K780 Replacement Erasers




Scripto originally sold K780 erasers that were identified as part J-150. They came as an assembly of the eraser and a clip to hold it. However, erasers for this pencil are getting hard to find and there have been no erasers with a diameter that is an exact replacement.



The original Scripto eraser without the clip is shown at the center of the above picture. A micrometer measurement reveals it to be .300 in diameter and .440 long. I have found an eraser that measures .290 in diameter and will fit in the clip. It is shown at the left and is cut to the length of .440.


The original Scripto assembly diameter including the clip measures .315 at the clip. The new eraser must also be used with the clip to give effectively the same .315 diameter. It means that the old eraser must be removed from its clip. This can be done easily by slightly bending the four prongs holding the old eraser, removing it and installing the new eraser in the clip. I find the new eraser with clip will fit securely in the K780 pencil. Here is the new eraser installed in a K780 pencil



About the new erasers


The new erasers are softer than the original Scripto erasers and are made of vinyl. They are excellent for erasing on paper. Eraser waste is easy to remove due to minimal crumbling.


What about the K21 pencil?


The K21 comes with an eraser that is already .315" and needs no clip to enlarge the diameter. This means that in order to use the new eraser in the K21, a metal clip will be needed to bring the diameter to .315 and then the assembly will fit. Some early K21 pencils came with a .300 eraser and a clip.


The new .290 erasers are now available cut to the .440 length. Four erasers are $3.00. Shipping is $3.00 no matter how many sets of erasers you buy. Orders for other pencils, leads and erasers can be combined for the same $3.00 shipping.


Email to rogerr4@earthlink.net for ordering information.


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