100T speaker
Sony CDP-203 CD player
Proton D1200 amplifier
JVC DD-VR77 cassette deck
Cerwin Vega 250SE speaker
Yamaha DSP-1 sound field processor

October 1986
Teac ZD-5000 CD player
ADS L780 Series 2 speaker
Nakamichi CR-5A cassette deck
Infinity RS3000 speaker
Hifonics Ceres IV car stereo equalizer

November 1986
Adcom GFA-555 amplifier
Akai CD-A70 CD player
B&W Matrix 1 speaker
Denon TU-600 am/fm tuner
Luxman LV-105 integrated amplifier
Allison LC110 speaker
AKG Acoustics K240DF headphones
Alpine 7900 tuner/CD

December 1986
Magnavox CDB-650 CD player
Polk SDA-2A speaker
Nakamichi SR-3A am/fm receiver
Dual CS 5000 turntable
Soundcraftsmen Pro-Power Four amplifier
Sansui D-705 cassette deck
Aiwa CTX-500II car receiver/cassette
Carver Amazing speaker

 SR 1985 Volume 50 Numbers 1-12

January 1985
Stanton Epoch II HZ9S cartridge
Stanton Epoch II LZ9S cartridge
Sansui TU-D99X tuner
Advent Baby Advent speaker
Pioneer SX-V90 audio/video receiver
Panasonic CQ-S934 car stereo

February 1985
Onkyo TA-2090 cassette deck
Jamo PP3000 speaker
Kenwood KA-828 integrated amplifier
Panasonic PV-1730 VHS VCR
Poineer CLD-900 LD/CD player

March 1985
JVC KD-V6 cassette deck
JBL 250Ti speaker
Parasound PR200 preamp
Monster Cable Alpha 1 phono cartridge
Mitsubishi HS400UR VHS Hi-Fi VCR

April 1985
Rotel RA-870 integrated amplifier and
RB-870 power amplifier
Technics SL-J2 turntable
Klipsch kg4 speaker
Hitachi VT-88A VHS Hi-Fi VCR

May 1985
Allison CD 8 speaker
Ultrx R100 am/fm receiver
Sennheiser HD 414 SL headphones
Radio Shack Archer video sound processor

June 1985
Harman Kardon TD392 cassette deck
American Acoustics D8500 speaker
Vector Research V-5000 VHS VCR
Koss SST/7 headphones
Acoustat One+One speaker
Kenwood KRC-999 car tuner/cassette

July 1985
Sony CDP-520ES CD player
Rich Acoustic 7B speaker
Yamaha CD-X2 CD player
ADS C3 cassette deck

August 1985
Revox B285 receiver
Spectrum 108A speaker
Marantz PMD430 cassette deck
Ortofon MC 100U cartridge
Sanyo VCR 7500 Beta VCR

September 1985
KEF 104.2 speaker
Technics SB-R100 speaker
Mission 707 speaker
Sansui S-X1130 receiver
Harman Kardon VCD1000 VHS VCR
Nitty Gritty 2.5FI record cleaner
Barcus Berry BBE 2002R signal processor
Sherwood CRD-301 car receiver/cassette

October 1985
NAD 2200 amplifier
Toshiba XR-V22 CD player
Kenwood DX-780 cassette deck
Canton Karat 300 speaker
Azden GM-P5L cartridge

November 1985
Proton D540 integrated amplifier
Celestion DL8 speaker
Tandberg TCA 3008A preamp
Nikko NR-750 receiver
Pioneer CT-A9Z cassette deck
Canon VR-40A VHS VCR
Audiovox HCC 2250 car receiver/cassette

December 1985
Nakamichi PA-7 amplifier
Akai GX-9 cassette deck
Onkyo Integra A-8067 integrated amplifier
dbx Soundfield Ten speaker
Technics SL-XP7 portable CD player
JVC KS-RX450 car receiver/cassette
Kyocera PL-701 turntable & tone arm
Linn Sondek LP12 turntable
Linn Sondek ITTOK LV II tone arm
Sota Star Saphire turntable
Sumiko Premier MMT tone arm

 SR 1984 Volume 49 Numbers 1-12

January 1984
Harman Kardon HK590i am/fm receiver
AR Acoustic Research's new turntable
Shure ML140HE cartridge
Klipsch kg2 speaker
Mitsubishi DP-103 CD player
Yamaha YCT-800 car stereo

February 1984
Kyocera R-851 am/fm receiver
Kenwood KX-71RB cassette deck
Dahlquist DQM-3 speaker
Sony CDP-610ES CD player
McIntosh MR 500 tuner
Audiotek 5550E car stereo

March 1984
Nakamichi RX-505 cassette deck
Adcom GFP-1A preamp
AR stereo remote control
Technics SL-QX300 turntable
Fourier 6 speaker
Sony XR-100 care stereo

April 1984
ADS L1290 speaker
Carver am/fm receiver
B&O Beocord 5000 cassette deck
Wharfedale Diamond speaker
NAD 5120 turntable

May 1984
B&W DM2000 speaker
Tandberg TCD 3014 cassette deck
Hafler DH-330 tuner
Bozak LS-200A speaker
Revox B 251 integrated amplifier
Proton 204 car stereo

June 1984
Dual CS 515 turntable
Pioneer CT-A9 cassette deck
Ohm Walsh 4 speaker
Yamaha CD-X1 CD player
Sansui CX-990 car stereo

July 1984
Proton 930 am/fm receiver
Denon DR-M44 cassette deck
Kenwood DP-1100B CD player
Harman Kardon T60 turntable
Audia DTX-1000 car stereo
dbx Soundfield One speaker

August 1984
Onkyo TX-35 am/fm receiver
Sansui PC-V1000 CD player
Soundcraftsmen PCR800 amplifier
Audio Technica AT160ML cartridge
Bose 901 series V speaker

September 1984
NAD 7140 am/fm receiver
Koss PortaPro headphones
Celestion SL-600 speakers
Magnum 105FM antenna booster
Marantz CD-54 CD player
Kenwood KRC-9900 car stereo

October 1984
ADC TRX-3 cartridge
EPI T/E 320 speaker
Luxman L-430 integrated amplifier
Audiosource RTA-One spectrum analyzer
Akai GX-R99 cassette deck
Audiomobile System 1600 car stereo

November 1984
Yamaha C-80 preamp
Yamaha M-80 amplifier
Technics RS-B100 cassette deck
Polk SDA speaker
Pioneer P-D70 CD player
AKG K4 headphones

December 1984
Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck
Shure V15 type V-MR cartridge
Genesis 44 speaker
Denon DP-37F
Pioneer Centrate FEX-95 car stereo


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